Avid BB5 vs Tektro Novella


Braking system is one of the most important components in our bike because it will stop the wheel movement and keep you safe when riding out there. Routine maintenance is needed to keep it at the top condition and for those whose disc brake pads are wearing off, Avid BB5 Vs Tektro Novella are two nice options to replace them with. These trusted pads will keep your braking system responsive without asking so much but, go see which the better option below before you shop for one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • When to Change Disc Brake Pads
  • What are Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela
  • How to Remove Disc Brake Pads
  • What are the Compound of Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela
  • What are the Characteristics of Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela
  • How to Install Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela
  • How are the Performance of Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela
  • Avid BB5 Vs Tektro Novela

Disc Brake Pads

No matter what we use to move from one place to another, whether it is a car, bike, bicycle, train, or even a scooter, braking system is one of the most necessary and important control feature we have to make sure we can avoid potential accidents and when used while in motion, they are sporting a further control or even performance. While bicycle can’t go as fast as for example motorbike, we will still have to maintain their condition to retain the good performance.

Just like our rubber tire which unfortunately will wear off over time after a certain amount of application, there is a part inside your braking system that will need to be replaced as well from time to time and it is brake disc pad. As the name suggests, this is a small part inside your braking system which acts as padding to stop the wheel movement and as it is in contact with each related component, the padding will wear off and decrease the brake response.

This pad is very small around 3 to 4 mm with compound placed on a slightly wider pad. It is recommended to measure the thickness routinely to make sure they still have enough compound to work properly and when they reach about the last 25%, then it is the time to replace with a new one. Read also: Diamondback Trace Vs Trace Comp.

Checking Disc Brake Pads

Of course we wouldn’t be checking them everyday because the amount of compound left from one person to another despite installing the pad at the same time will vary depending on their activity. Long riders or those who are riding their bikes while in a special journey will need to put lots of attention to the brake. Before starting, make sure the tread is narrow enough to keep the brake pads last for the rest of the journey and if in doubt, then it is better to change them beforehand.

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If you are a careful rider and always make sure to check the bike performance including all of the systems working together, the question left might be when to do the routine check-up. While there is no fixed answer to this question for each rider’s habit will play a huge role in deciding the frequency, it is safe to say 500 miles or once a month as the normal amount. Additionally, heavier rider may want to get a check-up more frequently than their thinner friends.

About Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela

If your brake’s performance is not as great as they used to be or the compound on the pad is thinner than 3 ply of business cards stacked together, then it might be time to change the brake pads. Depending on the type of brake we are using, the brake pads will be different as well but it is only between rim brake and disc brake. They are also made for certain caliper model in which you can match to the one installed on your bike. 

If you are here then we are sure that most of you are riding a mountain bike and using disc brake but also sure that Avid and Tektro are a very attractive options to choose from. They may not be as popular as other brands like Shimano or Blue Sunshine but in terms of quality they are not going to disappoint you. In case you have used their caliper before, then replacing the pad with the one from either of this brand will be the most convenient decision to take.

For those who are an MTB rider and find their brake doesn’t act as it used to be anymore whether the response slow, doesn’t stop the bike at the perfect time or even somehow becomes embarrassingly loud, Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela will be your new set to go. Both of them are made for their own calipers but if yours are also fitting or using the same type of pads then we can use any of them for usually there is not much to consider in a brake pad.

Both of them are manufactured by trusted companies and are equally popular choice for those with BB5 or Novel and IOX caliper users. However, if you are not sure yet whether these two are going to fit in your caliper then we can try checking them first by removing the older pad and match them with the new one. This is because sometimes they are not exactly the same or have the same measurement which is why it is always good to take the older pad out first to match out.

Removing Disc Brake Pads

Removing disc brake pads are also pretty simple and will take several minutes for one wheel. First remove the wheel and then clean the caliper with disc brake cleaner and then wipe it clean with fabric or tissues. Then we will need to push the piston back because used pads are much thinner while the hydraulic systems will automatically push them out to compensate. The tool needed can be flat-bladed screwdriver or for convenient there is specific tools to do a certain job as well.

We then can pop it in between the pads where the disc would sit and gently lever them back until they go no further. Disc brake usually have pin to secure them in place, we can proceed by removing the safety clip if any, and then unscrew or remove the pin. Just to be safe and convenient, we can keep these clip and pin because sometimes aftermarket products are not packed with them so it is better to not lose them.

Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela Types

Choosing disc brake pads are very simple because while there are so many of them, at the end of the day after making sure the size match we are left with deciding the compound type in which are differentiated between resin brake or also called as organic and sintered brake pads or often called as metallic. The difference is what material being used to build these compound or pads because different material will also give different characteristic; Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela are similarly organic.

This type of compound is made of organic materials including glass, rubber, and fibrous binders which is bonded together with resin while the latter is made from metallic grains that are also bonded together at a very high pressure. 

Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela Characteristic

As for the characteristic, Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela are also the same because all organic brake pads will be quitter in comparison and have a stronger sense or bite or grip but, they are also good at managing heat. The problem is that as the heat buildup, the compound will be wearing faster as well and especially faster when used in muddy condition. The opposite metallic compound produce more heat but can retain its effect better while still last longer in any conditions.

Installing Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela

After you get the disc brake pad, now is the time to replace the old one with the new pads. To avoid dirtying the pad with oils, we recommend using gloves when removing and replacing them. We have mentioned how to remove the pad above and to put the new one, place the pad facing each other inside the caliper. Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela has the compound size identical on each side so we can put them reversely yet, if they are not, follow the instructions on the package.

Push one pad at a time and make room for the second so the compound are facing each other in the same position inside your caliper and then use the clip we have removed earlier to secure them together. The rest of the process are the same as when we remove the old brake pad earlier.

Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela Performance

Moving to the performance side, let’s see how Avid BB5 and Tektro Novela will work in your bike. Both of them are amazing because when you have installed them properly, the bikes are very responsive and you can even stop instantly. If your old brake pads are squeaking, these two will improve both performance and very quiet. The difference is Tektro being the more convenient since we don’t need to clip the pin for they are instantly sticking to each back panel.

Avid BB5 vs Tektro Novella

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- High performance metal ceramic compound
- Fits novel and iox calipers
- Includes 2 pads or one wheel worth

Both of them are reliable and working amazing as well as affordable so we can pick just any of them but what’s most important is looking for the one that match our brake because the BB5 seems too big when fitted to Novela. Side by side they have an identical compound between both of the panel and in addition, the Novela brake pads are not coming with the securing clip for we don’t need one.


All in all these brake pads are reliable and cheap but also different because not all of our brakes will fit them just the same and we recommend users to get the one that correspond to their brake such as Novela brake user picking the Novela pad or vice versa.

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