Bell Gage vs Giro Aeon


Bell Gage vs Giro Aeon are two helmets that have received many high ratings and very positive reviews from their users. If you are now looking for a quality road bike helmet with excellent build quality, comfort, and ventilation, these are among the finest options. So, which one is better?

The discussion below will cover everything about:
– Which bike helmet that looks more elegant and stylish
– The fit sistem on each bike helmet
– The comparison of their comfort and cooling performance
– The durability of Bell Gage vs Giro Aeon
– Whether you should go with Bell Gage or Giro Aeon

Bell Gage: Design
Bell Gage has a sharp, classic look. It is a heavily ventilated bike helmet. It doesn’t have a rubber sunglass bumper, but this is not a big issue for most people. It may look a bit too large due to the wide air vents, but it is still a good-looking bike helmet. See also: Giro Foray Vs Synthe

The inside is fitted with the high-quality X-static padding, which will prevent the build-up of odor. The padding is not very dense, so it will get compressed over time. Meanwhile, the straps are made of a good quality webbing, and they will lay flat on your skin to prevent chaffing from edge contact.

The weight of the medium-sized helmet is about 276 grams, which is notably heavier than Giro Aeon. While these two helmets are quite similar in terms of design and performance, Bell Gage is noticeably heavier. One major reason is that Bell Gage comes with a MIPS liner, while Giro Aeon doesn’t. Still, Bell Gage is fairly light and comfy.

There are two color options available, which are Black/Yellow and White/Black/Red. Although the range of color options isn’t as wide as Giro Aeon, the variants of Bell Gage are still good and stylish.

Bell Gage: Fit
In terms of fit, Bell Gage vs Giro Aeon are quite different. While most other bike helmets are moving towards fixed attachment points, Bell Gage comes with nice adjustable Y-buckles. This will allow the fit of Bell Gage to be a bit more flexible than Giro Aeon.

The floating rear strap will allow a greater range of adjustability than a fixed attachment point, albeit at the cost of not having a clean look. Nevertheless, you can easily center the chinstrap, and this will allow you to achieve a perfect fit for your head shape.

The circumferential fit of the medium-sized helmet can be adjusted between 55cm and 59cm. In order to increase the tension, you only need to twist the dial on the back of the retention band. However, in order to reduce the tension, you need to push the dial while turning it in the opposite direction at the same time – this is a bit tricky to perform with a single hand.

Bell Gage: Comfort and Ventilation
Bell Gage is a very comfortable bike helmet. Although the fit system can create some pressure points if tightened too much, you can adjust the fit to avoid this issue. The internal padding can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly, and feels quite soft and comfy. The bike helmet itself is fairly lightweight, so it won’t put a burden on your head.

A slight difference can be felt in the cooling performance of Bell Gage vs Giro Aeon. It is actually very good at low speed as well as high speed, but not as good as Giro Aeon. This is because of the solid brow pad, which will prevent air from flowing to your forehead. Still, Bell Gage is worth your consideration if you want a well-ventilated bike helmet.

Thanks to the 26 channeled vents, air can flow over your head freely. The forward-facing vents are widely gaping to allow air to come in without much restriction, and the deep channels create plenty of room for the air to circulate. Even at a relatively slow riding speed, you can already feel air blowing on the top of your skull. So, Bell Gage can be a great choice for summer and high-tempo rides.

Bell Gage: Safety and Durability
The safety features of Bell Gage are very good. The fit system works flawlessly, and the polycarbonate shell seems to be quite solid and durable. The X-static padding is also a nice feature that will prevent the growth of bacteria and odor.

Of course, the stand-out feature of Bell Gage is the MIPS liner. It will allow the outer helmet shell to move independently. The user’s head is cradled by another internal structure. This can help to reduce the rotational energy that can twist your neck during a heavy impact.

The only downside of Bell Gage in terms of durability is the exposed EPS foam at the base. If you are not careful, the exposed EPS foam can get ravaged from frictions. So, be gentle when putting down and picking up the bike helmet.

Giro Aeon: Design
Now let’s take a look at Giro Aeon. It has become one of the most popular road bike helmets, for good reasons. It is a performance-oriented helmet with a very lightweight design and a highly effective ventilation.

Giro Aeon comes with a classic look that will never go out of style. It also has plenty of vents, but the size of each vent is just right. The shell has sleek curves and hard edges that create a sporty look. Giro Aeon doesn’t have a rubber sunglass gripper or a MIPS liner.

The build quality is very good. The shell is made of an in-mold polycarbonate and reinforced with a thermoformed SL roll cage. It also has an EPS liner. With a weight of 225 grams, Giro Aeon is among the lightest bike helmets in the market. The incredibly low weight makes Giro Aeon a very comfortable bike helmet to wear continuously over a long time.

Another difference between Bell Gage vs Giro Aeon is the color choices. Giro Aeon offers more options, including Matte Black, Matte Black/Bright Red, Matte Dazzle, Matte White/Lime/Flame, Red, and Highlight Yellow.

Giro Aeon: Fit
Giro Aeon is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and each size has a certain diameter range. It is equipped with the renowned RocLoc5 retention system, which is incredibly easy to use.

The RocLoc5 retention system has a low-profile rear retention band which can be adjusted by a small wheel. Even when wearing full-finger gloves, the wheel is easy to find and operate. Furthermore, it is very easy and intuitive to use. You can make micro adjustments for the band tension in either direction. The wheel will click loudly when tightening, and softly when loosening. You can adjust the retention system with a single hand.

In addition, the band can be adjusted by a simple sliding mechanism into one of three vertical positions. The vertical adjustment will allow the helmet to achieve a good grip over your skull. The vertical adjustment is usually a one-time process; once you set it right, you won’t need to alter it anymore.

Giro Aeon: Comfort and Ventilation
Giro Aeon is extremely comfortable. Compared to Bell Gage, Giro Aeon is definitely better in this aspect. It is very lightweight. In fact, you will fade away from your attention quickly, so you will be able to focus fully on the road.

The padding inside the helmet is thin and narrow. However, it is still adequate to provide comfort. It dries very quickly once you remove the helmet from your head. It is also covered with an X-static material which will prevent bacterial growth and odor.

Giro Aeon has 24 air vents. Although Giro Aeon has fewer vents than Bell Gage, the design is very efficient. As a result, the cooling performance can be better. The vents are distributed evenly across the helmet, and all on the right places. The internal padding does not interfere with the airflow at all. The cooling performance is very good at both low speed and high speed. Air can flow properly on the forehead and over the skull.

Giro Aeon: Safety and Durability
Giro Aeon excels in design, comfort, and performance – but it scores rather low in durability. The outer shell can get dented and scratched quite easily, and the EPS foam on the base is also exposed. There are pointy ends that look really cool but are prone to cracking if abused. You have to handle this helmet with care if you want it to last.

To be fair, the polycarbonate shell is quite solid, and the thermoformed SL roll cage adds more toughness. It can provide adequate protection against impacts.

The lack of a MIPS liner may also seem like a compromise on safety. Once again, the polycarbonate shell and the thermoformed SL roll cage are able to provide adequate impact protection. But, if you are really worried about getting into a nasty accident, choosing a bike helmet with an MIPS liner probably can give you more peace of mind.

Bell Gage vs Giro Aeon

- Fusion In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell is the result of an in-molding process which bonds the helmet's Microshell to its EPS foam layer for a sturdier, more solid helmet
- Internal Reinforcement is a fortified composite skeleton which allows for bigger vents, more advanced styling and lighter weight, while still meeting stringent safety standards
- 26 channeled vents bring cool air in through the front, allowing it to pass over your head and then flushes warm air out of the rear ports -- so YOU stay cool and your HEAD stays cool
- Measures out to be approximatley 55-59 cm, 21.75-23.25 inches
- Featherweight webbing with Slimline buckle
- In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner

In general, Giro Aeon is more recommended because it is lighter and much more comfortable. It is very lightweight that it will fade away from your attention in no time to allow you to focus on the road. The ventilation is great; it can provide plenty of airflow over the forehead and skull cap. It also looks better.

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