Biltwell Gringo vs Bell Bullitt


For riders, helmet is a vital piece of equipment. Biltwell Gringo vs Bell Bullitt might help you to decide which helmet is the best for you to make your ride much more enjoyable and safer. These two helmets are the heaviest hitters in the world of motorcycle helmets at the moment, that’s why we want to see which one is a better purchase, and more suited for you and of course, the final decision is still on your own hands.

At first glance the two helmets look similar to each other as they are full-face motorcycle helmet. But they have their own pros and cons and some details that are different and will definitely feel different when you put it on. Let’s get right to it.

Biltwell Gringo Review

Starting from $219 on Amazon, Biltwell Gringo is a solid looking helmet. Biltwell has been producing motorcycle helmets for a very long time and their helmets are of high-quality that offer maximum protection and look great at the same time. Biltwell Gringo is pretty much what you expect from Biltwell.

Let’s start from the design because we know that aesthetic is very important when you’re on the road. Biltwell Gringo comes with nine different colors to choose from, that’s more options than the Bullitt.

Biltwell Gringo is a perfect blend of more modern and high-end helmet and vintage helmet design. For certain people this design is the best there is.

Biltwell GringoBell Bullitt
Item Weight3 pounds
3.5 pounds
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Biltwell Gringo’s Lycra liner is hand sewn and removable, and also has an open cell padding to make it more comfortable. It has an 8cm chin guard that is quite large. The injection-molded abs outer shell looks sleek and classy as it’s hand-painted and the inner shell is made of expanded polystyrene.

As for the field of view, Biltwell Gringo has a wide and open eye port, it means that you’ll be able to use any set of goggles while having them a tight fit inside your helmet. Biltwell Gringo hides your face significantly, and only shows your forehead and down to your nose.

Biltwell Gringo does an excellent job of protecting you from the pavement and wind. Biltwell Gringo is designed to reduce the noise made by the wind when you’re going fast on the road. This makes Biltwell Gringo does a good job at keeping you safe as you want to hear things around you and not the wind.

Keep note that Biltwell Gringo is only DOT approved and not ECE rated. DOT or Department of Transportation is an adequate safety standard only in the USA.

Biltwell Gringo is made of a very solid protective material, which is obviously very important for a helmet. For crack resistance, cushioning and overall protection, Biltwell Gringo is top class. Biltwell Gringo is definitely worth your money if you decided to get it. From protection, noise suppression, field of view and aesthetic appeal, Biltwell Gringo excels at all of those.

Bell Bullitt

Bell Bullitt might be lacking in terms of aesthetic compared to Gringo, so it needs other factors to sell well. And that’s what it does actually. Bell Bullitt beat Gringo in other aspects of a motorcycle helmet.

Bell Bullitt is priced $398 and nearly twice as much as the Gringo. Bell Bullitt is produced for the same demographic as the Gringo. It has a blend of modern and classic styles of motorcycle helmet. Bell Bullitt has a smaller chin guard that measure 5cm, so it exposes more are of your face from forehead to the mouth area.

Bell Bullitt is a tad bit lighter compared to Gringo, but it’s not really noticeable unless you’re planning for a long-ride on your motorcycle. Bell Bullitt is made from low-profile fiberglass and even though it’s lightweight it offers an excellent protection.

Bell Bullitt comes in standard white, black and gray, and there are combinations of red and black, and blue and red. Bell Bullitt is equipped with magnetic visor tabs that allow you to easily expose your face and it has a list of different visors available. There are plenty of options from different colors and finishes. Similar to Gringo, you can we nearly all sets of googles after removing the shield.

Bell Bullitt looks more polished thanks to its quality and paint finish. Bell Bullitt’s interior features leather that is antibacterial, removable and washable. Bell Bullitt is easy to maintain and will last for a very long time.

Bell Bullitt is pretty much a better helmet for long-distance ride due to its better ventilation. The ventilation shouldn’t be underestimated, you will be glad that your head is less sweaty now thanks to the top-notch ventilation.

There is no padding on the inside, but still comfortable thanks to its design. Unlike the Gringo, Bell Bullitt is both DOT rated and ECE 22.05 European Safety Rated for some extra protection.

Biltwell Gringo vs Bell Bullitt

- IInjection-molded ABS plastic outer shell is rugged yet lightweight
- Three-piece Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) safety shell dissipates impact loads and enhances helmet structure without compromising comfort
- Molded urethane chin bar pad dissipates energy from frontal impacts
- Helmet shown with optional tinted shield. Ships with clear shield only
- Low-Profile Composite Shell. 3 shell and EPS sizes for a personalized fit. Front chin vents with metal mesh intake and exhaust vents
- Genuine leather, removable/washable, anti-bacterial interior. Contoured cheek pads Padded chin strap with leather D-ring closure


After comparing each helmet’s specification and features, we can say that Bell Bullitt is better when it comes to the ventilation. If you often ride in a warm temperature area, Bell Bullitt will feel so much better to wear no matter whether I’s short or long-ride, while the Gringo will not do a good job at keeping your head cool.

But that being said, Biltwell Gringo beat the Bullitt is another area. Biltwell Gringo has a better field of view, great protection and a better aesthetic with a lot more options to choose from. While both helmets look great, Biltwell Gringo just looks better, it’s all subjective of course. Even if personal preferences are taken into account here, Biltwell Gringo can do what Bullitt can do at a cheaper price.

Like we said before Bullitt is almost twice more expensive than the Biltwell Gringo. It’s difficult to say that the higher price is worth it to justify getting Bullitt over Gringo unless you really need that ventilation. If we have to choose a winner, we have to choose Biltwell Gringo as the winner of this battle.

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