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As far as how biking can help us with body fitness and reduce emission from car or motorcycle, comfort is still one of the most important points that makes us a loyal rider. For those who want to elevate the comfort of their bike, try replacing the saddle with Brooks B66 Vs B67 because they are made for any firm doesn’t always mean discomfort believer out there. Since these saddles are too similar to each other, it is better to see what set them apart below before making a decision.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– When to Change Bike Saddle
– How to Choose for Bike Saddle
– What are Brooks B66 and B67
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– What Installation System used in Brooks B66 and B67
– Are Brooks B66 and B67 Comfortable
– How does the Suspension in Brooks B66 and B67
– Brooks B66 Vs B67

Replacing Bike Saddle
Probably not all of us are going to replace the factory saddle with a new one when they first arrive because why fixing it if it is not broken. It is indeed true for many of us, comfort is everything and this is the reason why some of us choose to remove the old seat that comes with the bike to a new one or at least a type of saddle we prefer better because it will deliver better experience as we sit and pedal the bike everyday.

Since comfort is all about preference, we can’t say a type of saddle is better than the other because then again, our opinion may varied widely from how we prefer the saddle to feel and how we positioned our body while riding. Replacing a new saddle just because it doesn’t suit your riding style is nice to allow us to get the most out of the new bike but it is also equally important to continuously checking on them in terms of damage over time.

When people ask when to install a new saddle, the answer will be different because if it has already shown a wearing out sign, it is better to start shop for one but nobody knows the exact time when to use a new one. However, in general, we may want to replace the saddle every 2 years to keep the best performance.

Shopping for a Bike Saddle
The first thing you may want to decide when choosing a new bike saddle might be the type of bike or activities we do because if you are riding a cruiser and only do them once in a while or recreational, the body will mostly be straight and it is best when combined with padded, wide saddle for the comfort. On the other hand, those who ride the bike for quite a distance, road bike saddle tends to be long and have minimal padding to optimize the power transfer.

Padding is a very important part when looking for a saddle since it will affect the performance or overall feel. Foam and gel saddle are the popular type when plush and bouncy is what you prefer better but they will tend to get flat faster as well. If padded saddle is not very attractive or comfortable for you, we also have no cushion saddle like those made from leather which is rigid at the beginning but will be contoured or mold following your seating position over time.

About Brooks B66 and B67
If your older saddle is no longer comfortable or the one that comes new doesn’t fit your taste, it is the time to see what the market has to offer because we do have so many of them out there and it may take quite some time to find the best options to fit your bike and riding preference the most. Among those huge collections of bike saddle manufacturers, Brooks sure stands out in terms of classical aesthetic because this company has been around for more than a century.

They are also one of the best, if not the best choice for leather saddle that has been known for so long and their far reaching history making new customer rest assured about the quality they offer. They are a British company and parented by Italian company which market their products almost anywhere and they also have quite a lot of options in the catalogue with seemingly similar characteristics which are not always true such as with the popular B66 and B67 saddle.

These well-known bikes are close brother as the name suggest which is why many of us are confused about which to choose, but in general they are indeed a similar models and unlike the different model like B17 we have been talked before on Brooks B67 Vs B17, both of these saddles are not specifically designed for MTB application and more into road riding or when you are doing a touring and more precisely to be paired with a rather upright pedaling position.

It means they can be a very ideal accessories for daily bike and anyone who ride the cruiser because of the designated position. Comparing the two, the newer B67 is actually not made to be different in terms of usage but as a more modern option from the catalogue but while the naming is new, it is not exactly new again today for the unit has been around since the early 1900s. If you purchase any of them, we will get 2 years guarantee from date of purchase.

However, if you have time to register these saddle, it is better to do so because then we will get 10-year extended warranty from Brooks. Many users have been satisfied by how their saddle last but we also heard that older model like B17 is the best when it comes to longevity.

Brooks B66 and B67 Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, Brooks B66 and B67 are very similar to each other and it is more like identical as well because the material used to make the saddles are the same including the measurement. These two are measured to be 260 mm long, 205 mm wide, and 101 mm tall while the weight is +/- 1050 grams. The material used to make them are vegetable tan leather and if you are not fond of black, there are dark brown fashion and light brown honey to choose.

What’s not the same about these saddles is their installation system because as you may already know, the B66 is an older unit so this version is utilizing the more traditional double rail clamps while the latter is more modern with single rail installation. In addition, both of them are also featured with spring suspensions for additional cushioning when riding on an uneven pavement.

Brooks B66 and B67 Installation System
Moving further, let’s talk what set Brooks B66 and B67 apart the most and as it has been stated earlier, the one thing that separates both saddles is their installation system due to how the latter is made for more modern bike and it is using single rail on both sides as opposed to two like on the older version. This is a very important part to consider because if the installation system doesn’t fit your bike, it can take a long time to install them.

It is best to get the Brooks B67 if your bike have single rail clamp system and if it is an older bike with double clamp post, the B66 is the easiest to install. This difference will be more prominent once we flip the saddle because the bottom part of B66 not only have two rails on each side but also a ring in the middle used to put the bike saddle post and fasten them together. On the other hand, a single rail system like B67 use flat clamp.

This clamp is fasten and unfasten with Allen wrench and as the name suggest, the clamp will keep the saddle rail from side to side. When loosen this clamp will let the saddle to move forward and backward as needed.

Brooks B66 and B67 Riding Position
Another important part to consider when looking for a bike saddle is the comfort and it will relate to how each one of us like their seating position while riding their bike. Brooks B66 and B67 are made for road riding and specifically described as a saddle that will be great when paired with bike handlebar placed slightly above the upper seat height, making the rider position rather straight and they sure does helpful for this position because the rear part is wide to capture more weight.

Brooks B66 and B67 Suspension
In addition, both of these saddles are also featured with spring suspension, the type we often see on daily bike and often avoided by those who ride fast since it also means added weight. While they are meant for suspension, these springs are very rigid so at first they may not give the intended benefits but, as being used for a while, just like the hard leather, this spring will also become more comfortable, especially if the users have back problems due to injury or age.

As you may already know, the difference between Brooks B66 and B67 is only located on the installation system because B66 is older model and use 2 rail system while the latter is single rail so it is a matter of which installation match with our bike or you can also get the proper clamp to accept double rail system depends on what you prefer better. Other than the installation system, these saddles are identical and share the same characteristics as well as comfort and riding position.

Brooks B66 vs B67

- HANDMADE IN ENGLAND- Manufactured using 100 year old traditional techniques and the finest vegetable tanned leather.
- ORIGINAL DESIGN- The design for the B66 has evolved all the way from 1927, keeping the traditional integrity along the way.
- BLACK STEEL-Crafted with all black steel, tubular steel rivets and double rail design.
- MICRO-ADJUST PILLARS-The single rails attach to a modern micro-adjust seat pillars.
- CLASSICALLY SPRUNG SADDLE-The B67 features a classically sprung saddle with a wider rear portion.
- NATURAL VENTILATION- The pores of the vegetable tanned leather give the B17 natural ventilation, keeping you cool throughout your ride.

At this point we are sure most readers can pick which model suits their bike the most since it is quite easy to choose but, most bikes today have single rail clamp installation system and if yours as well then Brooks B67 is the most ideal option.

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