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Cycling is fun and healthy especially if you love to do some light adventure than just using standard gym equipment. However, we also want to track progress and overall be more convenient while riding which is why bike computer like Bryton Rider 100 Vs 310 are a great companion to your activity. Both of them are very reliable and can provide various functions yet, go check what they can offer below first before deciding to go with either of them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why do you need a Bike Computer
  • What are Bryton Rider 100 and 310
  • What Bryton Rider 100 and 310 Look Like
  • What Bryton Rider 100 and 310 can offer
  • How are the Connectivity of Bryton Rider 100 and 310
  • How are the Battery Life of Bryton Rider 100 and 310
  • Bryton Rider 100 Vs 310

Bike Computer

Many of us love to stay active and as we age, sometimes we also find it more interesting to try new activities especially those that both calming and makes you sweat. Bicycling is one of the most fun activities we can choose if you love to spend some time out there admiring the nature or city scenery while trying to get fit and burn calories. Overall doing a physical activity is great to keep your body and mind healthy even as we are getting older.

Besides all the gear like shoes and bike helmets which should be matched with your activity, many of us want to have a bike computer as well. It is not a must-haves and we can go fine without one in almost any situation for we certainly bring a smartphone everywhere with us but, you may want to have a dedicated device which is designed for the riding activity. They are compact and made to provide various information regarding your performance as well as other convenient metrics.

The first reason why you may need a bike computer is because of their battery life since our smartphone will run out of juice quite fast while operating and they are important for communication so getting a bike computer will save your battery a lot. A common bike computer usually can be used for up to 16 hours and in addition, this is ideal for long ride for commuters should be fine with just a smartphone.

The second reason is their build quality because we never know what will happened out there. A bike computer is cheaper and some are even weather sealed to be safe in any condition in which we don’t want our smartphone to get involved with especially if they are expensive flagship models. Next is their convenient as well as improved visibility because while our phone can be very bright, they can sometimes be difficult to see on sunny days. Bike computer on the other hand designed to be visible in this situation.

Bike computer has more than the unit itself and it usually consist of accessories we can install on the bike or our body to provide related information regarding the rider and the ride itself. Smartphone on the other side don’t have any of them so we will need to purchase it separately and make sure that these accessories will also suitable with our system. Last but not least is price because bike computer is fairly cheap than your phone so if anything happens to them it won’t be as hurtful.

About Bryton Rider 100 and 310

If you are often doing a long ride and very active as well, getting a bike computer will be a great decision to make because they will give you various information conveniently right on top of your handlebar. They are affordable depending on their features or capabilities so if you can spend more there are those with a huge sum of menu or even colorful touch screen yet, if functionality and ease of use are your goal, those on $100 range should be a great option already.

There are a huge amount of fitness companies offering bike computer, most of them are big names we are familiar with but, if you plan to get the most from your budget, Bryton Rider is an ideal brand to consider. Garmin probably the most well-known manufacturer when it comes to fitness related apps and wearable but their products are not perfect and this is why many other companies like Bryton Rider is here to give another answer without asking so much from your wallet.

They carry quite the option to offer and while most of them are just as reliable to each other, there are some differences between these bike computers that set them apart from the entire collection. Two of the most popular unit from this brand that can provide you with lots of information yet stay convenient are Bryton Rider 100 and 310. Both of them are in fact very similar to each other because what you find in one of them will also available in the other.

However, they are not 100% identical because price wise the latter is also more expensive and this only translates with there are some features not available on its lower version. In general they are very simple to use as your daily driver but also act like a pro tools for your weekly activities and even better, they can give you a GPS recording option that can be fun to compare with your peers to compete with each other or just for sharing among other cyclists on popular training websites.

Bryton Rider 100 and 310 Design

Similar to many other bike computers, Bryton Rider 100 and 310 are coming with the same compact design which remind us to an older touch screen phones. They are almost identical from the shape and form factor measured at 39.8/45.1 mm wide, 60.5/69.5 mm tall, and 16.5/17.3 mm deep while the weight is only about 40 to 53 grams. The display is black and white which is very bright and visible even when you ride under a bright sunlight. As you can see, they have three small buttons on the bottom.

In the box you will find the computer and an addition of cadence sensor included to be installed on the bike. As it has been mentioned above, one of the best things about bike computer is that many of them are featured with some type of sealing ability including these two because they are already IPX7 rated waterproof so riding when there is accidental rain will not be a problem anymore to the device. Read also: Cygolite Metro 500 Vs 550.

Bryton Rider 100 and 310 Performance

From a performance point of view both of them are working wonderfully and capable of displaying the same information for your convenience, but they are also different because the amount is higher in Bryton Rider 310. In this computer you can record up to 70 metrics as well as displaying up to 8 metrics per pages (7) so it can be the best option for those who are very interested in monitoring the data, basically everything is available in this model while the screen is larger and easier to read.

On the other hand, the Bryton Rider 100 is equally capable but in addition that it has smaller form factor as well as smaller display, it also can only record 36 metrics and will list up to 7 customizable data screen in which each one of them can be setup to view 5 types of data. This amount is actually already sufficient for most people but we are more attracted to the larger display offered by 310 computer. Additionally, what’s not present in the lower model is the temperature monitoring feature.

There is another interesting feature we want to talk about here and it is the automatic display function in which the computer will only display the relevant metrics. This is very useful because the computer doesn’t have to consume so much energy by removing the irrelevant information. 

Bryton Rider 100 and 310 Connectivity

Coming to the connectivity side, both Bryton Rider 100 and 310 just like many other bike computers are working with the ANT+ connection and also support data from power meters as well as will show you various information like current, three-second, normalized power, ten-second power, readings intensity factor, training stress score, as well as left-right balance if you are riding with dual side power meters. In addition, people who are using them doesn’t find any issue when pairing the computer with Stages unit or any third-party heart rate in which they are equally capable of. 

Bryton Rider 100 and 310 Battery

Last but not least is their battery because we need the one that can stay up longer and reliable in any conditions. In this side Bryton Rider 100 and 310 are also different because the latter is packed with bigger battery and this model can run up to 36 hours from its full capacity in which its little brother is already good at 25 hours yet you will also found charging this model more often than its higher version.

Bryton Rider 100 vs 310

- 36 real time data functions
- High-sensitivity GPS receiver for fast positioning
- No speed sensor installation needed
- Power On and Go
- GPS Cycling Computer
- High-sensitivity GPS receiver for fast positioning
- IPX7 waterproof
- Large and easy-to-read display

Both of them are a great bike computer to consider if you are into keeping information about the riding activity. The difference is that the Bryton Rider 310 is larger in form factor and have larger screen, bigger battery, as well as capable of viewing more information per page and the amount of display active is also sufficient. Additionally, it has temperature function that is not available in your Bryton Rider 100.


All in all we can pick just any of these bike computer and still be satisfied with the performance but, if you are a data driven person, we do recommend to get the big brother Brtyon Rider 310. 

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