Polar v650 vs Garmin Edge 520


Polar v650 vs Garmin Edge 520 is a comparison that many cyclists are searching for. Two sophisticated devices that can make your cycling experience even better than before. These devices can make your life much easier and make your cycling adventure more challenging, safe and fun. Both devices are almost similar in terms of price tag, so this is going to be a close battle. Each device has its own...

Polar V650 vs Garmin Edge 1000


Bicycling is one of the most fun activities which is not only refreshing but also healthy to keep our body fitness level. One accessories you may want to have while pedaling is bike computer like Polar V650 Vs Garmin Edge 1000 because with one, we don’t have to rely on smartphone anymore while still get well informed. For those who are looking at these computers, see what they can offer below...

Polar M450 vs Polar V650


Cycling is now become a trend among modern people. Beside it is a good sport that can be use to keep the health of the body, heart and respiratory system, it is also a good alternative to reduce the air pollution that has been a biggest issue around the world. As we know that bike didn’t need any fuel to run. It just needs us to pedal it. So, the burnt remains won’t pollute our lovely earth and...