Shimano A530 vs M324


Bicycling is getting more popular in the world of traffic jams and the more aware people become of staying active, moreover, with global warming which is one of the causes is the emission. For those who love bicycling for sports or commuting, you may want to consider their pedal option as well since it will affect our experience. Shimano A530 Vs M324 are two great options from this popular brand...

Shimano M530 vs M540


If we talking about the biking activity, we sure need a lot of tools other than the bike itself. We may also want to upgrade some part of the bike to get the best experiences while cycling. One of the most upgrade parts of a bike is the pedal. Or maybe your old pedal is come to a time to get change. You sure look for the best pedals that will give you the best experiences and give you most...