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Yepp Mini vs iBert


Being active when becoming a parent can be a different challenge for many of us, especially those who love to ride their bicycle because our baby is still too small to ride on their own. But, worry not because we can always take them with us by using children seat like Yepp Mini Vs iBert that we can install on the bike. They are safe and very useful for a short ride and some fun but, go check...

Yepp Mini vs Bobike


Bicycle is a convenient transportation tool which is not only friendly to our earth but also great for your body for they can be an exercising method as well. For those parents who are riding with their little children, Yepp Mini Vs Bobike are two amazing seats to install on your bike so then we can carry them properly for a little adventure or some daily errands. Go check below about what they...

WeeRide vs Yepp Mini


Riding a bike is fun and healthy as well as save the earth from our car’s engine pollution but, they can help you fight packed road to save time when going somewhere too. For those parents who are transporting their children with bike everyday, WeeRide Vs Yepp Mini are a great option to let them ride along, comfortably and safely. If you are also considering these bike seats, go check what they...