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Bicycling is one of the most interesting activities to do in your free time because not only it will improve your overall fitness but is also a healthy way to free yourself from the busy city life. If you are cycling often in a long tracks, having a cyclocomputer like Cateye Padrone Vs Strada will be very useful to help you keep useful information, more reliably than your smartphone. For those who are also looking at these models, see what they can offer below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using a Bicycle Computer
– What are Cateye Padrone and Strada
– What Cateye Padrone and Strada Look Like
– Who can use Cateye Padrone and Strada
– What Cateye Padrone and Strada can offer to you
– How to Set Up Cateye Padrone and Strada
– Cateye Padrone vs Strada

Bicycle Computer
Technology has been playing a crucial part in our lives in which they are making everything simpler and more convenient but, just like with everything there will be a drawback and in this case people are moving less. Our busy life is already energy draining and we can’t wait to see the weekend so we can rest but, it is not a healthy lifestyle to choose since exercise is necessary to keep our fitness and prevent lifestyle related diseases so we can enjoy our life longer. See Also: Cygolite Expilion 800 vs Niterider Lumina 700.

Thankfully, our society is starting to be more aware of lack of exercising and this is why we see more people are adopting a healthier life with better, wholefoods options and active lifestyle with routine exercise. Some of us are preferring to exercise at home doing yoga or aerobic, some prefer using technologically advanced gym equipment and weight lifting, while the other loves to spend time outside, enjoying nature and tackling its terrains. People can have different method but the goal is the same.

If you are easy to get bored or want more challenge while getting fitter, we can try adventuring with mother nature in a bicycle because this fun exercise is a very ideal way to both satisfy your mind and bettering the body fitness. Almost everyone can ride a bike since we mostly thought in younger age and besides enjoyed with friend and partner, we can also introduce the healthy activity to our children while spending some quality time together on the weekend.

For those who are bicycling for the adventure part, we will take a longer course and spend hours on our bike, running down your favorite track. We can have different purpose while riding but as other exercise, we are striving for more and try to beat each goal from time to time which is why data keeping is necessary so then we can see our own improvement. Today’s technology have wearable fitness device for a similar purpose, but they are expensive.

The price range makes us have to think about the substitute or as another option and depending on your needs, we also have a wide range of choices yet, if budget is limited, we can get a basic bicycle computer to let you know about certain information on the activity. Most of them are offering a set of information including speed and elapsed time but the more advanced models can even act as your GPS system so then we don’t have to worry about draining our smartphone’s juice.

About Cateye Padrone and Strada
However, before browsing for the model with the kind of features you want or matching your budget range, you may want to consider the frequency of using them as well because it is not wise to spend on something we will be rarely using. But, if you are into bicycling and need something to show you those related data or information, getting one is surely beneficial. We have many options out there due to the high demand but CatEye is one of the best for affordable computer.

This brand is famous among cyclist and is offering a wide options in the catalogue to let you choose any model that fits the application and budget range from the cheap, simple wireless computer to a richer, more expensive models. For people who want an easy to use monitor that can deliver them information without too much buttons to fiddle and too much information packed together, two ideal options will be the Padrone and Strada because they are very similar to each other.

Not only to view necessary information during the activity, many people are also using them in tandem with their smartphones so we can save some of the batteries in a long range bicycling. Unlike the more popular and technologically advanced Garmin wearable, both of these computers are non-GPS so we don’t have to worry about losing power since in general they can last for about a year. As for Strada, there is a Slim version of the unit for anyone who wants a thinner computer.

In this article we are going to talk about the new Strada Wireless Slim which is very similar but comes in a more action friendly box. Overall, they are the same computer with the same features but the Slim version is designed to work better with smaller battery and in comparison, it is actually more popular than its original model. On the other hand Padrone also renewed as Padrone+ but have backlit display for an easier to see screen.

Cateye Padrone and Strada Design
When you place them side by side, we can clearly see that Padrone is bigger just from the outside so it is not surprising to hear people getting this one due to its wide display. Compared to Strada, Padrone is measured at 67.5-mm tall, 43-mm wide, and 14.55 thick while the other is only at 47-mm tall, 32-mm wide, and 12.5-mm thick. The Slim version however, is the choice for people who prefer a more streamlined feature since it can be placed inside the front fork, out of sight.

They are coming with different battery but, in an average of an hour per day with these computers will drain the battery in a year or approximately 10,000km in total. These computers are also come packed with all the things you need to install them properly but there may be a bit of difference on these accessories, we can install them either on the bar or stem depend on your taste.

Cateye Padrone and Strada Specification
For the tire size, their sensor can be used with any action bicycle as long as the tire size is between 100mm to 3999mm. Like many other similar computers, the transmission is the same through speed or analog sensor. Before reaching its maximum speed, either of these computers can record up to 99999.9km but if you want to start new, we can always reset them manually using the AC button located at the back of the unit.

Cateye Padrone and Strada Features
Coming into the features part, Cateye Padrone and Strada are an analog computer so there are not many things we can get from their capabilities besides showing you a set of information which is also similar in both models. However, in this side, we can say that Strada is richer because there is an information not presented by the other despite the larger screen. First we are getting a clock in both computers to tell you the current time so we don’t have to look at our wristwatch.

Besides this standard clock, we also have elapsed time displayed to show us how many hours or minutes done on the track which is great for data keeping so we can increase them from time to time. Another set of information we can see from their display are current speed, total distance, trip distance, maximum, and average speed. However, there is one feature not present in Cateye Padrone and it is Pace Arrow placed at the top left of the display.

This arrow is not always forming a triangle or an arrow icon but can also be a dot and while some people don’t need this feature, those who are rapidly improving their speed will definitely need one. This feature is monitoring your average speed and as long as you are pedaling the bicycle faster than your average, it will continue to show the arrow and when the icon changed to dot, it means we are pedaling slower. While it sure interesting, we also admit it is very tiring to keep up.

Setting Up Cateye Padrone and Strada
After installing the sensor, we can begin to setting up Cateye Padrone and Strada including clearing all of the data, selecting measurement unit whether you want it to be km/h or mp/h, entering tire circumference, and setting the clock mode which are all done through the 3 controls at the back. After done, we can start to use the computer and if you want to change the mode or function, we can just press the dot section at the front.

Now, let’s compare Cateye Padrone with Strada. As you may already know, both of them are a very similar computer with the same capabilities but are also different because in general Padrone is bigger with wider screen as well but Strada especially the Slim version in our article is compact and more streamlined as well as featured with Speed Arrow for a more challenging riding.

Cateye Padrone vs Strada

- SAVE YOUR MILES: With the option to manually set the odometer, you don't have to start over every time you change the battery.
- FOCUS ON THE RIDE, NOT THE SCREEN: Don't let navigating menus or buttons get in the way of enjoying your ride. Simply press the base of the unit to toggle through functions.
- SECURE AND GO: With our FlexTight Bracket, you can easily mount, adjust, and move your computer by hand. Spend less time setting up your gear and more time on the road.
- SWITCH BETWEEN BIKES: Dual tire size lets you use one computer for two bikes

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and it is always best to get the one that fits your application the most. Since we do like both of them, those who prefer bigger display should choose Padrone and those who are fine with smaller display can pick Strada with a slightly more affordable price.

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