Cygolite Expilion 800 vs Niterider Lumina 700


Sport is an activity that not everyone loves to do. But sport is a benefit activity for the body health and also the health of our mind. There are many kind of sport. One of the most favorite sport that loved by some people is cycling.
Cycling is not an ordinary sport. With cycling we are also able to keep the nature health, because we keep them from getting polluted. We are also able to do the fuel economy that becomes an issue lately. So, doing cycling is like killing two birds with one stone.

For the cycling lover, having a proper cycle is a must. Proper cycle here is, a cycle that can be used in every situation and also any time. One of the requirements is that a cycle should have a headlight to be used when you are cycling in the night when the road is having no light at all. See also: Cycleops Fluid 2 vs Jet Fluid Pro.

Further, choosing the best headlight for your cycle is not an easy way. Because there are many headlight on the market with various brand and also specs. So, to help you, here we will discuss about the comparison of two products. The products are Cygolite Expilion 800 Vs Niterider Lumina 700.

First product that we will talk about is the Cygolite expiion 800 that popular among the cyclist. You can find the products in many online market places such as or ebay. First let’s talk about the specification of the product. Here are the features based on the factory claim:
• This headlight is the 2nd generation Cree XM-L LED puts out a powerful maximum of 800 lumens and is paired with precise optics for a beam pattern that’s optimized for cycling
• It also have aluminum bezel helps protect light and improves durability; also water-resistant design protects light from inclement conditions
• You can have 4 constant lighting modes: high, boost, medium and low
• You can use four special lighting modes: day flash, 2-in-1 SteadyPulse™, walking and S.O.S.
• illumination mode combines steady brightness with an alerting flash in the SteadyPulse, letting you see what’s ahead of you while simultaneously letting others know your presence
• rider visibility in peak daylight enhances in the Day Flash mode
• Various run time based on usage between 2.3 hrs. (Boost) and 38 hrs. (S.O.S.)
• Quick-release and removable, lithium-ion battery stick can be charged via computer USB port or an electrical outlet; charge time about 5 hrs.
• easy reference and access Illuminated control button features built-in power indicators; includes low battery and charging status indicators
• Quick-release mount on the CygoLite ExpiliOn 800 USB light fits 25.4 – 31.8mm diameter handlebars
• CygoLite ExpiliOn 800 USB bike light comes with USB cable, a battery stick, wall charger, helmet mount and tool-free handlebar mount.

From the feature above, we can see that the Cygolite Expilion 800 is a great headlight with a high level specification that will love by many cyclist. But what about the users review? Here are the pros and cons based on the users review:

• Bright. Many users say that this headlight is bright enough to use at the road with no light road at all. It helps when you cycling in the night.
• Easy to charge. With the USB Charge port, you can charge this headlight easily.
• The battery was separated. So you can put the battery on your pocket and only have your headlight in the helmet.

• It runs on a rechargeable battery pack which limits you from being able to pop in a fresh set of batteries on the fly because they have mitigated this by using a removable proprietary battery pack. To get this, you may spend about $30 to carry a spare battery that only works with this light.

Now, we will discuss about the second product, named Niterider Lumina 700. This product also popular and you can find it in many online market places around the world. Now let’s talk about the Niterider Lumina 700 specification and feature based the factory claim:

• The Lumina 700 front bike light eliminates external battery packs and finicky cords—everything is right there for easy, quick, no-fuss lighting
• Completed with highly efficient reflectors, the ultra bright LED delivers a nice, even light pattern void of rings or halos
• Four continuous light levels include low, medium, and high the battery-conserving “walk” mode; run times range from 1.5 hrs. on high to 5.5 hrs. on low to 18 hrs. on “walk”
• Light output for each level includes 700 lumens on high, 350 lumens on medium, 150 lumens on low and 40 lumens on “walk”
• Also offers a flashing mode for alerting others of your presence; 40 hrs. run time on flashing
• 5.5 hours maximum charge time with Internal lithium-ion battery can be charged from the USB port of your computer, making charging at the office a snap
• The light also can be easily disconnected from mount with incorporated quick-release handlebar mount on the NiteRider Lumina 700 bike light fits handlebar diameters up to 31.8mm

After discussing the specification above, we can understand that this headlight also have a great specification that may satisfy the cyclist. But is the user has been satisfied? Here are some pros and cons about the NiteRider Lumina 700 headlight:

• Extremely great improvements over MiNewt 600 and compare to the Lumina 650, it will handle good bump
• It also have actual output of 692 is close to 700 claimed Lumens
• It has excellent design and clamp
• Good value for the money, considering the other that have higher price.
• The mount is easily removed and can be used as a great flashlight when you need it.
• Great form packaging and factor
• cleaned up Beam pattern with a nice trapezoidal shape that is flatter on top and shines more light at the bottom

The shape is too big compare the other
Based on the comparison above, you may decide which one will great for your need. So, be considered to your own need.

Cygolite Expilion 800 vs Niterider Lumina 700

- This product is of 850 lumen output with Cree XM-L LED
- This Product is New oval spread Enhanced Cycling Optic shines and extra wide beam and distant throw
- Run Time:1:30/3/5:30/18 Hours for Lumina 700 up to 36 Hours on low for Solas
- One piece modular design with 4 light levels and flash mode

In conclusion, we can state that both products is almost have similar specs, but different function. Also, they have their own benefit, positive and negative side of them. So, to decide which one will fulfill your expectation, it is a good idea to first understand your need. Because without understanding your own need, you may can’t get the best tools you need. Then, you also need to understand the specification of the products so you can do the matching between the product function and your needs. After all, it is all depend on your own of how well the both product function for you.

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