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Everybody knows that sedentary life is dangerous for your health because the lack of exercise and physical movement will pay tribute to overweight, obesity as well as may cause other diseases. Before it is too late, changing to a more active lifestyle such as riding a bicycle instead of driving or riding a motorcycle is great. For those who want to be convenient, Diamondback Trace Vs Trace Comp are two amazing hybrid bikes for daily commuting and adventure but, go check which the better option here first before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Which Bicycle to Purchase
  • What are Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp
  • What Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp Look Like
  • Do Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp have Suspension
  • How Many Gears in Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp
  • What Brakes are in Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp
  • Diamondback Trace Vs Trace Comp

Danger of Sedentary Lifestyle

We heard the benefit of exercise and always pushed to try various training or subscribe becoming a gym member to keep our body shape and fitness great as well as stay healthy but, what’s wrong with sedentary life because if we are honest, the daily job itself is already very tiring that often makes us have no energy left when arriving at home. The fact is, a sedentary lifestyle may increase certain types of cancers, a higher chance of getting anxiety and depression, as well as higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

For those who are not sure whether they are living a sedentary lifestyle or not, this term is used to define a type of lifestyle where an individual does not receive regular amounts of physical activity. Based on CDC or Center for Disease Control, a failure to meet physical activity is that when an individual failed to meet a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of more vigorous regimen. It is also equals to 10.000 steps a day or 5 miles to improve health or reduce health risks. Read also: Diamondback Trace vs Insight 2

Shopping for Bicycle

If your working place is pretty far for a walking distance then you may want to try a bicycle instead because not only are they fun to replace your daily transportation methods, they are also great for an exercise, especially if you love pedaling or the traffic in your city can get very hectic. The most important part, however, is choosing for the correct bicycle for our activity and personal preference because chances we will have varying factors to consider.

First thing first is the bike type for there are several of them out there from rugged and ideal for off-road use mountain bike, versatile and comfortable road bikes, a choice for those who enjoy both rides called a hybrid bike, and a bike for casual riding over the weekend or just to spend their leisure time called cruiser. Next is determining the size because riding a huge bike or those too small for our build not only appears funny but also uncomfortable.

Diamondback Trace Trace Comp
Shipping Weight42.6 pounds46 pounds
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If you have found the correct size based on bike frame chart that we can easily find on the internet, now is the time to check their gears, suspension, brake type, as well as the handlebar. There are several choices to pick from but in general they are made to match certain preference for example the drop bar handlebar is made to be light and aerodynamic for fast riding while flat bar is made to enhance comfort while reducing strain in your hand, wrist, or shoulders.

About Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp

If you have already decided to go with which bike type and write a measurement that match your height, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there and chances most bikes are just as reliable but will have different performance depending on what they are designed for. However, after deciding the type, it is wise to also decide the budget so we can eliminate the too expensive and too shady options quickly.

For those who are looking for a reliable option but don’t want to spend so much, Diamondback is always one of the best options to consider because they are always offering good quality products and in a competitive price range. They are mostly popular as a budget bike brands but don’t get them wrong for there are some high-end models as well in the catalogue. However, for those who are here to get a versatile bikes, there are many great hybrid from this brand.

They always renew their bikes to answer the market’s demand and to improve their performance but Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp still seems to be two of the most attractive hybrid from their collection. Both of them are coming from the same family which is why you will find so many similarities between the two but there are also several other models in the same line and each one of them are designed to be reliable for slightly different application a hybrid bike is ideal for.

These bikes are hybrid type means despite mainly build for road application, they are also combining some of the capabilities from mountain bike and it is including the handling quality. Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp are very versatile for your daily commuting or when you want to do some light adventure on trails like bridleways and byways. They also have a tough frame and may able to carry luggage or fitting mudguards on them which makes them even better for short journey without much equipment. 

Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp Design

Aesthetic wise, both of these hybrid bikes are very sporty with simple paint and a few details here and there both on the rim and the body or frame but as you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are very identical to each other and if you are looking for a sturdy bike, Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp are constructed from aluminum alloy which is meant to be durable and light while on average they are very much the same in weight at 31-32 lbs.

We also love the fact that both of them are available in a few different sizes to match with your height and the amount should be enough to accommodate riders with different height for they have 4 different sizes: Small for those at 5’4” to 5’7”, Medium for those at 5’7” to 5’10”, Large for those at 5’10” to 6’1”, and Extra Large for rider from 6’1” to 6’4”. Our recommendation is if your number is at the top line in between two models, it is better to go for the smaller one.

As for the wheels, hybrid bike like these two are usually coming with 700c wheel and they are fast or effective for daily commuting yet, users probably don’t need to pay much attention to these numbers, unless you have a very short build in which probably will be better with 650c wheels, 700c is like the industry standard for this type of bike.

Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp Suspension

The first thing you may want to know about your new bike is their suspension especially if road riding is the one we are going to mostly do later and in this side both bikes are equally featured with a front suspension system. The front suspension system usually present in either mountain bike or hybrid bike like Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp and they will absorb the impacts from the front wheel to smooth your ride, making rocky trails or bumpy and potholes won’t be a problem. 

Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp Gears

The next point we want to address is their gears that you can find on both of these hybrid bikes. Starting with the standard Trace, here we have a total of 21 speeds with Shimano EF-51 shifters and the Altus rear derailleur to accommodate your wider riding terrain while the latter Trace Comp in this case the 2016 model has a total of 9 speed with Shimano SL-M360 Acera and Alivio rear derailleur. They should be enough for standard riding conditions but are also different.

When choosing the ideal amount of gear, we always recommend rider to match it with their riding condition, for example those who ride in a road where there are lots of hills then our bike will be better if they have more amount of gears. On the opposite those whose road or terrain is fairly flat, less gears should be fine.

Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp Brake

Last but not least is their brake because it is important for safety and control feature in your bike. Diamondback Trace and Trace Comp are featured with disc brake but from different manufacturer because the former is coming with Tektro brake while the latter is paired with Avid BB5. Disc brake is very reliable and will work fast as well as smooth for everyday use so you can stop at all conditions. Performance wise they are very similar, probably because they have the same 160mm rotors.

Diamondback Trace vs Trace Comp

- 60661-T6 aluminum alloy construction with forged dropouts for durability
- High tensile steel fork for confident steering
- Alloy linear pull brakes
- 6061-T6 aluminum alloy construction is durable and light
- Suspension fork to handle riding on rough surfaces
- Avid disc brakes deliver for control and confident stopping in all conditions

These hybrid bikes are a great option for those who are going to commute everyday with them while also want the convenience of going off-road. The difference is mainly on their gear because the standard Trace in this case Dual Sport is this bike has 21 gears, making the version a better model for those riding at difficult, and many elevation terrains while the Comp only has 9 gears. While their brake come from different manufacturers, the size are the same so performance wise they are equally reliable as well.


All in all there is no bad options between these hybrid bicycles but there is a difference between the two that makes the original Trace a better choice for people riding on hills or more difficult terrain.


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