Diamondback Wildwood vs Edgewood


Cycling is many people hobby that also can be an alternative of transportation. We also can reduce the pollution while transporting with our bike. Beside, you may also train your cardio system, improving your muscle performance and also your heart beats. It also can be an alternative of your diet program since cycling can burn many calories and fat.

The main tools that you need to do the activity are the cycle itself. We are impossible to do the cycling routine without having the cycle. Just like everything, there are also many cycle that you can choose in the market. And there are many brands that will make you confuse to decide which bike you will take home. They all sure have their own benefit and also negative side. But it sure is depend on your needs and your own taste.

To help you decide your right bike, in this article we will compare to type of Diamondback bike. There are the Diamondback Wildwood and Diamondback Edgewood. Both products are come from same factory, but what make them different? Is it just name or anything else? Here we will talk about their differences and what you can found on them both. Let’s start!

Both products have their own specification. And here are the specification based on the factory claim:

This product is popular product that gets almost 4 stars in the market place reviewed by the users. And here are the specifications we can get from the factory claim:
– 6061-T6 aluminum frame is lightweight and durable
– Comfort Suspension fork with 50mm of travel
– Shimano 3×7 drive train gives you 21 speeds to choose from
– Linear pull brakes for efficient stopping power
Based on the specification, it looks like that this product is aiming on a comfort riding bike.

Again, this product is come from the same factory as the Diamondback wildwood. And here are the specification based on the factory claim:
– 6061-T6 aluminum frame with Sport Hybrid Geometry for more upright pedaling position is built to last – Suspension fork and seat post for added cushioning
– Shimano 21-speed drive train provides gears for any terrain
Just like the previous bike we talk about, it looks so comfortable to use daily but some also say that this bike has a higher travel than the diamondback wildwood.

After classified the specification of both bikes, we will talk about the design of the diamondback wildwood and diamondback Edgewood. We know that each product have their own purpose why the designer designing the product in such type.

The both products, Diamondback Wildwood and Diamondback Edgewood have been designed for different aims. Comfort bike is what Diamondback Wildwood comes as. This bike aims to give the rider most comfortable and convenient riding experience. See also: Polar M450 vs Polar V650.

The 6061-T6 aluminum is constructing the frame; this kind is known as highly rugged and robust yet very lightweight. It is supported with the Comfort Suspension fork, which has 50 mm travel. You can see, with these specifications, you may didn’t want to use this as heavy-duty uses such as cross country and trail. Because you know that the specs are not the purposes of this bike.

In addition for easier acceleration, this bike is armed with 26” wheels. For a daily uses bike such as cycling to the office, this bike will be a good option because you can travel in a very comfort way. But if you want a heavy – duty uses bike, you may choose the other diamondback.

If the Diamondback wildwood is purposing for a comfort bike, on the other hand, Diamondback Edgewood may classified as a hybrid bike. Even this bike is also featuring a 6061-T6 aluminum frame; it introduces the Sports Hybrid Geometry design, providing a more upright pedaling position. A suspension fork with 63 mm travel is what this bike having, higher that the diamondback wildwood.

Better performance and durability to face rougher terrains is ensures by the higher travel. But still, that kind of spec may not be suitable yet for heavy-duty purposes. Further, this bike is armed with 29” wheels, promoting firmer grip, higher top speed, and smoother ride. So, this one is also a comfortable bike for the rider. Even the specs are better than the diamondback wildwood, but this one still can be use as a heavy – duty uses bike.

The other thing we may want to compare between the diamondback wildwood and Edgewood is about their component. If we see the previous point about the design, we may be able to understand that the components of these two products are surely different. But what is the difference? Is the differences is too much? Or it just a slight difference that people may not realize of.

Both Diamondback Wildwood and diamondback Edgewood make use of a high-quality Shimano component. Diamondback Wildwood features Shimano Tourney TY300 rear derailleur and Shimano TZ30 down pull front derailleur, which are providing 3×7 speed levels selectable through the Shimano EF-51 Easy fire shifter. On the opposite, Diamondback Edgewood comes with Shimano TX55 rear derailleur, Shimano TX51 front derailleur dual pull, also Shimano EF-51 Easyfire shifter with 3×7 speed levels. Both products use an almost similar component that for the users may be same.

Moreover, Diamondback Wildwood comes with 17-78” gearing, different to Diamondback Edgewood 24-99” gearing. As the result, climbing hills is much more easily using the Wildwood, whereas significantly faster speeds on the same pedaling cadence will deliver by the diamondback Edgewood. And also, alloy linear brakes are available in both models.

Based on those explanation, we can understand that both models is having their own benefit if the component. They can be comparing to get the worse models, but we can compare based on what the both product may do.

Diamondback Wildwood vs Edgewood

- 6061-T6 aluminum frame with Sport Hybrid Geometry for more upright pedaling position is built to last
- Suspension fork and seat post for added cushioning
- Shimano 21-speed drivetrain provides gears for any terrain
- 700c road wheels are efficient and smooth rolling
- Lightweight, durable aluminum frame features enhance performance geometry to reduce fatigue
- Light, strong aluminum fork with steel steerer
- 16 speed drivetrain includes Shimano Claris components
- Tektro dual pivot caliper brakes

In Conclusion, by all the explanation above, we can say that both models have their own specification due to their purpose of use. So, before you buy one of them, you better understand what you need with the bike so you can easily choose the right bike for yourself.

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