Giro Foray vs Synthe


Giro is one of the most renowned brands of bike helmets. In this article, we will help you choose between Giro Foray vs Synthe, two popular models from the company which share similarities in their designs. However, Giro Foray is much more affordable than Giro Synthe – so, is the jump in price really necessary?

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Giro Foray: Design and Appearance
Giro Foray comes at a very affordable price point, especially if you compare it to the cousin, Giro Synthe. Even so, it still offers great performance, appearance, and protection. As an aerodynamic bike helmet, Giro Foray promises minimum air resistance to allow you to ride your bike at high speed easily. See also: CycleOps Fluid 2 Vs Kurt Kinetic

This helmet looks smart and stylish. The side profile is rounded and neat, a reminiscent of Giro Synthe which is the source of inspiration for this helmet. No longer an aerodynamic bike helmet has to look ugly or weird.

In addition, Giro Foray is available in various color choices. Some examples include matte charcoal/frost, bright red/black, black/white, matte titanium/white, matte white/silver, and highlight yellow. The range of options is wide, so you should be able to find one that matches your style and preference best.

Giro Foray: Fit
Giro Foray vs Synthe comes with three size options, which are Small (51 – 55 cm), Medium (55 – 59 cm), and Large (59 – 63 cm). In other words, the bike helmet can be worn by pretty much by anybody. People with average head sizes will find the Medium size to be the most suitable.

The fit is excellent, thanks to the Roc Loc 5 fit system. The internal padding of the helmet can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly. The helmet will feel snug and secure on your head without creating disturbing pressure points. In addition, the Roc Loc 5 fit system is easy to use. You can access it with a single hand, and you can still make adjustments easily while wearing gloves.

Giro Foray: Comfort and Ventilation
The medium-size Giro Foray weighs about 270g. This is quite lightweight, although not as light as Giro Synthe. But it is still very comfy to wear, even after a few hours of riding.

Another difference between Giro Foray vs Synthe is the number of air vents. As a cheaper model, there is no surprise that Giro Foray has fewer air vents. It features 21 air vents, compared to Giro Synthe’s 26. However, the cooling performance is still good.

As expected, you won’t feel much airflow when riding at low speed. The cooling becomes more noticeable once you’ve reached a higher speed. The helmet sits snugly on your head, but the air vents provide sufficient cooling to most area.

The front part, around the forehead, is not as comfortable as Giro Synthe because there isn’t much airflow there. As a result, the forehead may feel a bit hot after some time, especially during the summer days. However, this is a relatively minor issue. The rest of the head still receives enough airflow and cooling.

Giro Foray: Durability
The shell of Giro Foray is made of in-mold polycarbonate. It is lightweight, but it doesn’t feel flimsy. In fact, it is very durable, able to protect your head against heavy impacts just fine.

The inner side is lined with EPS foam, which will cushion your head and absorb energy during an impact. However, there is some part of the EPS foam that is exposed, so be careful when putting down or storing the helmet.

Giro Foray also has the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). This technology is designed to absorb and redirect energy in order to reduce the risk of getting the neck bent or twisted during a heavy impact. This is definitely a nice feature for extra protection.

Giro Synthe: Design and Appearance
Giro Synthe offers something that is previously thought to be impossible: an optimum balance of aerodynamics, cooling power, and style. Since its launch a few years ago, it has become a favorite among avid road cyclists. Unlike other aero bike helmets in the market, Giro Synthe is good-looking and can easily suit any person.

Aero bike helmets are said to be more efficient than regular models because they have significantly less air resistance, hence allowing you to accelerate or maintain your speed more easily. In the case of Giro Synthe, the company claims that this aero bike helmet nearly rivals ‘the fastest time trial bike helmets’ in terms of efficiency.

Aero bike helmets often need to sacrifice their looks in favor of efficiency and performance – but this is not the case with Giro Foray and Giro Synthe at all. As you can see, despite still having visible lines that resemble a bunch of bananas, Giro Foray and Giro Synthe are still looking great and sporty with various color variants.

You can get Giro Synthe in matte black, black/white, matte white/silver, matte olive/citron, citron/white, matte red, or matte dusty purple. They all look cool; you may choose whichever variant that suits your taste.

Giro Synthe: Fit
Of course, Giro Synthe also has three size options: Small (51 – 55 cm), Medium (55 – 59 cm), and Large (59 – 63 cm). So, you can get a helmet that fits you perfectly regardless of the size or shape of your head.

One notable difference between Giro Foray vs Synthe is the fit system. Giro Synthe is equipped with a more advanced fit system, which is called Roc Loc 5 Air. This fit system has been optimized to provide the best comfort and cooling.

It is quite similar to the regular Roc Loc 5 found on Giro Foray, except that the design has been altered to suspend the helmet slightly above the head. As a result, air can flow directly over your head. Yet, the fit and adjustment of Roc Loc 5 Air are still similar to the regular Roc Loc 5. It is very easy to use.

Despite the suspended design, the helmet still feels snug and secure. The inner harness is not anchored to the frame, so it can be adjusted to accommodate your particular head shape precisely. You can increase or decrease the circumferential tightness by turning a small dial on the rear of the helmet.

Meanwhile, the Y-buckles can be adjusted to change the tension levels of the front and rear straps. Make sure that you choose a size that can fit your head properly because, if your head size is outside the range, the chinstrap buckle won’t be centered under your chin. Giro Synthe has three size options, though, so there should be one perfect size for everybody.

Giro Synthe: Comfort and Ventilation
One of the nicest things about Giro Synthe is the lightweight design. The medium-size helmet is only 235g, so it is technically a bit lighter than Giro Foray. Needless to say, Giro Synthe won’t put a burden on your head. You can wear it continuously for several hours without making your head sore or tired.

Giro Synthe features 26 air vents, which means that it has five more air paths than Giro Foray. In addition, Giro Synthe also has the Roc Loc 5 Air fit system, which has been optimized to enhance the cooling performance.

When tested, Giro Synthe feels incredibly cool and comfy. At low speed, the cooling performance is not really noticeable, as there isn’t much airflow yet. However, at high speed, you will enjoy it very much.

The air current over the head is really noticeable and refreshing. Your hair won’t be drenched in too much sweat. After some time, you will get used to the enhanced comfort and forget that you have a shell sitting on top of your head, and you will be able to put all your focus on riding your bike.

Giro Synthe: Durability
Just like Giro Foray and most other bike helmets of the category, Giro Synthe has a shell that is made of in-mold polycarbonate, which is lightweight yet highly durable. It also has EPS lining. The Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) is also there to absorb and redirect impact energy to provide extra protection.

Both the tensioning dial and the buckles work flawlessly and feel solid. The inner padding also seems to be able to hold up well. The only part that requires extra care is the exposed EPS lining around the base of the helmet, which is prone to dents and abrasion. Make sure to store the helmet safely when not in use.

Giro Foray vs Synthe

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If you really want to get the best comfort and performance, Giro Synthe is the way to go. It is lighter and more efficient. It comes with more air vents and the Roc Loc 5 Air fit system, which greatly increases the airflow over the head. However, if you just want a cheap yet reliable helmet for casual bike riding, Giro Foray is a very good alternative.

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