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While the debate about whether we need to wear a helmet as a road cyclist or leave it as unhelpful suggestion is still happening a lot, mountain bike riders are always safer with a proper MTB helmet like Giro Hex Vs Xar because they can provide the needed protection without being uncomfortable. For those who are also eyeing these options, see what these helmets from popular brand Giro can offer in our article below, because there might be some interesting feature you prefer better among the two.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Wearing a Helmet while Mountain Biking
– Which MTB Helmet to Buy
– What are Giro Hex and Xar
– What Giro Hex and Xar Look Like
– How are the Build of Giro Hex and Xar
– What Retention System in Giro Hex and Xar
– How Many Vents in Giro Hex and Xar
– Are Giro Hex and Xar Comfortable
– Giro Hex Vs Xar

Mountain Biking and Helmets
Everybody wants to stay healthy and our method on achieving the dream fitness can be different so as long as it is fulfilling your goal then it is a matter of taste. Bicycling is a very ideal choice for anyone who wants to be active and stay healthy but is too bored to spend some time in a gym establishment or not attracted to aerobic and yoga training at home. With bicycle, we can exercise while also enjoying the surroundings, especially if you are doing MTB.

Commuting by bicycle is indeed a good start to both avoid packed roads and doing cardio training but, mountain biking is providing a more adventure for those who are also seeking a way to challenge the adrenaline and want a sense of achievement afterwards. Like when pedaling on the road, the need for helmet while doing MTB is even more important because the terms we are dealing with when doing the activity is more challenging and have higher risks of accident.

This is why even those who don’t usually wear helmet while commuting are still committing to wear one when tackling the harsh terrains. We all know the importance of protecting the skull when doing MTB so in case you slipped off, we can avoid a higher risk or deadly injury relating to skull fracture. To provide the proper protection, taken from Redbull this type of helmets are also made based on certain standard whether you live in the United States or Europe.

MTB Helmet Types
MTB helmets are available in a few different forms ranging from those similar to a road helmet and the full face one; the type often used to provide full protection when you go hard. The cross country helmet is the lightest among all and similar to road helmet but sturdier and wider on the back, it has wide vents to allow you ride with breeze while still protected. Trail helmet is bulkier, have more cover at the back and now it has visor as well but still have vents.

The next model is often called as dirt helmet and we often see it as well being used for skating but in comparison to trail helmet, it provides less protection and less vents yet the case is very rigid to cover your skull. The most protective and heaviest of them all will be full face helmet which is the choice of many riders who are doing freestyle or more challenging activity and like motorbike helmet, it covers all of our head and face with chin protection.

About Giro Hex and Xar
If you are also enjoying this activity, having a specialized helmet will be very important for none of us want to get serious injury especially on head. With MTB getting very popular among people who loves extreme sports, we can see so many options as well when it comes to the choices from different companies and even one manufacturer usually have more than a pair of helmets designed for the purpose. But, among those many brands Giro will be one of the best choices to go.

We are sure most riders are familiar with this company because they have been establishing a huge fandom for the last several years and it is not surprising when seeing how many users are satisfied with their helmets such as the road rider’s friend Giro Atmos and Atmos II. Thankfully, they also offer quite the collection when it comes to mountain riding choice and if you are familiar with the popular Xen helmet, then Hex and Xar will follow at its back.

This is because both of Giro Hex and Xar are the little sister of the older helmet as well as the renewal version of the unit that sometimes makes riders confused about which option to go with. If you ever wear Xen, these helmets will give you similar shining parts such as the extensive ventilation to keep your head cool while spending some time on trails as well as Giro’s easily-adjustable retention system that makes fitting easier and quicker as well as comfortable.

Despite being a close brothers by being based from the same initial models, it doesn’t mean that they are identical because even from the price range, Xar is quite expensive including when compared to many similar MTB bike helmets. Hex on the other hand is almost half cheaper which makes it the choice for more people since we can spend less but still being protected. However, it is also not surprising to see the latter marketed as the companion of a more aggressive rider so we do hope to see much going on in this helmet.

Giro Hex and Xar Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, Giro Hex and Xar are very similar to each other and compared to regular road helmet, there is more protection especially on the rear part to give more coverage. As many other MTB helmets out there, these two are also coming with dedicated visor that can be useful or not depends on how you look at things but in case they are not wanted, we can remove them as well to lessen the weight.

What’s different is that these visors seem to be slightly wider in Giro Hex compared to Xar which is sporting a more streamlined design. They are extensively ventilated to keep your head comfortable even when riding at summer but the shape of these vents are different for the latter is more elongated while the former is square-ish. In fashion options, both of them are available in various colors whether you want to go subtle or easily spotted.

Giro Hex and Xar Construction
When looking for a bike helmet, the first thing you may want to know might be the construction because it is playing an important role in deciding the durability of the unit but, unfortunately none of Giro Hex and Xar are featured with MIPS yet so in comparison to those in higher models, the level of protection is definitely lower. As many other helmets out there, these two are also made with an in-mold EPS liner, polycarbonate shell, and then paired P.O.V visor.

In terms of durability, EPS liner will bent when experiencing a stress which is why we are required to change it whenever having an accident to keep the helmet performs at its best. On the other hand, those using the newer EPP is said to be more durable when comes in contact with hard solid object.

Giro Hex and Xar Retention System
Another important point to look at when shopping for helmet is the adjustment system because it will affect how these two will perform latter especially to keep a more comfortable position and good fit. Giro is very popular with its Roc Loc retention system and they are designing Giro Hex and Xar with the new Roc Loc 5 which consists of a very trimmed down band, making it much smaller but powerful at the same time in its click wheel.

In addition, both of them are also coming with adjustable chin strap to accommodate different head and neck shape but then again, we can’t say that everyone will fit these helmets just the same for our head shapes can differ widely as well.

Giro Hex and Xar Ventilation
We are sure that many riders have been struggling to find the perfect helmets that won’t heat their head up while pedaling, especially during the summer and this is why these two are coming with extensive 21 and 17 ventilations to instantly cool your head down as we pedal downhill. What’s different is the shape and positioning of these ventilations because despite the less amount, Xar’s vents are elongated from front to back which is best for providing the proper airflow in bike helmet.

Giro Hex and Xar Comfort
In the comfort part, Giro Hex and Xar are very similar but it will depend highly on the head shape since some may prefer one better over the other and in our opinion, they are equally lightweight despite Hex completely win with 9.54-ounce in its medium size than Xar which is slightly heavier at 11.3-ounce. In real life experience this much gap doesn’t give any difference and the inside padding are designed very well to avoid pressure points.

Both of them are an ideal option for anyone who are doing MTB because these helmets are designed to provide the proper protection but doesn’t ignore our wish to stay comfortable while riding. Giro Xar also prove that less vents doesn’t mean hotter helmet because it is working great in terms of cooling our head similar with Hex which looks slightly bulkier but in fact is lighter.

Giro Hex vs Xar

- Upper and lower in-molded hardbodies^21 wind-scooping vents^POV color matched visors^Roc Loc 5 fit system
- Upper and lower in-molded hardbodies
- 21 wind-scooping vents
- POV color matched visors
- FEATURES : P.O.V. adjustable visor w/ 15 vertical adjustment
- CONSTRUCTION : In-mold - EPS liner, polycarbonate shell
- FIT SYSTEM : Roc Loc 5
- VENTILATION : 17 Wind Tunnel vents, internal channeling

Giro Hex and Xar are a good helmet for your mountain riding and we can pick based on which seems more promising but, we personally like Hex better because it snug more comfortably on our head compared to Xar.

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