Giro Register vs Revel


Giro Register vs Revel indeed look quite similar to each other. They each have a visor to protect your eyes from glaring sunlight and rain, 22 vents to ensure enough cooling, and a one-size-fits-all system. Both are suitable for trail biking, mountain biking, as well as urban commuting. So, which one is the better bike helmet? Find out below.

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  • Whether you should go for Giro Register or Giro Revel

Giro Register: Design and Appearance

Let us start with Giro Register. This is a mountain bike helmet that is aimed at people looking for a comfortable lid that will allow them to overcome any terrain or environmental condition. It is packed with a solid fit system and a number of safety features. Read also: Bell Javelin vs Giro Selector

As usual, Giro Register comes with a polycarbonate shell in an in-mold construction that melds the outer shell into the inner foam layer to ensure optimum impact protection. On the front, you can find a removable visor, which is really nice. Although it is not adjustable, it has been positioned at just the right angle to shield your eyes from sunlight and rain. You can remove the visor when you don’t need it.

Design-wise, Giro Register is quite different from Giro Revel. This helmet has a simple and smooth design, without sharp edges that are typically applied to sports-oriented models. The lines go from the front and converge in the rear. Giro Register appears relaxed and casual, suitable for people who don’t want to look too sporty or aggressive.

Giro Register is available in seven color variants, which include matte black, matte titanium, matte white, matte red, matte blue, ice blue floral, and matte highlight yellow. All of them have a matte finish. Again, this suits the relaxed and casual nature of the helmet.

Giro Register Giro Revel
Shipping Weight1.5 pounds1.6 pounds
Best Priceclick hereclick here

Giro Register: Fit and Comfort

Giro Register vs Revel use the same universal sizing from the company. Some people tend to steer away from one-size-fits-all universal sizing because they believe it won’t be able to provide the correct fit for different head sizes and shapes. However, Giro Register is such a well-designed bike helmet, and the fit system works exceptionally well.

Giro Register features what the company calls as the Roc-Loc Sport fit system. In order to adjust the fit, you need to tweak the dial located on the back of the helmet. The dial is a bit though, which is a good thing because this will prevent it from getting accidentally turned. Once you have set the best fit for your head, you won’t need to fiddle with the dial ever again.

The dial has a total of 57 size-adjustment clicks. According to the company, the bike helmet is able to fit head sizes from 54cm to 61cm. To get the best fit, you can start from the largest size fit and gradually reduce the tightness until you feel the helmet secure yet comfortable enough.

The interior is actually quite comfy. There is just enough padding to provide comfort. Well, compared to the more expensive models, Giro Register indeed has less padding. But this is not really an issue because it already feels nice with what it has. Most users don’t think that additional padding is necessary.

Giro Register: Durability and Performance

In terms of durability, Giro Register is a decent helmet. The outer shell feels fairly solid and robust. You can also get Giro Register with the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) feature. MIPS is designed to redirect energy away from your neck during an impact, hence reducing the risk of neck injury. This model is recommended because MIPS is a very good safety feature to provide extra protection.

Despite the fixed position of the visor, it is never a source of problem. It does not block your vision, even when you are ascending or descending a hill. It is also big enough to allow you to duck through branches and twigs.

Unfortunately, if we compare the cooling performance of Giro Register vs Revel, this bike helmet is somewhat inferior. It is a little surprising to find that Giro Register does not feel as breezy, especially on the top of the head. This is probably because there aren’t many vents placed on the top to begin with. The ones on the top are actually large and well-placed, but still not enough to provide extra airflow during an intense run.

Additionally, the adjustable straps on the sides are a good thing in theory, but annoying in real life. These straps are somehow difficult to get right. And, some people simply don’t like the way these straps hang and scratch on their cheeks. To be fair, though, once you get the straps right, the helmet should be perfectly secure in place.

Giro Revel: Design and Appearance

Now, we will continue with Giro Revel. This is the sporty cousin of Giro Register. In a glance, you can see how these two bike helmets are similar. There is the same number of vent ports and visor. However, Giro Revel is still a different and potentially superior bike helmet.

Giro Revel comes with a polycarbonate shell that provides a full coverage and protection to your head against any kind of obstacle that you may encounter during your ride. It is designed primarily for trail and mountain biking, although there is nothing stopping you from wearing this bike helmet for road runs and commuting.

On the front, there is a removable snap-fit visor which will protect your eyes from sunlight, rain, and debris. The visor has thicker, longer anchors. Giro Revel has 22 vents in total to ensure optimum cooling performance. In addition, one special feature that sets Giro Register vs Revel apart is the Acu Dial system on Giro Revel, which makes adjusting the fit even more effortless.

Giro Revel features hard edges and a beautiful glossy finish. The lines of the outer shell converge in pairs, starting from the top-back of the helmet to the rear. Overall, Giro Revel looks sporty and stylish. There are 10 color variants available, including black, gray, silver, white, brown, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green.

Giro Revel: Fit and Comfort

Just like its sibling, Giro Revel comes with the company’s universal sizing that can fit head sizes from 54cm to 61cm. However, this fit system is different from the one on Giro Register. Giro Revel is given the Acu Dial fit system, which is a new and improved mechanism.

The system comes with a full fit band. With Acu Dial, you can adjust the fit with a single hand. You can do it easily even when wearing gloves. Compared to the already good Giro Register, Giro Revel is even easier and more convenient to use.

How about the comfort? The fit is solid yet comfy. The helmet does not move around no matter what. The interior has enough padding. Again, like its sibling, the amount of padding in Giro Revel is not as much as some of the more expensive helmets. However, it is already able to cradle your head gently.

Giro Revel: Durability and Performance

Giro Revel is just as durable as Giro Register, if not more. It has a solid and robust polycarbonate shell. The in-mold construction combines an EPS liner to ensure optimum impact protection. Giro revel has been certified by CPSC for its safety, and is recommended for recreational road and mountain biking, cruising, touring, and casual cycling.

Of course, Giro Revel is also available with the MIPS feature. In general, getting the MIPS model is more recommended than the basic model, as MIPS is a solid safety feature. It adds a layer of protection against neck injury during an impact.

The cooling performance of Giro Revel is great. It also has 22 vents, but somehow, it is able to provide more airflow. This is probably because of the design of the outer shell, which directs more air to the top of the head. Giro Revel won’t provide as much airflow as a high-performance racing helmet, but it is more than just good enough for trail and mountain rides.

The visor deserves a thumbs-up, too. It has thicker anchors, so it will be a little better in protecting your face from branches and twigs. It is also well-placed that it won’t block your vision. The overall weight of the helmet is not increased much. Giro Revel still feels light and comfy on the head.

Giro Register vs Revel

- Full coverage shell
- Snap fit visor with reinforced anchor points
- Reflective rear decal
- In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner


Both are good bike helmets, but Giro Revel is generally better and more recommended. It comes with the Acu Dial fit system, which can be easily adjusted with a single hand. The universal size is able to fit properly on different head sizes and shapes. It also provides better airflow and cooling. Not to mention that it has more color options.

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