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Our health is very important, just as important as your safety because apparently we never know what will happen in the future including while riding your bicycle for exercising or for commuting. For those wise riders who pay attention to their safety while riding, Giro Savant Vs Atmos are two great bike helmet you can get to protect the head during the activity. Both of them are a very ideal pick for commuters but are also different and before shopping, see which model fits you the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why do you need a Helmet while Cycling
– What are Giro Savant and Atmos
– What Giro Savant and Atmos Look Like
– What Giro Savant and Atmos are Constructed With
– What else Giro Savant and Atmos can Offer to You
– Are Giro Savant and Atmos Comfortable
– Giro Savant vs Atmos

Bike Helmet
Many of us don’t bother to buckle up when driving and while it is indeed dangerous when bad things like accident happened, we also admit that sometimes it is a hassle to use the seat belt, which is not a very wise decision at all. When trying to live healthily and move often, we decide to ride a bike once a week that gradually becomes two, three, and finally replacing the car for daily commuting with a hybrid bike or a more compact folding bike.

Bicycling is a very fun activities and in fact, not only children love it but also adults who wished to improve their body fitness and be more energized throughout the day. With our society becoming more aware about lifestyle related health problems, the more people are seeking a way to exercise their body and riding a bike is one of the best options. Not only we will move and sweat more, we can also use it as a transportation method from your house to the office or work site.

For a city riders we can choose the hybrid bike just to be more versatile without sacrificing any of its benefits or if you are also using public transportation in between, a folding bike like Dahon Mariner D7 Vs Speed D7 are a very ideal option to go because we can fold them into a compact form while riding the train or bus. We are free to choose whatever bike type to ride but make sure it suits your application so we can ride with more ease.

What can’t be forgotten when deciding to be a bike riders everywhere is the helmet because safety first is a rule of thumb we have to keep our faith on. Just like motorbike riders, we cyclist also need one and it is because of the same reason. We are sure none of us want to get brain trauma due to impact may happen to our head during an accident. Not only it sounds painful, it may also cause concussion or open skull fracture.

Choosing the most suitable helmet is just as important as choosing the right bike for your application and it should be based on the function. Taken from Active there are Road helmets is loved by many because of its lightweight nature and much ventilation. Mountain bike helmets are chosen because they have more protection, mostly has nice looks, and a visor to keep our eyes wary of those shaded trails. For a more serious riders, there are dedicated helmets for Time Trial and Triathlon which build centered on aerodynamics.

About Giro Savant and Atmos
If you are committing to a new life and want to be active by cycling everyday for commuting, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer for the bike helmet because there are so many of them out there. With how cycling has become very popular today also play a huge role on how many products being offered by companies and while all of them have to meet certain standards, it is still great to choose based on the features or your personal preference.

Among those many bike helmet manufacturers in the market, Giro is one of the best options for a good helmet which is made to be both functional and comfortable because it is something we have to wear for more than 5 minutes. This brand is also continue upgrading their products to meet the demand of their customers and making good helmet even better with some improvements to attract both older users who already have an experience with their helmet and new cyclist who want to pay attention to safety.

We also like the fact that they are offering various products options on the catalogue for bike helmet so then we can choose based on what we need from the unit as well as the budget since it is also a very necessary part to consider when shopping. For those who are cycling inside an urban area or for commuting, two great models from the brand are Savant and Atmos helmet which is very similar in a glance but are actually different.

The Atmos is already upgraded into Atmos II but the one we are talking about today is the original model which is surprisingly more expensive than the original. Atmos II, however, also made with different carbon or composite for the internal reinforcements and now have polycarbonate reinforcements to allow the more affordable price point. As for the Savant, this popular helmet is Giro’s entry level model that is made to be an all-rounder or good at many aspects but also budget friendly.

Giro Savant and Atmos Design
From the outside, both of Giro Savant and Atmos are very similar to each other and in a glance they are looking like exactly the same helmet but have different fashion option. Overall, they are indeed retaining the same design and while Savant is an entry-level model from the brand, the fact that it is made to mimic the more expensive families is making it a great choice for many cyclists. They used to be available in various sizes from Small to Extra Large but since they have been discontinued, it is hard to find the complete collection anymore.

They felt sturdy and very comfortable when fitted perfectly but when you carry them both, it seems that Atmos is slightly lighter in general than Savant. They have a similar amount of vents but as you can see on the sample pictures above, the Atmos helmet is offering a wider windows which may affect both the height and performance later.

Giro Savant and Atmos Material
One of the first thing to notice when shopping for a new bike helmet is the material because while all of them are claiming to meet certain standards, we still have to at least know a bit from what material they are made. In this side, Savant which is made to resemble many of Giro’s higher end helmets is made or constructed from EPS and polycarbonate just like many expensive models out there that saving the weight and adding the durability.

It will also provide you with the same level of protection for a lower price but there is indeed quite a bit of exposed EPS foam and it means the helmet will be susceptible to accidental knocks. For the Atmos, as it has been mentioned above the helmet which is like the replica of Lance Armstrong’s model is made with carbon fiber lateral reinforcements and this carbon bits creates a frame around in which the seamless polystyrene and micro shell in-mold is added.

Giro Savant and Atmos Adjustment Features
From the features part, both of them are very similar to each other and we also can’t find a high-end features like MIPS such as those in Aether but these two indeed have a good adjustability thanks to the Roc Loc 5 retention system which is used to adjust the 3 positions of height adjustment and one of the easiest micro-dial to use. However, the webbing straps are quite difficult to adjust yet the rear webbing attachment and adjustable Y-buckles do help in terms of adjustability.

In addition Giro Savant and Atmos also have chin strap to keep your helmet in place but the length is considered too short for some users and the adjustable ear dividers are also considered too short as well by some riders.

Giro Savant and Atmos Comfort
The last most important part when looking for a bike helmet is the comfort for it is hard to ride with something that will make your head hurts. Thankfully both of these helmets are very comfortable to use despite in comparison Atmos is more comfortable for most people. The difference may not only relying on weight but is also padding because even though Savant is nicely padded, the latter turns out to be better. Atmos is sitting flat and free our head from unnecessary pressure while the more vents do provide breeze while pedaling.

Now, let’s compare Giro Savant with Atmos. As you may already know, both of them are a good helmets to go but are made with different materials with Atmos being slightly lighter and in construction also have more and bigger vents compared to Savant (25 vs 26). In application Atmos is also rated as a more comfortable helmet than Savant but it doesn’t make Savant an uncomfortable bike at all for our head shapes may vary from one user to another.

Giro Savant vs Atmos

- Authentic style and performance, with unmatched value
- Roc Loc 5 Fit System
- Wind tunnel ventilation with 25 vents
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Wind Tunnel Ventilation - 26 huge vents with fully optimized channeling
- Roll Cage technology
- Internal webbing attachment
- In-mold Composite Reinforcement

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and it is always best to get the one that fits your taste and budget the most. Between the two, Giro Savant is a best budget with reliable performance for those who want to save some more.

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