Giro Savant vs Foray


Again, we talk about helmet that always becomes the safety icon. Having helmet for riding your bike is a good investment to your own self. Because using a right helmet meaning you care about your safety while riding your bike.
Helmet is not just an accessory, but also a purposes tool to keep your head safe from any risk including bump and hit that may happen along your journey with your bike. But sometimes you can’t really decide which kind of helmet will suit you.

There are so many kinds of helmet based on the price and the specs. Each helmet is having a different purpose, so you should first understand and decide what your need is. Did you bike for a professional activity or just for having fun and not for a very long distance, you should decide it first.

Then, you should search for the specification of each helmet you want to buy in order to know if the helmet fulfilling your needs. So that, we will discuss about two products of helmet that are popular among the bikers, to know which one is better.

There are two helmets that are popular, and the both helmet is coming from the same brand. There are Giro Savant and Giro Foray. Both products are having a great review based on the users. And you will see the great rating at the some online marketplace and review forum. See also: Giro Trinity vs Foray.

To help you know both products better, in this article will be compare the two products. We will compare about the specification of the product, the style, weight many other aspect that we should know before buying this products.

First, we should know about the specification of both products. Even this product is come from the same factory, but it sure has different type that also means that both product have different specification and feature.

First here is the specification of Giro Savant based on the factory claim, and we have talk about the Giro Savant in some previous article. Here are the specifications:
• Authentic style and performance, with unmatched value
• Roc Loc 5 Fit System
• Wind tunnel ventilation with 25 vents – In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
• Super fit engineering

The specification is clear that this helmet is designed aiming the comfortable feeling for the users. And below is the specification of the Giro Foray:
• Shell Material: in-mold polycarbonate
• Impact Foam: EPS
• Ventilation: 21 vents
• Fit Adjustment: Roc Loc 5
• Visor: no
After talking about the specification of each product, here are some user’s reviews about both features of the product:

• This helmet is fit perfectly in some of the users head.
• It looks strong enough to protect from crash
• Comfortable to wear for a long bike
• Great fit, sleek design and, have great safety features!
• Lots of air vents keeps the head cool when riding.

The thin lining gets many users hair stuck inside.

• Well ventilated and suitable for the summer
• Very light so you feel like using no helmet at all.
• Can be use for any biking type, even for your daily bike routine
• The price and the quality is just perfect.
• Fits comfortably, easy to adjust, and very light and compact so it’s very easy to stow away.

No one of the users say something cons about the Foray’s Features. So, it may be means that this product’s feature is just amazing.

We have talked about this matter in previous part; it is one of the advantages of the helmet. The ventilation of a helmet is something that we should understand and consider. Without proper ventilation, you may not be able to get a great biking experience.

As we know, that helmet is something attach to our head. And head is need to breath and get enough air. So that we need to get the best helmet with a great ventilation, to get our head and hair stay healthy.

Many helmets is not giving the best ventilation system and made the head feel so hot and it can effect to your hair health and the comfortable feeling during your cycling activity. But the two helmet come rom Giro, the Giro Savant and Giro Foray is incredibly design the ventilation system that loved by many users.

The two products is having great ventilation system, even the Giro Savant is having much more ventilation that will keep your head cool. But both products can be categorized as a good product in the term of ventilation.

Next is the weight. Weight of the product is most important thing the users care about. Because you will attach this thin on your head, of course you need to get the most comfortable weight of the helmet. And usually each helmet has their ideal weight.

The Giro Savant is having the 2 lb weight while the Giro Foray Having 1.4 Lb. it can be seen that the two products is having a differences of the weight. For you who like the light weight helmet, the giro Foray is the best choice.

But both products are can be considered as a light weight helmet on their class. Even some users say that Giro Savant is having a heavy weight compare to the price. Because many helmet with that price is having a much lighter weight.
So, in conclusion we can say that each helmet have their specific specs that sure are different one another even they come from same factory. And if you need to buy new helmet or you just want to buy one; you need to very careful in considering your own needs.

Giro Savant vs Foray

- Authentic style and performance, with unmatched value
- Roc Loc 5 Fit System
- Wind tunnel ventilation with 25 vents
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Streamlined Design
- Plush interior
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS Liner
- Giro Foray Helmet Matte White Silver Size Large

Every helmet is having their own function and purpose so you need to know the specs first than compare it with your purpose of riding. And other important thing you need to consider is about the budget you have. After considering all the things, it is sure easy to decide which helmet will suits you best.

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