Giro Synthe vs Aether


Cycling is an interesting hobby that performed by many people. This is a fun activity that requires standard safety equipment. Therefore, it is common to get a cycling helmet to help protect the head. Mainly if any accident happens, it will secure the head from any bumped. However, some people still confuse when need to decide to buy a suitable helmet. Such as selecting between Giro Synthe or Aether. Especially a professional rider that will need it for road cycling adventure and racing. If you wish to get more details in comparison to both products, take a look at the below explanation first.

An Overview
Giro Synthe and Aether comes from the same brand, Giro. This brand is specializing in making a road cycling helmet with various versions and colors. As leading head protection, especially for cycling racing, earlier Giro introduces Giro Synthe with its conventional design, and at the moment it announces Aether as their latest innovation and improvement. See also: Giro Synthe vs Savant.

In case you need to decide which one is better between those two innovations, the paragraphs below explain more on their difference and capabilities too.

Giro Synthe and Aether have a slightly different material. If we specifically look at Giro Synthe, we will find out that Giro Synthe made of in-mold polycarbonate skeleton completed with EPS impact foam. Meanwhile, Aether has slightly different material. Aether added elastomer and more potential to exposed to Bisphenol A.

Therefore, material warning and caution are provided whenever people plan to buy the product. However, whether Giro Synthe or Aether, both are made of quite comfortable material so that the user will experience a better feeling when racing with this helmet.

Concerning the product specification, both also have different specifications. Giro Synthe completed with 26 vents while Aether has only 11 vents. In terms of ventilation, both have wind tunnel vents with internal channeling.

Furthermore, coming from the same brand making each product is legally certificated by the CPSC bicycle. Giro Synthe fit system is using Roc Loc 5 Air, while Aether also brings the same technology unless it also added with air.

In terms of dimension, both have the same size, 14 x 9 x 7 inches, but they have a different weight. Design with the latest innovation that slimmer and lighter, Aether weight is only 1-pound compare with Giro Synthe that weight up to 1.38 pounds.

Looking at the specific features created for the helmet, both have their specialized feature that not exactly the same. Giro Synthe completed with the features of Air Roc Loc, MIPS, in-mold construction, and thermoformed roll cage.

Each has specific advantages for the users including to bring a good cooling system but still within the allowable safety performance.

The difference features with Aether. As an innovation, this product offers the same interesting technologies with Giro Synthe. Unless Aether also includes features of aura reinforcing arch, deep internal channeling, progressive layering, up to eyewear docking ports. However, this product no longer has a thermoformed feature.

When we compare the design of each helmet, both are having a different specific design. We can see that Giro Synthe has a classic model with a slim design and give extra coverage at the back. While looking at the Aether, the design is more new and aerodynamic. Of course, Aether has the latest design innovation since it is introduced after Giro Synthe.

Furthermore, Aether design brings more cooling power to the user. Therefore, anyone who wishes for the latest model will prefer Aether than Giro Synthe.

Moreover, the construction model of the products is also quite different. This is something that can easily see when people look at the products at the same time. Giro Synthe brings in mold construction completed with thermoformed roll cage reinforcement.

While when looking at Aether, it has in mold construction too but added with EPS liner and progressive layering. Plus, Aether has six pieces of polycarbonate hardbody shell and aura reinforcing arch. Making Aether has a more complete improvement in construction compared with Giro Synthe.

According to the retail price of each product, Giro Synthe will cost around 200 USD. This price varies and depends on the color of the helmet.

One tone color will cost cheaper than the combination color. If you’re looking for performance, then a single color will bring you an economical price. But, if a certain color is your favorite, you might need to pay several dollars more.

The different ways with Aether that cost more expensive and requires up to 300 USD to get it. This makes Aether is more exclusive than Giro Synthe.

This higher price is due to additional features in Aether and a more breathable design. Making Aether not only a new racing helmet to choose, but also bring more capabilities and advantages. However, each color of Aether will cost you the same number. Hence, there is no economic way to get this version.

Giro Synthe vs Aether

- Roc Loc Air Fit System
- 26 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling
- Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- 6-piece shell
- Progressive EPS foam layering
- MIPS Spherical, a reimagined version of the MIPS system
- Aura reinforcing arch for Giro's widest vents yet

From the comparison above, it can conclude that both are the same best option when you’re looking at suitable helmet value for money. Coming from the same mother brand, both are bringing a good safety capability and comfortable design. Giro Synthe suitable for those who love a classic design and have limited budget. But in case you wish for a modern design with more features, then Aether is a good choice.

As a result, this will impact on more cost to get this latest product. Therefore, whenever you plan to buy a helmet, then you need to spare more budget for Aether.

By choosing a suitable helmet, it will help to bring a safety road racing helmet with an optimum price. Giro is one of the best brands to select. Either Giro Synthe or Aether, both will bring you a great racing experience together with. Therefore, make your mind and properly decide before selecting and consider the price to get the product. Hence, you will be able to get a suitable product as your expectations and meet with your available budget too.

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