Giro Trinity vs Foray


Helmet is always being the most things we need to consider before we decide which one is our choice. Because helmet is the most things that will keep us save while cycling. Helmet is keep our head save from any crash and hit. So, we need to carefully choose which helmet is suits you.

There are so many brand of helmet in the market that you can choose. And the helmet is having own specification. You should understand well your own need and what specification you want in a helmet. Because, you can’t buy something that are not fulfilling your need so you need to be very careful. See also: Cygolite Expilion 800 vs Niterider Lumina 700.

As we know that there are so many helmet that we can choose, we will help you to decide which helmet is suits you. In this article, we will compare about two helmets that coming from same factory. They are Giro Trinity and Giro Foray.

Both helmets are a good helmet based on some user’s review, and in this article we will compare about the differences between them two. Such as the feature, the ventilation and many more that we should know before deciding your right helmet.

The first thing we will compare is the specification of each product. Even both product is coming from same factory, but it sure some differences of the specification because the designer is designing both helmet may be in a different purpose.

First is the specification of the Giro Trinity. This helmet is also popular and gets a good review from many bikers. And here are the specification based on the factory claim:

  • Features: Full coverage shell; Reflective rear decal
  • Construction: In-Mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Fit System: Acu Dial™
  • Ventilation: 22 vents
  • Size: Universal Fit 54-61cm

As you see that the specification is telling us that this helmet is good enough to use in your daily cycling activity.

The next is Giro Foray, that we actually had been talk about before. And also we have talked about the specifications of the helmet on some article previously. But here are the specification based on the factory claim:

  • Shell Material: in-mold polycarbonate
  • Impact Foam: EPS
  • Ventilation: 21 vents
  • Fit Adjustment: Roc Loc 5
  • Visor: no

So, can you see the difference? Is there any big difference between the two products? It looks like there are only the ventilation systems that have slight differences.

So, after talking about all the specification, we may understand that actually both products is not that different. Both products is having a great feature in their class. And both products is seems good and comfortable to use daily. We can see that the material is strong enough to keep our head save. And also it is hard shells that are not easily crash while other thing may hit us. For example when we are got into an accident, it is sure that the polycarbonate will keep you from any head and brain damage.

If we talk about the comfortable matter about helmet, actually there is no certain point of the criteria of helmet to be called as comfort helmet. But what we can call as comfortable is when the helmet is fit the head perfectly with minimal pressure point. But sometimes, someone’s head shape is not as perfect as it should be, so it is often too hard to get the right helmet for someone.

But, generally, as we see from the specification, the both helmet should be comfortable to wear for anyone. Because we can see that the size is a universal size that will fit to anyone with any head size. Even the fit adjustment system is different, but both system of the helmet is great and will comfortably use to fit your head to the helmet.

Also, the padding is good to give you a great experience while using the helmet without the minimal pressure to your head. So, you don’t need to worry about if the shell will hurt your head because it hard and the helmet is attach to your head. Also, both helmets are looks like cover all the area of your head.

Next aspect we will discuss about is the ventilation of both products. Because you will wear the helmet in any condition and any weather while you are riding your bike, you sure need a good ventilation system.

Many products don’t giving good ventilation for the user. But as we can see that the Giro Trinity and the Giro Foray is giving you a great ventilation system. While the Giro Trinity is having 22 vents, the Giro Foray is Having 21 vents. So it is more than enough to keep your head cool and comfortable.

So, it means that both products offering good ventilation system that make you even more comfortable while wearing this helmet. Because you need to keep your head and hair healthy, so you should choose the best ventilation system.

Other thing we should also consider about is the weight of the helmet. As we know, wearing a helmet is like we carrying something on the head. So, with a good weight, we won’t be hurt. But if we choose something that is too heavy, it may hurt our neck and may affect the other part of the body.

Based on the products information, the Giro Trinity is having weight about 300 grams, while the Giro Foray is a little less, that is 270 grams. It is not very big differences between the weights of the two products.

It is meaning that both products is having an idea weight to be attach on your head. It looks like you will totally forget that you are wearing a helmet because it so light and.

Giro Trinity vs Foray

- Universal Fit Sizes: UA 21.25"-24"/54-61cm
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Full-coverage shell
- Refective rear decal
- Streamlined Design
- Plush interior
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS Liner
- Giro Foray Helmet Matte White Silver Size Large

So, at the end, we can conclude that the helmet is something important to wear while we are riding a bike. And also, we should understand everything about products before we buy one. Especially the Giro Trinity and Giro Foray, both products is a good product so, it is up to you to choose which product will work on you.

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