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Everyone wants a healthier life and a chance of better lifestyle but instead of thinking on which gym you should enroll, why not try bicycling because it can act as transportation method as well. As a wise cyclist, one equipment we must have is helmet to protect the head from any possible impact. There are many good options out there such as Giro Trinity Vs Revel which are quite similar and versatile but before you shop for one, see if any of them suit your preference better below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing Bicycle
– How to Shop for Bicycle Helmet
– What are Giro Trinity and Revel
– What Giro Trinity and Revel Look Like
– What Giro Trinity and Revel are made of
– How are the Fitting System of Giro Trinity and Revel
– How are the Comfort Level of Giro Trinity and Revel
– Giro Trinity vs Revel

Bicycle Helmet
All of us know that taking care of our body is not enough by just eating healthy and getting proper rest because in addition we also have to move or exercise to stay fit and far from most lifestyle-related diseases. The idea of being active may differ from one mind to each other and it is fine to follow what click better in your mind rather than just following the trend in which you may lose interest a few weeks later.

If the idea of spending time inside a gym room doesn’t sound fun, you may want to try bicycling because this piece of transportation equipment is not only require energy to move forward but also allow you to arrive at a destination. Many cities, mostly in developed countries are friendlier to cyclists and beside the health benefits and cutting the emission we used to produce when driving a car, we personally love bicycling because of its less stressing effect compared to riding public transportation or driving a car.

With bicycle, not only it will make you sweat, prevent cognitive decline as we age but taken from Independent it will also keep us away from congested and packed road in which often tired our mind even more when going back from the office. With a bicycle, we can choose smaller road to avoid congestion, find many new and more interesting route as well as see what exactly happens around you. It is both fun and relaxing at the same time.

Shopping for Bicycle Helmet
If you already set a goal to be more active and want to try commuting with the bicycle, now is the time to shop for the gear you need because we assumed you already have the bike whether it is a full size or a more convenient folding bike and one gear all of us must have and wear is bike helmet. After considering how much budget we can spend, the next step is fit and comfort and before you shop, it is good to measure the head first.

This measurement is good for sizing options in which most model placed inside the helmet. Next is the vents because despite the preference of riding “cool”, vents do play an important role whether your place is warm or cold so we should choose accordingly. In addition, if you are also riding at night or there are many dark roads in your place, make sure to look for those that can reflect light to be more visible in the dark.

About Giro Trinity and Revel
Bicycling is a very fun and healthy activity to both spend some of your leisure time and replace the car or public transportation everyday; it is both good for us and for the earth. However, since safety is the most important part to consider, we also have to wear protective gear and at least helmet to prevent more harmful injury in case we slip and fall. After considering the necessary parts to notice, we should shop based on your personal preference.

Since there are lots of them out there, we should choose carefully and while it will be time consuming, it is necessary to get the perfect match. Among those many big companies that offer bicycle helmet, Giro is the choice of many people and as a proud U.S. company, they are always offering reliable and innovative products for their consumers. In fact, not only bike gears, they also produce other gears for Snowboarding as well so if you love the activity, this name will be very familiar too.

Giro is designing and manufacturing bicycle helmets but since there are more than a pair of options, it can be hard to decide which one we want to bring home yet, for road cyclist who pay attention to safety and comfort, the Trinity and Revel are two nice options to go with. Both of them are very similar and can be used for anyone who are riding their bikes inside the city but are also different because the latter seems to be mimicking a mountain bike.

We are not talking about a hybrid model since the Revel is for road use and is not as capable if compared to a real mountain bike helmet but the additional front panel or visor indeed makes it look like one. In general, almost everything you can find on the more popular Trinity is also available on the other helmet and this makes everything more complicated. For starters, they are equally shaped and equally have the same Acu Dial fit system on the back.

Giro Trinity and Revel Design
However, things are different when you put them side by side because as you can see on the sample picture above, the Revel helmet is coming with additional visor at the front which can be removed when needed. However, the helmet will be very identical when you put this visor away despite the different Acu Dial version. On the weight, they feel like around the same as lightweight but, when measured properly, Revel is just a few grams heavier and it can easily go unnoticed in application.

If you ever use Atmos that full comparison can be checked on our Giro Savant Vs Atmos, both of them are quite similar in design and more like the beefed up of the other popular helmet. Considering the affordable option, it is understandable to see there is less flaring in both of them and it is probably to keep the production cost low. The vents seems adequate and there are lots of spacing in between to keep your head cool during pedaling.

Giro Trinity and Revel Material and Build
Similar to many affordable bike helmets out there, both of Giro Trinity and Revel are also made and designed with in-Mold construction to help creating a very sturdy shell but without weighing your head uncomfortably. The in-Mold construction is fusing a tough polycarbonate outer shell and with these helmets’ impact absorbing foam liner as well. This system allows Giro to make or sculpt better ventilation systems and overall more comfortable for more users compared to our older helmets with traditional construction.

Giro Trinity and Revel Fitting System
In the past, bike helmet are hard to adjust and only comes with chin strap to secure them properly above our head but as Giro introduce the Roc Loc fit system back then in 1994, now we can’t live without one. While the shape of the fit system placed in both helmets look different, they are using the same Acu Dial which is a little similar to the mentioned fitting system and the company has already patented these systems so we can only see one on a Giro helmet.

What makes Acu Dial is preferred over the other is the fact that it uses a circle dial to adjust the head tension. To do so, we should press the button on top of each dial and use the thumb to move the dial clockwise to tighten or counter to loosen the fit. As we put and remove from the head after done with the activity, we should adjust it again and the best fit shouldn’t be too tight or loose but following each individual preference.

Giro Trinity and Revel Giro Trinity and Revel Comfort
The last and still important part to consider when looking for bike helmet is the comfort level because while Giro Trinity and Revel can’t satisfy everybody, many of us are actually find them to be much more comfortable than many similar models in the same price range. When properly tightened, these helmet doesn’t fall and move an inch from our head and the chin strap which is ratchet clasp instead of simple clip add much stability without restricting our head too much.

To give you a more comfortable riding, these helmets have the same amount of vents counting at 22 and despite having smaller windows with greater space in between, they do provide an adequate of breeze while riding and even though the weight of these two doesn’t actually considered light compared to performance helmets, they are fine and still nice for daily commuting.

Comparing Giro Trinity and Revel are similar to comparing two identical brother because they are too similar to each other and in our opinion, what set them apart prominently is you will get the removable visor with Giro Revel in which is not present in Trinity. Weight and design wise they are the same and even have the same fitting system just in different version yet still use in the same manner.

Giro Trinity vs Revel

- Roc Loc Sport fit system
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
- Refective rear decal
- Snap-ft visor with reinforced anchors

We are sure readers can already decide which model to go because when comparing identical items, we tend to go for the cheaper option and currently, Giro Trinity is almost half as affordable as Revel and if you want to save some more, we highly recommend this helmet.

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