Kask Mojito vs Valegro


It is safe to say that you are flummoxed, hoodwinked, obfuscated, or generally confused by which Kask helmet should you purchase? Uplifting news for you then since we have attempted to compare two models of Kask helmets; Kask Mojito vs Valegro. So, we thought the time had come to contrast them with the assistance you pick.

Helmets are no uncertainty a sensitive thing, and what works for one may not work for another. However, the proposals in this article may decrease the number of helmets you should take a stab at. It is just once you have distinguished a safe and agreeable fit that you ought to think about extra highlights. Wind current, ventilation, low loads, streamlined features, and style are on the whole components to consider.

Kask is one of the best helmet companies that have a relationship with Team Sky. It has no uncertainty assisted with the Italian organization’s perceivability and business achievement as of late. Numerous individuals from the bicycling community have utilized Kask helmets and keeping in mind that various models were referenced by different people.

In this article, it is like a straightforward idea; we pick the most significant components of a helmet such as weight, comfort, ventilation or cooling, style, relative worth, and extra focuses or penalties, and rank the majority of the helmets from most noticeably terrible to best. The most noteworthy score, by and large, successes. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the comparison below.

Kask Mojito vs Valegro: Overview
The Kask Mojito offers nearly everything that you would anticipate from a superior helmet: low weight, brilliant ventilation, extraordinary solace, and an elevated level of flexibility. The main thing that does not meet the desires is the value which, at such a high price, is half what you may anticipate from a professional level helmet. See also: Kask Protone vs Giro Synthe.

Meanwhile, Kask‘s most recent helmet, the Valegro, is the organization’s lightest and most ventilated to date. It does not supplant the air tried, yet rather supplements it at the highest point of the range.

This is a madly lightweight top, particularly when you consider the generally cumbersome calfskin chinstrap. To accomplish such a low weight, Kask made a straightforward round shape that squanders minimal material, all while cutting load at each other conceivable point.

Kask Mojito: 238 grams
Kask Valegro: 215 grams
Pleasant, simple, and quantifiable classification to begin with. These are Australian standard helmets, normally heavier than the remainder of the world as a result of their one of a kind laws, burdened the kitchen scales. Every one of them is marginally above producer claims. In the weight department, Valegro wins. Mojito sacks a decent second.

After cautious pondering, it must be the Mojito. The lash maintenance framework is delicate for the back of your head, and the meager yet ample cushioning through the shell is stunning. The Valegro apparently has a similar maintenance framework as other helmets released by Kask which is about contact with your head.

The Valegro depends on flimsy cushioning strips running front-to-back. It is not a lot of cushioning generally speaking but rather the contact fix with your head is isolated crosswise over it all around.

Looks matter, particularly at the higher price points where purchasers need some style in them on a very basic level weak froth bike helmet. The Valegro scores well for its moderation and smoothness. The latter spot is taken by the Mojito. It feels somewhat dated in 2019 on the grounds that it looks a lot like the old helmet Kask released back in 2012.

Ventilation and Cooling
The Valegro kills the challenge with the most and the biggest vents. Its insignificant cushioning upgrades to the cooling, however, lessens the solace a bit. Mojito comes in just short of the leader. It is very astonishing how much air travels through the Mojito given what a small number of vents there are, the point at which you are moving at a not too bad speed. The Mojito is better at dispersing heat upwards. Consequently, it is better on hot days and at lower speeds.

Relative Value
We have picked relative value as an approach to include value or execution proportion and the present market rates to get them. Successfully, it is a method to adjust how great the cap is contrasted with the amount you pay for it at the present time. This is not correct science. However, we will try our best to clarify it.
– Kask Mojito: It is at the costly finish of the mid-level market section and that makes it unremarkable dollar-for-dollar
– Kask Valegro: It has been accessible for around a year and a half and costs are still high

Extra Points or Penalties
We will distribute some reward and penalty focus on the grounds that specific temperance and disadvantages do not fit neatly into the classes above. Along these lines, here we go:
– Kask Valegro: Additional point for having the best shades stockpiling you have ever found in a helmet
– Kask Mojito: Additional point for intelligent dabs on the back

Kask Mojito vs Valegro

- Handmade in Italy - crafted with the worlds finest materials and hours of pain staking hand work
- Cooler heads prevail - 26 large air vents are arranged to optimize aerodynamics and air flow which keeps you cool
- All about fit - Kask up and down hinged adjustment system guarantees a perfect fit
- The MiT technology s a higher safety and a complete protection thanks to the polycarbonate layer on the top, base ring and back
- The tridimensional 3D Dry padding utilizes a multi-layer open cell construction process
- Hy-vent structure and design of the shell implement the air flow and break up the exchangeable heat

There you have it; the Valegro wins with a drubbing of the challenge. The Mojito was a shockingly strong second, beating its generally poor worth and unconcerned feel. Both certainly make the best bicycle helmets on the rundown.

Kask Mojito, in particular, is considered the most famous and the best pick among other Kask helmets. However, new to the Kask range, and sitting over the Mojito is the Valegro. It is the most agreeable helmet you would have utilized. It is senseless light and very breathable. All the more significantly, in contrast to any involvement with the Mojito, it functions admirably with shades and the calfskin jaw strip will not gag you.

Be that as it may, the maintenance framework has just turned out to be sloppier and a slipping wrench framework simply does not have a place in a helmet this cost. That is clearly baffling, yet not exactly a major issue in spite of the fact that it is close.

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