Kask Protone vs Giro Synthe


Active life doesn’t mean we can take safety out of it because no matter what we do, safety features are necessary to minimize possible injuries including when riding a bike. Even if you are only a daily riders, pedaling through pavement, we will still need a reliable safety gear like Kask Protone Vs Giro Synthe helmet to avoid a more serious impact when slipped off. For those who are also eyeing these models, see what they can offer below so then we can choose the best helmet.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Choosing Bicycling
– Why Wearing a Helmet
– What are Kask Protone and Giro Synthe
– What Kask Protone and Giro Synthe Look like
– Are Kask Protone and Giro Synthe Comfortable
– What Fitting System used in Kask Protone and Giro Synthe
– How Many Ventilation in Kask Protone and Giro Synthe
– Kask Protone Vs Giro Synthe

Bicycling Benefit
As people are becoming more concerned about their health, we also adopt the active lifestyle which require the person to exercise routinely or ditch the couch potato title for good. Many of us are starting to be more mindful about whatever we put in our body and combine with regular exercise to stay fit for longer and avoid lifestyle diseases like obesity which is getting worse in our modern days. One of the most fun activities you may want to try to live healthily is changing to bicycle.

Bicycle is a very useful exercise equipment or transportation method depending on which you prefer better but we can combine them to be an allover solution for packed roads and pollution which also threaten our earth. We are sure that most adults are able to ride a regular bike because chances we have learnt them before in early ages but despite how time flies, it is still one of the most fun activities to move the body, go somewhere else, and enjoy the scenery around us.

When it comes to biking as an exercise, except the kind of biking like MTB that also give us a strong sense of achievement and pumping the adrenaline for a nice refreshment, regular bicycling is already very beneficial as a cardio exercise which is good for heart health. The pedaling movement is pulling our muscle and will be beneficial to build muscle as well as strengthen your bones and improve the joints mobility so we can still be active as we age.

Bike Helmet
If you want to be more active or avoid those jammed roads whenever going or back from the office as well as friendlier to our environment, bicycling can be a very helpful alternatives to go. However, like many other activities that require us to be moving in fairly higher speed than running, safety is one of the top concerns and it included bicycling as well because we never know what will happened out there which is why it is necessary to at least wear a helmet when riding one.

The debate whether bike helmet is actually helpful for when the rider is having an accident still continues today especially those who don’t prefer to put a helmet on top of their head because road bike often doesn’t made to sustain more extreme stress. We also agree with this reasoning but if you don’t have an issue about putting one, we still see it as a good prevention to reduce any risk of head injury when there is something unwanted happens.

About Kask Protone and Giro Synthe
When purchasing a bike, we should also get the suitable helmet altogether so we can get the proper protection when riding both on road or if you prefer more extreme pedaling on loose terrains and rocks. Road bike usually have the bare minimum protection due to the level of danger we faced while doing the activity so our main attention when looking for one is usually the comfort and how it looks on top of our head because getting the one that appear nice and comfortable are not easy.

We also have a wide range of options to choose from, ranging from those priced quite affordable to those that has been improved to sustain more stress but, when talking about helmet, the two popular companies in the market today are Kask and Giro. Their name sure familiar for many riders because of their reliability and quality as well as the huge options so everyone can get the best model for their type of riding or preference and budget limit. Read also: Giro Atmos Vs Atmos II here.

For those who loves to ride safely but doesn’t want the helmet to cause discomfort or increased in temperature especially while road riding or for daily commuting, the Protone and Synthe helmet are two of the best choice to go. The former is getting more popularity because it is made in work with Team Sky which is one of the most successful pro cycling teams in the Pro Peloton so it is no wonder people are starting to gather an interest on this model as well.

On the other hand, the Synthe helmet from Giro was introduced around early 2015 sitting on top of the heads of riders from Katusha, IAM Cycling, and BMC at Tour de France while the naming itself is unique to match the character of this helmet or claimed as synthesizing all the features we want in a high-performance road helmet. Seeing the promise, we do hope to get a lightweight helmet, a breeze to ride with, have a good fit, as well as offering aerodynamic efficiency.

Kask Protone and Giro Synthe Design
The reason why Kask Protone and Giro Synthe are often compared to each other and loved by many is because they are in the same range of semi-aero helmet which can be a great choice for any road riders who look for style and breezy helmet. Style might be very personal but we do think that they are equally stylish and look good on top of our head without being too flat or making it look like a mushroom.

These two are almost identical in terms of design and look but the Synthe is also featured with rubber sunglass grippers while Protone is not. As you can see on the sample picture above, both of them are extensively vented to provide better air circulation and while Giro claimed that its design is nearly as fast as the fastest time trial helmets, the lack of wind tunnel makes it not very convincing.

Kask Protone and Giro Synthe Comfort
As helmets that boast the comfort level, it is also one of the most important reasons when looking for this skull protection equipment and what’s good is that they are equally comfortable yet, we also agree that Protone is padding its internal parts quite much so those who tend to have issue about pressure point may want to pay attention to its comfort level. Kask claimed that they used 5MM thick 3D Dry multilayer open cell padding which is already antimicrobial treated as well as perforated to reduce skin contact.

This padding is very plush and we don’t have any issue on the comfort level except for the circumferential strap which bend near the temples and create pressure points. Kask Protone and Giro Synthe are lightweight as well measured about 215 grams and 268 grams with the former being slightly lighter so we don’t feel any uncomfortable weight pressing the head. Giro succeed in making Synthe a very comfortable helmet despite the slight padding since it sit directly on top of the skull, even better with its circumferential tensioning wrapping around the head.

Kask Protone and Giro Synthe Fitting System
Like any other helmets, the fitting system will play an important part in deciding how these two will be perfectly installed on top of our head and in general, the Roc Loc 5 which we can found on many Giro helmets including this Synthe is very similar with Octo Fit retention system offered by Kask Protone. Both of them are very easy to use and providing a wide range of fitting adjustment. With Giro, we can turn the small dial at the rear to make circumferential adjustment.

It is then combined with about 2cm of fore and aft adjustment to let user position the helmet properly. With Protone, the occipital pads will move vertically and laterally while the rotary dial will tightens a headband that won’t foul the glasses. For a better fit, it is also combined with comfortable eco leather chinstrap to keep everything securely in place.

Kask Protone and Giro Synthe Ventilation
As for the ventilation, both of Kask Protone and Giro Synthe are coming with different amount of extensive vents counting at 20 and 26 vents respectively. This amount of ventilation does work well if you often experience the common helmets to be warming at certain moments. These two are specifically made to let the user ride with breezy wind going through the helmet and they do works well yet in comparison, the Synthe with more vents and few millimeters of space between the head and EPS shell works better.

These two helmets are the choice for anyone who wants to ride cool and at a faster speed since they are equally designed to be semi-aero but, there are also some differences as well more importantly on the amount of vents and fitting system because Giro Synthe is cooling the rider’s head better and it seems that the fitting system Roc Loc 5 suit more riders than how Kask designed their Protone helmet.

Kask Protone vs Giro Synthe

- Handmade in Italy - crafted with the worlds finest materials and hours of pain staking hand work
- All about fit - Kask octofit adjustment system guarantees a perfect fit
- Lightweight comfort - weighs just 270G, utilizes CoolMax padding and eco-leather Chinstrap
- Integrated innovation - includes adjustable visor, built in go Pro mount, and goggle holder
- 26 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling
- Roc Loc Air Fit System
- Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement
- In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner

All in all, helmet should be comfortable as well besides safe and either of them may suit your application but if we are to choose, the Synthe from Giro is a better option because it is more comfortable with less padding and cooler while being used when riding especially at lower speed.

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