Kask Protone vs Mojito


Both Kask Protone and Mojito are top tier helmets that are famous among cyclists. Kask helmets are all manufactured in Italy and always have high quality standards. Some of the most famous Kask products are Protone, Vertigo and Mojito helmet models.

Kask often seen being worn by cyclists for going up and down in the country such as Tour winning Team Sky. We’re sure everyone would be pleased by these helmets with their stunning designs and various color options. You can ride in style with these helmets.

But, we’re here to tell you which one of these helmets is superior to the other. Let’s start with the reviews.

Kask Protone
Kask Protone’s design is one of the best helmets we’ve ever seen. It looks gorgeous and classy. Last time we checked, there are 17 colors available to choose. They really want you to look really good wearing this helmet. It’s very lightweight with only 230 grams, you will feel like you’re not wearing anything on top of your head.

The shape can really fit on your head, some people described the helmet like a beanie, from the way it encompassed their heads. It can reach low at both front side and back side.

The adjustment system is great and simple. The arms of the cradle fasten the inside of the helmet. The polystyrene inside is expanded at your temples and again at the rear. That’s where you get the most of height adjustment. There is a lot more adjustments you can do to make the helmet 100% fit on your head.

Another thing worth mentioning about the strap is that the chin strap isn’t simply a continuation of the upper straps. This makes the strap always sit flat and more comfortably. Also, the chin strap is made from eco leather, easy to clean. The inner padding is also removable and replaceable.

The vents are very effective, they can regulate warm air and let cool air in. There is a good amount of airflow across the top of your head. The vents keep your head cool and less sweaty on the road. You can wear this helmet during hot days and it will keep the humidity low to keep you going.

Kask always boast about their vents design. They use computational fluid dynamics software to have the best efficiency when it comes to aerodynamic, drag coefficients and comfort.

There is a nice anchor points for your eyewear, using the vents you can secure your eyewear when not wearing them. They’re pretty secure and tight up there.

Overall, Kask Protone is definitely a premium helmet. Priced at $249, this helmet won’t disappoint anyone. Kask claims that Protone is handmade in Italy, from the world’s finest materials and hours of meticulous hand work. And of course, it has been wind tunnel tested. From comfort to performance, Kask Protone can hold its ground.

Kask Mojito
Kask Mojito is a helmet that was once worn by the likes of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. Kask Mojito was Team Sky’s helmet of choice back in 2012 to 2014 and it’s really not a surprise. See also: Kask Mojito vs Valegro.

Kask Mojito has everything that you’ll need from a high-performance helmet, lightweight, great ventilation, great comfort and versatile adjustability. And the best thing is, Kask Mojito is much more affordable at $169 compared to Kask Protone. Kask Mojito also available in a wide range of colors that you can choose.

There are 26 air vents surrounding the helmet, they do an excellent job at letting cool air in from the front and getting rid of hot air from the back. Riding on hot days should feel like a breeze is flowing on top of your head and keep you going.

As great as the vents are, you can’t really compare them to other pricier helmets. But this means, you can use Kask Mojito in cooler conditions without feeling like your head is about to freeze. That’s actually a real problem with helmets with too many ventilations.

Kask Mojito is very comfortable. It can fit all types of head with no problems. It can sit securely and comfortably on your head. That being said Kask Mojito will fit better on people with wider heads.

Anyway, the comfort is produced by the slim padding and the read dial adjustment system. The padding is very soft and flexible. The adjustment system can be rotated up and down to make sure that the back of your head is 100% secured.

The straps are made of two different kinds of materials. The parts around your ears are made from a standard nylon, most commonly used on other helmet straps. And the parts underneath your chin is from an artificial leather. Kask claims that artificial leather is used to increase comfort.

Another important thing to mention, there is a warning issued regarding this product by Amazon. Apparently Kask Mojito can expose you to some kind of chemicals including Bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. It’s important to remember this before you buy this helmet.

Kask Protone vs Mojito

- Handmade in Italy - crafted with the worlds finest materials and hours of pain staking hand work
- Wind tunnel tested - the protone boasts the lowest drag co-efficient of any ventilated helmet available
- All about fit - Kask octofit adjustment system guarantees a perfect fit
- Lightweight comfort - weighs just 230G and uses 3D Dry padding and eco-leather Chinstrap
- Handmade in Italy - crafted with the worlds finest materials and hours of pain staking hand work
- Cooler heads prevail - 26 large air vents are arranged to optimize aerodynamics and air flow which keeps you cool
- All about fit - Kask up and down hinged adjustment system guarantees a perfect fit
- Lightweight comfort - weighs just 220G and uses 3D Dry padding and eco-leather Chinstrap

Both helmets are great and while Kask Protone is more current, it’s also more expensive. Kask Mojito is more affordable with around $80 price gap but the helmet itself is kind of old by now. It received recognition back in 2012 to 2014 and replaced by another helmet. If you’re looking for something cheaper, Kask Mojito is a solid choice.

But we have to choose Kask Protone as the winner of this battle. Yes, it’s more expensive but the design is more current and will last for years to come. The extra price will definitely worth it, knowing how good the build quality is and it’s handmade too. You won’t need any other helmets for a very long time. Besides Kask Mojito has that weird warning about a dangerous chemical, we don’t want to risk anything.

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