Kask Protone vs POC Octal


Bicycling is fun and a healthy activity to stay active or if your city is friendly to cyclists, we can even use them as a transportation method. However, one thing we can’t forget when being a cyclist is the safety and it means we have to wear the proper helmet such as the popular Kask Protone Vs POC Octal. Both of them are made from high quality material and very comfortable to wear but before shopping, see which fits you the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a Bike Helmet
– What are Kask Protone and POC Octal
– What Kask Protone and POC Octal Look Like
– What Kask Protone and POC Octal are made of
– How are the Fitting of Kask Protone and POC Octal
– Are Kask Protone and POC Octal Comfortable
– Kask Protone vs POC Octal

Bicycling and Helmet
Everybody wants to stay healthy because this will affect how we enjoy our life and even though you have money to spend, when health level is not at its good condition, we can’t enjoy this life as freely. In the past people can suffer from various incurable diseases but today when many of them are cured, we still have to maintain our health from the bad side effects of modern lifestyles in which many of them are bad for our body.

Living in modern days indeed have its own challenge especially in packed city with poor air quality and fast moving pace where we are asked to follow every time. The workload from our office is also making us more tired when going home to even make meal preparing out of question despite the clear benefit. While it is easy to get swept away and being a couch potato whenever we are not working, being active is providing you more benefit instantly and in the long term.

Thankfully, our current society is starting to become more aware of health and fitness level because being healthy is among the best goal to attain in which every year people are making resolution on. Some people choose to pay more attention to their food, some exercise more frequently at the gym, and some are spending the time working out or training at home with available equipment. We are free to pick whichever method to stay active and healthy but if you want a more versatile option, bicycling is one of the best methods.

Bicycling is known as a very fun activity and the fact is not only children love riding their bikes, but adults as well. This activity is both a method to burn calories, keeps our bones strong, a tranquilizing activity, a transportation method, and a refreshing activity to see your surroundings especially when you ride between mountains and green scenery. For those who seek more from the riding, mountain biking can be a nice choice to sparks your adrenaline and provide a sense of achievement.

No matter which type of bicycling you prefer better, one thing stays the same will be its safety because we are standing on top of something that move at different speed which is prone to create quite the impact when something goes wrong. Just like motorbike riders, us cyclist will also need a good helmet to go with the activity including when you are only riding inside the city or for commuting. A helmet is a must have and in certain situations may be able to avoid more severe injuries.

About Kask Protone
If you want to commit to the more active and healthier lifestyle by riding a bicycle everyday to work and visiting various places in the city, a helmet is still necessary and we have to pick based on the activity first since the one we used for commuting is not the same as the one we used while pedaling in a more open space or while in competition. Most helmets have its description and even without, there is a subtle difference on the form that separates the types.

For those who are riding their bikes to work and inside the city whether using the full sized bike or the foldable types, one of the best choice will be Kask Protone which is becoming more attractive to many eyes after being found on some Team Sky riders before the 2014 Tour de France and since then, they continue to work together to design their products’ aerodynamic, strength, and comfort. What’s making it more interesting is we get the aerodynamic without sacrificing ventilation.

Kask Protone Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, Kask Protone is coming with the similar shape of the Infinity helmet and more aerodynamic compared to those covered top yet also offered with huge vents to keep any riders who sweat a lot during the pedaling session to stay cool and comfortable. In our eyes they are nicely styled and also painted with various finishes to get you certain fashion such as the basic sporty black or matte blue when you want to be subtler.

Kask Protone Material
When looking for a helmet, despite the importance of comfort level, its main duty is to protect our head and it is why this model is made with MIT not yet with MIPS. The company is using several technologies to improve the safety of these helmets and its main point is strengthening the inner frame to get you better mechanical strength and compactness so then in case of impact, the helmet will stay in place. The innovative Multi In-Molding technology is combined with inner polystyrene cap for the outer and do works well in performance.

Kask Protone Fit
On the fitting feature Kask Protone is adjusting its fit with a click dial at the back that we can alter sideways position of those occipital pads independently to make sure they are sitting in the most comfortable place as well as securely fit all the time. In addition, we also like the chinstrap which is not the continuation of the upper strap and this unique option is making the straps always sit flat while there is no dividers underneath the ears.

Kask Protone Comfort
On the comfort side, this helmet is quite lightweight with a total weight around 251 grams and fitted well on the rider’s head. If you often find it hard to find a fit, the fitting system does provide a huge range of adjustment range until it sits perfectly on top of your head. We also love the antimicrobial padding inside with perforating design to make sure your head won’t get sweaty which is performing very well when combined with the 6 large exit ports.

About POC Octal
Because we have so many good options out there, it is good to also see what the other manufacturers are offering to you and it is wise to consider the choices before deciding to get one including when shopping for a bike helmet because Kask Protone is not the only ideal option for the activity. For those wise riders who are paying attention to their safety during the activity, POC Octal is also one of the most ideal helmets to consider.

This Swedish company helmet is often being the go to road cycling helmet of many riders out there and the fact that it is designed around the focus of road bicycling, it is indeed made to be both lightweight and extremely well ventilated. Read also: Giro Savant vs Atmos here.

POC Octal Design
When you look at POC Octal, we are sure, the design does play a huge role in taking up your attention because it is quite unique and in terms of taste, people either love it or turned off yet us actually think it is quite fine. It is probably won’t look good on those with smaller head since the top will look bulkier. When talking about fashion however, it does have lots of color options to choose with the Hydrogen White being the most natural and basic to opt.

POC Octal Material
Though there is no crash testing to prove how durable this helmet is, its polycarbonate shell which is the same as many other similar units are covering the lower edge of the more fragile polystyrene foam. On daily activities, this design is also preferred since it means an increased resistance to abuse without adding the weight. The same with Trebec from this brand, its strap anchors are protected as well by the shell material so the resistance to daily abuse is increased.

POC Octal Fit
On the fitting system, there are mixed opinions on how it performs on different people because some hate it and some are fine with the sitting system. It does have a wide range of adjustability but the fact that it is not instantly intuitive makes first time users have to spend more time figuring things out. It is using the click wheel and we do like this system in some other helmets but the one in Octal is somehow hard to grip and often slips from our fingers.

POC Octal Comfort
As for the comfort level, POC Octal is probably one of the most comfortable helmets after you fit them correctly since it is already lightweight at 225 grams despite the bulbous bulky look. If you are wearing sunglasses, this model also has a small slot at the front to stow the equipment. For people who often find their helmet is hot, this one will probably deal with the problem because it is featured with 21 vents that may seem standard but due to its size, the performance does excel.

Now, let’s compare Kask Protone with POC Octal. As you may already know, both of them are a reliable helmets to go with your bicycling activity but in general, Protone is slightly lighter and probably looks good on most people compared to Octal. Its retention system is also easy to use but Octal has additional feature to stow your sunglasses. In terms of comfort, they are equally comfortable but Octal is indeed breezier even in a hotter days.

Kask Protone vs POC Octal

- Aero Control Technology creates an incredibly aerodynamic and top-performing shell, tested in the Wind Tunnel and able to provide an impressive CX rate
- MIT Technology guarantees higher safety and complete protection, thanks to the polycarbonate layer that covers the shell on the top, on the base ring and on the back
- In-Mold construction joins the inner polystyrene core to the outer polycarbonate layer to ensure better shock absorption
- Shell Material: polycarbonate
- Impact Foam: EPS
- Ventilation: optimized vents

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because not all of us will have the same preferences and it is best to get the one that fits your application the most. However, between these two, if you don’t mind about the unique shape, POC Octal is actually a very comfortable helmet to have.

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