Kazam Balance Bike vs Strider


Riding a bike is fun and it is both act as transportation tool as well as a toy for children. For those parents whose kids are ready to try learning how to ride one, getting a balance bike will be a very wise decision because it will help them learn faster. Kazam Balance Bike Vs Strider are two nice choices to consider with affordable price and build to be ideal for your children yet, go check which the better option below before going to shop for one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What is Balance Bike and Why Choosing It
  • What are Kazam Balance Bike and Strider
  • What Kazam Balance Bike and Strider Look Like
  • How are the Performance of Kazam Balance Bike and Strider
  • How are the Tire on Kazam Balance Bike and Strider
  • What else Kazam Balance Bike and Strider can offer
  • Kazam Balance Bike Vs Strider

Balance Bike

Almost all of us love riding a bike even as an adult because this is a very healthy habit that can give you various benefits not just for burning calories and stay active but also an effective transportation tool if your city has a cyclist friendly system. Unfortunately, riding a bike is not a natural skill that just come without being trained, which is why you still can find people who are not able to ride a bike despite being an adult.

Similar to any tool with two or straight one aligned wheels, riding a bicycle will require you to balance the body and while it seems very easy for us who are used to the system, it is not for children who have never ridden one before. It is best to train them since childhood so they can play with their friends as they grow up and have no issue on riding the tool later in life. The question is how to teach them to ride the bike effectively and safely.

The common tool we used to help our children get used to the idea of balancing their body are tricycle and balance bike. Both of them are available widely and you can pick just any of them to let them try riding a bike-like version before moving along with the real unit. However, there has been a debate on which is more ideal for bike training because apparently balance bike is seen as a more popular and effective method to try.

Balance bike, as the name suggests is a bike that is meant to train body balance and by doing so, your kid will get used to the tool and ready to use the real bike as well as navigating them. Unlike the real bike there is no cranks or pedals here so in case there is a smaller bike by their older sibling that are short enough to allow their feet to reach the ground, we don’t need to spend for a specific balance bike.

Parents can just remove the crank and voila you get a new balance bike without spending money. The reason why it is better than a tricycle is it eliminates the need to use training wheels or additional two wheels on their bike as they grow older and it is fairly light as well as give the independent riding experience even before they start using the real bike. Unlike tricycle, balance bike glides easier on uneven surface while being easier to maneuver for the rear portion stay slim.

Kazam Balance BikeStrider
Shipping Weight13.8 pounds9.6 pounds
Product Dimensions: 33 x 4.8 x 22.5 inches33 x 15 x 22 inches
Best Priceclick hereclick here

About Kazam Balance Bike and Strider

If this is your first experience teaching your kid how to ride a balance bike, now is the time to see what the market has to offer for there are so many of them out there but, in case there is another small bike around such as from the older sibling, we can remove the cranks and convert them to a balance bike anytime. Just make sure the seat is short enough to allow their feet stay on the ground.

For those with first experience and first child, purchasing a balance bike will be a good option and among those vast options, Kazam balance bike and Strider will be a very ideal choices to consider. While there are various other brands in the market, both of them are among the most popular and it is not without a reason because the best thing about them are both high quality and built exactly for smaller children to get used to or learn to balance their body.

In terms of features, since they are basically bike without their cranks, none of them will offer some fancy or attention grabbing capabilities but depending on the unit and user itself, there must be one model that they like better and rather than the product, it is more like a user preference yet, since our children are still too small to consider which fit their taste better, we are the only one who are going to decide which balance bike that will help them better.

In this side Kazam Balance Bike and Strider are going to work just fine without any noticeable issues because they are properly designed to be an ideal tool to help children explore what’s around them while trying to balance their body as well. The real difference between both of these bikes is only on the design which will probably play a role in deciding how your kid will ride them. Overall children seem to like these bikes just the same when first introduced to them.

Kazam Balance Bike and Strider Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are very similar to each other in terms of design without the cranks but the one that set them apart from each other or the key difference between Kazam balance bike and Strider is how the former is installing a footrest panel in the middle of the bike body itself which can be preferred by your kid or not, depending on how they enjoy the ride especially if they are taller.

Weight wise the Strider is actually lighter than Kazam and this can be a great thing for smaller children but if they are taller or bigger, heavier bike will give a more robust feeling. They come with a comfortable saddle and as you can expect the seat post adjustable to perfectly suit the rider height. They are using the same clasp system but side by side Kazaam is slightly taller with the seat lowest setting at 14-inch compared to 11-inch in Strider Classic. Read also: Yepp Mini Vs iBert.

Kazam Balance Bike and Strider Performance

The first thing you may want to know when choosing these balance bike is probably the performance and in this side, both are actually very good. Since the seat in Strider is shorter, smaller kid can ride this bike just fine depending on their height while Kazam with its taller bike is probably better if your kid is taller as well. It seems many parents are fine giving the bike for their 3 years old and still be useful for a few years later. 

Strider is very lightweight at around 6.7 lbs. while Kazam is about 11.2 lbs. so your kid may find the bike a bit heavier at first but as they grow up, the additional weight actually feels more comfortable and balance for them. 

Kazam Balance Bike and Strider Tire

The next point we want to mention about these bikes is their tire because while they look the same it is actually not since Kazam is coming with regular air-filled tire so there is a chance it may go flat but, you can use regular bike pump to fill the air again. Strider is safer in this part because it is puncture-proof so you don’t have to worry about flat tires yet, it also doesn’t provide any cushioning like the air-filled tire.

Kazam Balance Bike and Strider Feature

On the additional features both of Kazam balance bike and Strider are fairly simple as well because there is no noteworthy things that makes them stand out than how they already is. One thing that may affect the performance is the foot panel on Kazam because this is not available on Strider. This foot panel is great if your kid likes it but there is a high chance they will treat the bike as scooter and not properly using their leg to explore more.

Using them like scooter is fun but in some cases they also seems to put their feet on the bottom of seat post for it is more natural to do so. Strider on the other hand doesn’t offer front foot rest but they have it directly under the seat post which is better and easier or more natural compared to the front space in Kazam. In addition, another thing we want to mention is Kazam put a plastic cap on their bolts to prevent your kid’s skin from getting scratched accidentally.

Kazam Balance Bike vs Strider

- 12 inch steel, patented frame design with footrest
- Air Inflated Tires
- Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
- Quick Release Saddle Adjustment

These balance bikes will be a great tool to help your kid getting used to the bike and able to balance their body but they are also different because performance wise, in practice Strider is ideal for smaller children and we actually like its design better yet, for taller kid Kazam is a little bit heavier to offer robustness and more comfortable ride with its air-filled tire.


All in all you can pick any of these bike and still be satisfied with the performance, but if your kid is younger about 18 months old, the Strider weight and height is actually more ideal while for taller rider we recommend to get Kazam balance bike.

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