KaZAM v2e vs v2s


KaZAM v2e vs v2s is going to be a fun comparison. There are a lot of parents out there who want to share the joy of the world together with their kids. Plenty of activities that can be done together, and one of the most fun is teaching your kids how to ride a bicycle. Back in the day, kids would have used a small bike with training wheels. But, in this day and age kids have better a better way to learn how to ride a bicycle.

KaZAM v2e vs v2s

We’re talking about KaZAM balance bikes. KaZAM offers a better alternative to training wheels, by focusing on the most important element of learning to ride a bicycle. That’s right, it’s balance. KaZAM helps children to ride a bicycle at their own pace without fear of failing.

No more training to ride with clunky and sometimes hard to ride training wheels. KaZAM balance bikes have no pedal because pedaling is easy, balancing is the hard part. KaZAM helps kids to develop balance and proper steering, and build confidence and independence.

KaZAM released three different models that are released at the same time. All three of them have an updated frame design, one model is available with an aluminum frame and the other two with steel frame. Steel models are available with wither foam tires for v2e model or air tires for v2s model while the aluminum Pro model is only available with air tires.

KaZAM v2eKaZAM v2s
34.5 x 4.5 x 19.8 inches34.5 x 19.8 x 4.5 inches
Shipping Weight11.1 pounds13.1 pounds
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KaZAM v2e Review

KaZAM v2e is on the list of recommended items by many reviewers and we’ll know why soon. KaZAM v2e comes in three color options – red, orange, pink, green, and blue. KaZAM v2e is the cheapest bike among the other three with only $65. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

The footrest is properly placed to be not in the way when striding. Foam tires can handle dirt terrain really well. The rear portion of the frame can be rather annoying since it could rub against the inside the kid’s leg while they’re riding. It won’t hurt the kids, just bothersome. See also: Diamondback Wildwood vs Edgewood.

The overall weight is very light at online 8 pounds, thanks to the frame design and plastic wheels and the tires require no air and puncture resistant. Adjusting the seat is very since you don’t need any tools to do it, you can do it by hand.

KaZAM v2e might not be very comfortable for a petite kid, as the bike’s frame is rather wide. For average size kids, KaZAM v2e might not be a problem at all, or rather perfect for them. The kid that we test KaZAM v2e on, was having a lot of fun within 10 minutes of trying the bike.

Overall, KaZAM v2e leaves no room for complaints, just make sure that your kid isn’t petite otherwise they might have some difficulties getting comfortable on the bike. KaZAM v2e will definitely help your kid learn how to ride a bike in no time and it will last for a very long time thanks to its design and sturdy material.

KaZAM v2s Review

Compared to v2e, KaZAM v2s has a few differences. KaZAM v2s is more expensive but still affordable at $89. KaZAM v2s pretty much has everything that makes v2e a good balance bike for your kid. KaZAM v2s is suitable for kids between 3 to 6 years old and can handle a maximum weight of 60 pounds. KaZAM v2s is available in blue, green, magenta, metallic light blue, metallic pink, metallic red, and metallic purple.

KaZAM v2s features a patented step-through frame design with footrest and air-filled tires for more traction and stability for uneven terrains. Unlike v2e, the tires are filled with air, this is better in terms of stability and comfort and will feel more like a real bike. Also, the rims are made of steel, makes it much stronger and durable. The seat and handles are very soft and won’t cause any discomfort. You can adjust the seat very easily without needing any tools.

Different from v2e that is equipped with nylon bushings headset, KaZAM v2s features metal ball bearing headset. it provides easy and non-friction steering and more rugged and durable compared to v2e’s nylon headset.

KaZAM v2s is heavier compared to v2e, but not by much, it weights at 9.9 pounds. The weight difference is caused by the wheel and the material to make the balance bike more stable and durable. Other than hand, the height and length are pretty much the same.

KaZAM v2e vs v2s

- The ONLY balance bike with an easy step-in patented FOOTREST design.
- KaZAM's Footrest is in the natural place, where feet would be if coasting on a pedaled bike, helping to find their center of gravity.
- Adjustable seat and handlebars - KaZAM accommodates ages up to 5 years.
- Air-filled tires provide traction and stability
- As Seen on Shark Tank!
- The ONLY balance bike with an easy step-in patented FOOTREST design


Both balance bikes are very similar but there are some key differences. Starting from the similarities, both have the patented footrest design, same height and length and same steel frame design. As for the differences, v2e is cheaper by around $24, v2e is equipped with nylon bushings headset while v2s is equipped with metal ball bearing headset, v2e has air-less tires, plastic rims and anti-puncture and v2s has air-filled tires for more traction and stability and steel rims and v2s comes with a lot more color options.

We feel like no matter which one you choose, your kid is going to be happy with it, since KaZAM makes good balance bikes that are designed to be very practical, comfortable and durable. but if we have to choose one, we have to go with KaZAM v2s.

Both products have its own advantages, but KaZAM v2s have the slight edge over the v2e even with the higher price tag. KaZAM v2s is very comfortable to ride with tool-less adjustable seat, as long as your kid isn’t too short or petite, it’s going to be the best balance bike for them.

The metal-ball bearing headset will ensure that KaZAM v2s will last longer than v2e, so you can give the bike to their younger sibling and it will still be usable. Air-filled tires and the steel rims are more secure compared to what v2e has which is plastic rims and air-less tires. Plus, it comes with more color variations.

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