Lazer Z1 vs Giro Synthe


Looking for a good road bike helmet can be tricky due to the vast selections. If you are a professional cyclist, you need to choose a helmet which can provide you with maximum protection while not sacrificing speed and comfort.
In a competitive environment, you are going to need every advantage you can get by choosing the right equipment. Your helmet selection may give you a marginal benefit which may affect the outcome of a race.

You need a road bike helmet which can prevent you from head injuries while still have excellent aerodynamic and lightweight. It also needs to have better cooling effect and fit the size of your head so that you will not feel encumbered.

When it comes to road bike helmet, you can always trust Giro. This company is known to produce quality road bike helmet which are used by many professionals in the Tour de France. Another good bike helmet producer is Lazer. This company helmet is also used in many competitive events and has become a fierce rival to Giro.

Synthe is considered to be Giro’s top product. This helmet is known to be an excellent capability which has been proven by many experts. The competitor, Lazer, produces Z1 road bike helmet which is claimed to provide you with outstanding performance. Both Giro Synthe and Lazer Z1 are great products, but which one is better?

Lazer Z1 Overview

The Lazer Z1 is proven to be an excellent helmet. It has won the Champs Elysees, so its professional performance is indisputable.

The ventilation in this helmet is very excellent. It comes with 30 vents throughout the body. As a result, you will be provided with very good airflow which can increase your aerodynamic and coolness. Many professionals comment on how great this helmet is in terms of keeping your head cool.

Lazer Z1Giro Synthe
Product Dimensions13.3 x 9.2 x 6.9 inches
14 x 11 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight1.25 pounds1.4 pounds
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The Lazer Z2 is comfortable on any shape of head due to its fit system. The Lazer’s Rollsys is a fit system which provides you with equal pressure on all sides of the entire head. Other helmet’s fit system are usually put in the back part and this tend to give the users discomfort over time, however this does not apply to Lazer Z1 thanks to its strong fit system.

The fit system is placed on the top of the helmet which you can twist effortlessly to adjust the tightness. Other helmets which put their fit system on the rear will be more difficult when you are trying to adjust your helmet. This small feature put an additional value in terms of user friendliness.

The strong fit system will ensure that your helmet stays on your head even on impact provide you with confident protective ability. The Lazer Z1 also put extra protection for your temple by using the Lazer T-Pro system. When the worst happens, you can always count on Z1 to protect you from certain types of injuries, and the additional T-Pro put you mind even more at ease.

On a rainy and windy day, the Lazer Z1 offers you with additional aeroshell. It is a clear-looking shell which can improve your aerodynamic even at worst weather. The aeroshell can be removed or attached easily. This extra feature which comes with the Lazer Z1 give this helmet more edge against other road bike helmets competitors.

Giro Synthe Overview

Giro Synthe’s performance is indisputable when it comes to protective and cooling aspect. This helmet’s quality has been proven by the fact that many professional cyclists, such as BMC or Katusha, teams were using Giro Synthe. See also: Giro Synthe vs Cinder.

Just like the Lazer Z1, this road bike helmet also put more emphasis on ventilation. The Giro Synthe has 26 vents. It is slightly fewer events than Z1, but the vents work just as good in terms of providing coolness and aerodynamic due to their 26 wind tunnels integrated with internal channeling system.

The 5 Roc Loc Air fit system which has been developed by Giro provides you with excellent comfort. The fit system surrounds your head completely and it can be adjusted to suit the shape of your head. The airflow is allowed to travel above your head provides you with cooling effect.

The padding inside of this road bike helmet is also great. It has X-Static antimicrobial pad across the forehead and it does not disturb any air flow whatsoever.

The Giro Synthe road bike helmet is integrated with Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). This technology allows certain types of impact energy to be redirected so that it minimizes brain injury. You can confidently ride your bike while wearing Giro Synthe due to excellent protection system it offers.

Lazer Z1 vs Giro Synthe: Which One is Better?

In terms of price, Lazer Z1 and Giro Synthe are offered at around $225.00 (MRSP). You may find them at cheaper prices depending on the store though. Road bike helmets are usually not cheap but both helmets offer you with great value for your money. For professionals or advanced amateur cyclists, both helmets are good purchase.

The weights of these two helmets are also similar. They are lightweight and you will not become encumbered when you are wearing either one of them. You won’t feel like you are wearing a helmet at all. The Z1 is weighted around 238g and the Giro Synthe is 234g.

Lazer Z1 offers you with more features such as the extra wind tunnels and the aeroshell. The Giro Synthe only offers you with essential quality road bike features.

Both helmets come with great aerodynamic efficiency. Their vents and the way the air are channeled provide you with less drag, which means that you can ride faster. It may be just marginal speed improvement but this factor may decide who the winner is in a competition.

Lazer Z1 vs Giro Synthe

- 4-piece In-Mold technology with carbon RBS (Rigidity Brace System) multi-impact resistance offers excellent protection in the event of a crash or collision
- Featherlight construction feels nearly weightless
- T-Pro design adds material around the temples for better protection
- 26 Wind Tunnelvents with internal channeling
- Roc Loc Air Fit System
- Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement


The additional features in Lazer Z1 give this helmet more value compared to Giro Synthe with only essential features. The market price for Lazer Z1 is presumably higher than Giro Synthe. Some people may not find the additional feature in Lazer Z1 worth the price increase. The Lazer Z1 is a great road bike which offers you with improvements over its competitor but Giro Synthe is still a capable helmet which may suit your budget better. If you want the highest quality helmet and have more money to spare, then the Lazer Z1 is a good choice.

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