Park Tool PCS 9 vs PCS 10


Bicycle has been very popular in the last decade with the rising awareness of active and healthier lifestyle but, with a bike will also come maintenance and to do so, we need to have reliable work stand at home such as Park Tool PCS 9 Vs PCS 10. Both of them are close brother and very similar to each other with the latter being more capable yet, if this is your first shopping, see which model will give you the best benefit by checking our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to choose Bike Work Stand
– What are Park Tool PCS 9 and 10
– What Park Tool PCS 9 and 10 Look like
– How are the Height Adjustment of Park Tool PCS 9 and 10
– How are the Clamp Function in Park Tool PCS 9 and 10
– How are the Angle Adjustment in Park Tool PCS 9 and 10
– How are the Portability of Park Tool PCS 9 and 10
– Park Tool PCS 9 Vs 10

Choosing Bike Work Stand
Many of us realize the importance of health and being in an active life which is why we start to exercise more and eat healthier choices of foods by removing much of processed products from our cabinet. It is a great deal to reach a level of fitness you are aiming for and for those who are not very fond of spending their time in a gym room, bicycling does become an ideal alternative where we can exercise, transport our body, and adventuring with friends and partners.

For those who love this utilitarian machine, you must have an idea of how to fix them when needed or even custom them to have various parts that will improve its overall performance, such as replacing the pedal and tire with Fulcrum Racing 3 Vs Mavic Ksyrium Elite.

All of them will need a hard work and while not all of us will be a pro at the first try, it is still necessary to consider getting the required tools or equipment to support the whole process.

What you may want to prepare first before fixing and remodeling the bike is a work stand because nobody wants to hold them while we are spraying paint and replacing the wheels. The problem is, there are so many of them out there and it can be quite frustrating to shop especially if this is your first time but, there are some steps to let users pick their most suitable bike work stand.
– First and probably the most important step is deciding on how many bikes we are going to repair at the same time and it is better to pick based on your personal needs. If it just for the family bicycle, a single arm work stand will be an adequate choice but if there will be more people working at the same time with two bikes, a double arms will be a more ideal options.
– Second most important thing to decide before going to shop any of those bikes work stands in the market is the frequency of the work because the more it being used, we also need something sturdier to hold the whole work load and if this is your case, it is great to spend more money to get a more expensive or more durable build from various brands. On the other hand if it is for personal use, a cheap models should go well for occasional work.
– The last important thing when you are shopping for bike work stand is what kind of repairs or work we are going to do with them. A regular stands that often have 2 feet stand is nice enough for any light fixing but, if you are going with heavy remodeling with tools like torque, it is nice to look for those with wider feet or stand so the unit won’t move around when you apply the pressure.

About Park Tool PCS 9 and 10
If you already have an idea on what type of bike work stand to go, now is a good time to shop for one depending on the criteria of your needs. Bike work stand are available widely and there are so many brands offering the same things without unnecessarily being identical and it is our journey to get the best choice. Those who are stumbled across this article will mostly look for a single stand that can handle light work and easy to carry around.

For those who fit the description, Park Tool is one of the best brands to look at because they are among the most popular when it comes to work stand and many people love them because of the reliability of the products as well as the affordable price. They also have quite the options to choose from but the most popular will be PCS 9 and PCS 10 bike stand. Both of them are very similar to each other because as the name suggests they are a close brother.

The PCS 10 is not necessarily an upgrade of the little brother but a different work stand which is based on the previous model and enhanced to be better especially for those who are in need for a work stand that can be stowed easily. However, for the general features they stay the same and what PCS 9 can do will be possible as well on the PCS 10. When it comes to compatibility, any of them will work with recumbent bike and bike with odd-shaped tubing.

Park Tool PCS 9 and 10 Design and Setup
As you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are very similar to each other because they are still coming in the same form of one single stand, one clamp, and 2 feet-tripod style. They are packed in a cardboard with the parts not assembled fully so we will need some moments to install all of the parts properly and depend on whether you have experience or not, it may take 30 seconds to 20 minutes but worry not because the manual are very clear and they have all the tools required.

The blue Park Tool is indeed eye catching and probably one of the most stylish when compared to similar bike stands and they are not the lightest as well because the older and now discontinued PCS 9 is weighing around 6.8 kg while the latter is at 7.7 kg. As for the space they will take, the feet is measured at 92 cm by 92 cm by 115 cm and when folded, they will become more compact at about 104 cm tall.

Park Tool PCS 9 and 10 Height Adjustment
Coming further, you may want to check the height adjustment first because it will affect the performance later and we do hope to see a longer adjustment so we don’t have to bend all the time. In this part Park Tool PCS 9 and 10 are adjustable from 39 to 59 inches or from 99 cm to 145 cm. Overall, this length is not the best in the market since there are some others with higher upper limit yet, this amount is good enough for most applications.

What’s different from this side is their adjustment method because with the older stand, we have to manually loosen the tube and then tighten it again at certain height level but this process is shortened in the newer stand with a quick release lock so everything is done faster.

Park Tool PCS 9 and 10 Clamp
The next important part is their clamp and while they have quite similar forms, it is actually different. On the older model, the clamp being used is more traditional and it is adjusted by rotating the small steel key according to the size of your bike tube. On the other hand, PCS 10 is coming with different clamp because while it is still using a dedicated key to open and close the clamp, there is also another function of the key to slightly loosen it for faster operation.

Another similar parts from this side is the clamp mouth has rubber coating or padding which is great to properly keep your bike tube in place without scratching the paint or hurting its surface. Overall the different clamp version makes PCS 10 more convenient so we don’t have to hold the bike longer.

Park Tool PCS 9 and 10 Angle Adjustment
On the angle adjustment, both of them are also coming with 360 degree of clamp arm so we can rotate the bike as needed. This part however, stay the same since it is controlled with a large handle located at the back of the clamp arm. When you rotate this handle, the clamp arm will loosen up so we can position it as needed. Many people like the adjustment because they perform smoothly as we modulate the rate at which the clamp arm can spin with the tension we keep on the handle.

Park Tool PCS 9 and 10 Portability
As for the portability, Park Tool PCS 9 and 10 are very similar because they are forming the same dimension when you fold them completely and if you wonder what happened with the feet, they will be folded down, forming a straight position which is coming together with the main body of the stand. What’s different besides the locking mechanism is PCS 10 also has plastic locks to keep the feet together but in fact, this lock is not tight enough for a properly secured storing.

These two close brothers are very similar to each other and while it can be hard to pick one, they sure comes with some differences prominently on the clamp because the one in PCS 10 is more reliable not only because it has a bigger handle to operate but also because it loosen a little when tilted.

Another prominent difference is the locking mechanism because with the quick lock release, everything is faster and we also forgot to mention that PCS 10 is friendlier with available accessories since it already has receiver slot at various parts.

Park Tool PCS 9 vs PCS 10

- Screw type clamp adjusts to fit tubes of various shapes from 7/8" to 3" (24mm to 76mm)
- Clamp rotates 360 degrees for easy access to any part of bike. Will also clamp on aero shaped seat posts
- Folds to 41" (104cm) for portability and storage
- Screw type clamp adjusts to fit tubes from 7/8 to 3"
- Cam-type clamp allows single action clamping of tubes (24 to 76-millimeter)
- Clamping pressure is fully adjustable and jaw covers are replaceable
- Composite top tube for smooth 360-degree clamp rotation
- Quick-release height adjustment (39 to 57 inches)

At this point we are sure most readers can already decide to go with which model because in our opinion the difference is quite substantial and yet, if you are still confused, we highly recommend to go with Park Tool PCS 10 because not only the PCS 9 is already discontinued but also because it is a more capable work stand.

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