Shimano M530 vs M540


If we talking about the biking activity, we sure need a lot of tools other than the bike itself. We may also want to upgrade some part of the bike to get the best experiences while cycling. One of the most upgrade parts of a bike is the pedal. Or maybe your old pedal is come to a time to get change.

You sure look for the best pedals that will give you the best experiences and give you most comfort. Because, pedaling is one of the moves that will effects your lower body, you need to very considering the best pedal you should get for your bike.

So in the market there are so many kinds of pedal that you can choose to use at your bike. There are also many brands that specially made the pedal cage for bike. So, you may get confused just to get the best pedal cage in the market for your lovely bike. See also: Diamondback Wildwood vs Edgewood.

SO, in order to help you avoiding the confusion and get the wrong choice, we will discuss about it in this article. This article will help you by comparing two kinds of pedals cage that came from same brand. There are Shimano M530 and Shimano M540.

Both products are a great product, and getting a great review by many users. The model’s name also similar, the M530 and the M540 but it is sure having different specification and purpose in each design. So, let’s start the comparison.

First thing we should discuss and compare about is the specification. Both products should have their own specs and purpose. The designer and the company sure make each product with a clear purpose and aiming. Just like these two pedal cage, they are also made to fulfill some certain purpose. So here are the specifications.

Shimano M530
First product is the Shimano M530 that get many appreciation from the users. In many forums of bikers, many bikers are feeling that this product is a great product to use daily. Even in some market place, this product is getting high rating, about 4.7 out of 5. So it is sure a good product and here are the specification based on the product information claim by the factory:
• Integrated pedal cage for stability when not clipped in
• Adjustable entry and release tension settings
• Chrome-moly spindle and low maintenance sealed bearing axle
• Cleats are included – 455 grams
From the specification, we can understand that what the products purpose is for the stability and the comfortable feeling for the user. So it is sure get a high rating among the bikers.

Shimano M540
The next product is Shimano M540 that is sibling with the Shimano M530. Both products come from same company that known as a great factory for the bikers tools especially the pedals cage. In this part we will discuss about the specification of this type and see if anything different with the previous type. And here are the specifications we got from the product information based on the factory claim:
• The open binding mechanism is designed to better shed mud.
• Strong and durable chrome-moly spindle with 8mm Allen key.
• Easy Step-in and Step-out
• Low maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle.
This product specification also a great specs that looks so durable. So, it is the reason why this type also gets a great rating.

After knowing the specification, we now understand that these two pedals are different. Not only the specification that is different, but is also the design. Shimano M540 is naked with an open binding mechanism while the Shimano M530 is designed to have integrated, built-in pedal cage.

The Shimano M530 will slightly better in the term of stability when it is not clipped due to the having pedal cage already. Even though, the pedal cage can help to accumulate dirt and mud which is not good for maintenance and durability. On the opposite, mud and dirt will be easier to shed by the open binding design of the Shimano M540.

Moreover, we also need to consider about the weight when we choose the right bike pedals for ur cycling activity. The weight of the pedal can be the essential factor to your riding performance. Commonly, we sure want something that is light. And the Shimano M540 is lighter than the Shimano M530 because of the added wings design of the products.

That’s why; you will feel that Shimano M540 is a lot easier to be pedaled. Even though, both products are using Chrome – Moly Spindles with a sealed bearing cartridge axle. Both Pairs are very easy to be cleaned and use SPD retention system. It is okay and will be wise idea if you want to clean them every once in a while but they are virtually maintenance – free.

Further, you will not have to use SPD 0 Specific tools when you want to do the job. Other information about these products is that the Shimano M530 will fit with a 3 mm Allen Wrench to adjust the tension of the pedals. And the Shimano M540 is utilizing 8 mm Allen wrench. But you don’t need to be worry because both products are easy to use; you will easily step out and step in.

So, both pedals is having their own specification and purpose. It is a wise idea if you can understand any aspect of these products. And also it will be a great idea if you know better about more than a type so you can compare it.

Shimano M530 vs M540

- Innovative - by eliminating toe-clips and integrating the pedal and outsole into a single; unified power transfer system; shimano changed the industry
- Incredible performance - spd not only boosting power to the pedal; but also the rider's control over increasingly adventurous styles of riding
- Better control - you can pedal with greater efficiency; stability and comfort with the spd system
- Superior mud-shedding design - an open binding design allows mud and debris to be flushed out when the rider steps in
- Fluorine-coated binding claws allow for easy entry and release
- Pedals are dual-sided for easy entry and feature strong; durable chromoly spindles with 8mm allen wrench mounts
- Low-maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axles
- Shimano sh51 cleats included

In this article, the two products that are compared are having their own advantage and bas side. So, it is now depend on your needs. If you will going cycling across the mountain, getting an extreme trip or you will just ride your bike for going to the office. Because a different purpose and activity will also need a different pedal cage to be choose. And also the most important thing is the budget you have and the function that the products will give to you.

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