Shoei Qwest vs Arai RX Q


Our head is one of the most crucial body parts that we need to protect especially when doing a moderate to highly risky activities including when riding a bike. Helmet is created to save lives and injury so we need to wear one for safety and for those motorcycle riders out there, Shoei Qwest Vs Arai RX Q are offering a full protection and comfort while you are out there. If you are also considering these options, go check which the best option here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why wearing a Helmet
  • How to Choose a Helmet
  • What are Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q
  • What Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q Look Like
  • What Material used to make Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q
  • How are the Vents Performance in Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q
  • How are the Noise Level in Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q
  • Shoei Qwest Vs Arai RX Q

Motorcycle Helmet

One of the most dangerous things we do almost everyday is actually seems pretty much safe from the doers such as driving and riding a motorcycle or even a bike. However, we all know that any moving tool will have a chance of hurting you both when you are using them or just walk on the pedestrian. The risk will vary depending on each activity and condition but we can never know the future or what will happen latter which is why any activity involving fast moving object usually will need a certain safety feature. Read also: Giro Register vs Revel

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most high risks activities we do everyday especially those who are commuting with their bike and while it seems common and more like a daily routine to us, there is no guarantee that everything will stay smooth along the way. Bike safety gears is centered around the head which is the most crucial body part to protect when there is an accident taking place. Honestly, not all of us are fond of wearing a helmet for they can be heavy and uncomfortable.

But compared to the risk of not wearing one, a helmet can save your life when you are experiencing a life threatening events while riding on the bike. In 2015 alone, there are about 1,772 motorcyclists that have been saved by wearing a helmet while there are 740 lives that could be saved if they were wearing a helmet. Depending on the law in your state, many countries require their motorcyclists to wear a helmet or they have to pay for the fine.

Shoei QwestArai RX Q Noise
Shipping Weight5 pounds
15.2 ounces
Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
9 x 9 x 3 inches
Best Priceclick hereclick here

Shopping for a Helmet

Our lives and wellbeing is very important so we can live longer and spend the time with our loved ones so be safe and wearing a helmet is the wisest decision. To shop for a new helmet, each rider may have different preferences, so the first thing you have to consider is the purpose itself. For a daily, commuting purpose, a high-end helmets will be much more comfortable and keeping the wind noise low, especially if you have to spend the time on the road.

Next step is try considering any feature you want from the helmet such as if they  have to be made from certain material, have certain weight, and whether they are built to be comfortable or not with some safety feature as addition. One of the most important step is measuring the head size in case you shop online. Place a measuring tape around your head about half an inch above the eyebrow and use the number as a guide when choosing size.

About Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q

If you have considered how the helmet needs to be, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are so many of them out there coming from different manufacturers as well as for different native application. Beside the budget that we have to set before heading to the shop, you may also want to see what other similar riders are wearing because they will have a higher chance to fit your application as well.

For those who are riding their bike for a longer period of time or often doing touring, a good helmet that not only will protect your head but also feels comfortable are a must have. Among those many models claimed to give you the exact quality, Shoei and Arai will be two of the best brands to shop from. We are sure most riders are already familiar with these names because they are very popular in the market with a huge range of helmets.

The two amazing helmets you may want to try are Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q which are very similar to each other and equally highly rated in the market for a very ideal choice if you are going on touring or looking for a helmet with a high level of comfort. They have been around in the market for quite some time already or probably around a decade today yet, with almost perfect construction and some additional features, you will love how these helmets just snug on your head.

Many long-distance riders used to think that this Qwest was the replacement of TZ-R from the company but it is actually designed to be a complementary of its older brother RF-1100 which is a more of daily, more short-distance riders. Both of these two are very much similar with the same shell with carbon fiber, fiberglass, and dyneema composite. On the other side, RX Q which is said to be a replacement for Quantum is actually the Corsair V that has been modified now to be ideal for a longer riding purpose.

Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q Design

Side by side, as you can see from the sample picture above, the Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q are also sporting the same full-face design but in detail they are quite different from each other, especially about the shape of their top. However, in terms of fit, these two will be slightly rounder or intermediary oval unlike the other popular helmet like Quantum so they are going to fit those older riders with a head type that is slightly longer front-to-back than from side-to-side.

When you touch the inner side of these helmets, you will notice how they are equally padded as well but in Arai, the cheek pad is wider and it also have different density foam which is going to support the noise performance. You will also notice that there are some vents located all over the helmet and about fashion, depending on the availability, there are few shades or design we can choose from both of these helmets.

Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q Material and Weight

Moving further, these helmets will feel almost the same to each other, especially for those who have been using Quantum in the past. Arai RX Q has the same built material as the Corsair V but you will notice it gives a better snug or fitter than its brother. The large size is weighed around 1600 grams while the Qwest is just slightly heavier at around 1650 grams in the same size. The latter however, claimed to be made with special material.

The Shoei Qwest is made with their own AIM+ fiber glass composite which is claimed to include organic fibers which is very strong so it can only be cut with a laser. The carcass is very stiff as well, making it a great option for those with an extra concern about safety. 

Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q Vents

Moving further, let’s check how good their vents are because you want to stay cool while riding including on summer days. Starting with Qwest, from the inside the EPS liner is channeled to let the air pass through and out the dual rear exhaust vents which both are independently operated and there will be a total of 8 vent holes which you can find in this model EPS located at the top of the helmet. In practice, the helmet performs quite good.

We notice that not all people will have the same experience since some users are perfectly pleased with the cooling system yet, there are also those who think there is not enough amount of air coming into the helmet to make all head area stay cool while the vents can also make some noise when operating. In Arai RX Q, there are two upper vents which snap open and closed with a rocker switches.

Performance wise, the vents work well and while there is not enough air being flowed especially on top of the head, you can still feel there are air being circulated inside to prevent getting sweaty or simply uncomfortable.

Shoei Qwest and Arai RX Q Noise

The last point we want to talk about is their sound level because none of us want to ride while listening to hissy noise created by your helmet. In this side while Qwest does produce some noise, this helmet is actually very quiet in comparison to many similar models out there. Arai is the same by being not the quietest helmets especially have the same characteristic to Quantum but it can be handled by rider slightly lean forward for about 10 to 15 degrees.

Shoei Qwest vs Arai RX Q

- Standards: Snell-M2010, DOT
- Construction: AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi Fiber)
- Weight: 3.644 lbs / 1,653 grams (approx, for Size Medium Solid Color)
- Shoei Qwest Matte Black Full Face HelmetInspired by the journey and the adventure that accompanies every motorcycle ride, the Shoei Qwest is a helmet designed to enhance and complement the experience along the way.
- Completely new street helmet based on RX7.
- It is also proof that great helmets like the RX-7 will live on.
- Don't ride without it!Features.
- The Arai RX-Q Full Face Helmet combines elements that made RX-7 a true milestone in motorcycle helmet technology with some of the best new innovative features of the Corsair V.

These two will be a good helmets for riders who spend more time on their bike or for touring purpose. They are very comfortable and performs very well but Qwest cooling vents may not be the best in this comparison because it is less effective yet, it is also very quiet while RX Q has a better vents but the noise level is also a bit annoying at times unless you change the riding position a little bit.


Both of them are a great option for anyone who are in the market for a touring helmet but if we are to choose one, the Arai RX Q is a better option because its vents performs slightly better than the Qwest while the price is also not far apart from each other.

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