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For those who are doing an outdoor activities such as flying and hiking, keeping information regarding the situation and our current place is very important because they are going to be useful for decision making. If you need to be convenient, a sport watch like SUUNTO Core Vs Vector can be a great help for checking altitude and even keeping log. They are equally reliable but a little bit different so read our comparison below and pick the one that suits you better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Choosing Sport Watch 
  • What are SUUNTO Core and Vector
  • What SUUNTO Core and Vector Look Like
  • How are the Altimeter and Barometer Function in SUUNTO Core and Vector
  • How are the Compass Function in SUUNTO Core and Vector
  • How are the Display in SUUNTO Core and Vector
  • What else SUUNTO Core and Vector can offer
  • SUUNTO Core Vs Vector

Sport Watch

There are so many lifestyle-related health issues today which is due to our poor living habits and mostly because of our poor food choices combined with the lack of physical activities. Overweight and obesity is probably the most well-known and currently being the center of attention by countries that are dealing with a higher rate of overweight. However, we can always deal with this problem by fixing our diet and being more active, whether it is by ditching your sedentary lifestyle or enrolled in your nearby gym.

Routine exercising alone is already great to improve our overall health but if you are more into the game and training to serve, it is necessary to keep in track with the information. It is hard to remember your progress because our memory can only do so much and to ease your activity, having a tracking tool or counting tool will be a great help. There are so many tools and wearable to consider but the best options are always those we are comfortable using.

Today, our smartphone combined with fitness apps have become a very powerful tool to save and count almost everything from your diet to sleep pattern, but they are not without fuss to use and in addition, can be quite expensive, especially if you are looking for a more convenient option by wearing smart watch while exercising. For those who just want to have a counting tool, a regular sport watch should serve the purpose just as good and in addition, they are very much affordable as well.

Compared to when using a smartphone, sport watch is better because it makes time your priority and become more discipline because when you are playing with smartphone, chances we will get distracted and open other app then scroll down the feed which may seems fine but, without us realizing it will take more time than how we intended it to be. Another reason why sport watch is better than smartphone is the practical point itself since watches are easier to see and use including when you are running or in the middle of the training.

Depending on the model or type itself, some sport watches are programmable but this is more of a smart watch specification because regular sport watch usually just a better version and higher in functionality than a standard wrist watch. Smart watch is great with their apps thus, we can customize the function better. The last pros of sport watch is how good they look and based on your taste, they can be a prominent piece of accessories to consider.

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About SUUNTO Core and Vector

Just like regular wrist watch, the amount of options out there is abundant and picking one can be confusing. Even one brand usually have so many models in their catalogue and while it is great so then we can choose the most ideal watch for our application, sometimes it will take time as well. Our tip is shop based on what you need such as what kind of functionality the watch should have then shop based on the budget for not all of us can spend the same amount.

If you already have a favorite brand, it is faster to shop from the specific manufacturer because it will save more time, especially if you already used some of their products in the past and are satisfied with their performance. For those who are looking for a high-quality sport watch, one of the best brands to shop from is SUUNTO and we are sure most of you are already familiar with this brand because it is among the most popular option for sport watches.

There are both regular sport watches and smart watches including for those meant mainly for GPS functionality but if you are looking for a sport watch mainly for elevation related sports, the popular altimeter models like SUUNTO Core and Vector will be the best option. Both of them are very easy to use or get familiar with and already serving various counting functions which often useful for your activity yet, may also offer some interesting features.

What you may want to keep in mind is that none of them are GPS watch or have the function intact so in comparison with similar smart watches, they can’t be as powerful and as versatile for other sports. Both of them are designed for skiers and those who will need to consider how high they are from the sea level as well as always informed about the weather. However, our favorite part about SUUNTO Core and Vector is their ease of use and straightforwardness. 

SUUNTO Core and Vector Design

Side by side, these watches are already very similar to each other because as you can see both of them are similarly digital altimeter with a fairly good display quality yet fashion wise, we do think both of them are quite stylish despite pretty much standard for a sport watch. Since both of them are altimeter, you will instantly find the function on these watch but in comparison, they are equally robust and ideal for a more extreme usage with water resistance feature.

Both of them have a compass ring around the clock face and a display which is pretty good to see under an adequate light but we are not sure how they will look like once the sun goes down because even during the day they are still considered dim. The body or built quality is very sturdy and their strap is from silicone, overall they are comfortable on your wrist. Read also: Bryton Rider 100 Vs 310.

SUUNTO Core and Vector Altimeter and Barometer

Moving further, let’s check the functionality of these altimeter and starting with the most obvious function, their altimeter is working very good. The difference is that Core is lining their altimeter and barometer together which measures elevation in three-foot or one-meter intervals compared to the Vector which is measuring at ten feet or three meters. This feature calculates long-term pressure trends and will give you the more accurate reading. One example is when you are ascending, it gains with you as the barometric pressure changes at a rate far faster than the barometric pressure changes with the weather.

Once the user stop gaining elevation gain, the watch will realize it and then see any barometer pressure changes as what they are and not elevation gain which is very effective in real-life application yet, doesn’t work everytime. Another altimeter related feature we love from these watches is their altitude log itself which seems for obvious reason but in comparison, Core can log your total scent, descent, and number of runs for up to 7 days compared to only 24 hours.

SUUNTO Core and Vector Compass

Moving further, let’s see the Compass feature in SUUNTO Core and Vector which is very much the same because we can have adjustable declination here so we can set it to help recording and follow the compass bearings. One thing that you may want to keep in mind is that they are not very accurate which means it is best to get a dedicated compass but, for those who are only using them to find a general point of reference, they are still useful.

SUUNTO Core and Vector Display

The next point we want to talk about is their display because we have been worrying about how visible they are at night and while both of them have no problem showing the information at daytime, when there is an intense glare or in a very dark condition, they can be difficult to see. They do have background light but it is very dim, making you have to squint and pull the watch closer to see. However, we like how they arrange the display for it is comfortable to read under ideal condition.

SUUNTO Core and Vector Features

Last but not least is their feature and in this side, SUUNTO Core and Vector are carrying some interesting functions that may attract your attention. First is their thermometer which is functional from -5F to 140F, very is useful but less capable compared to similar watch like Pathfinder with wider range and then since both are water resistance up to 30m, they are useful for snorkeling and shallow diving. The actual water resistance is about 100 feet but they can only tell the depth for up to 30 feet.

SUUNTO Core vs Vector

- An altimeter tracks your vertical movement, a barometer tells the Trend in air pressure, and a compass points the way
- Suunto core tracks both the weather and the sun for you
- A weather Trend graph and storm alarm along with preset sunrise/sunset times for over 400 locations help you stay safe and Plan your activities
- With stylish designs in more than a handful of variations, you are sure to find just the right Suunto core for your style
- Altimeter: Altitude with alarm, vertical speed, and vertical difference measurement.
- Compass: Cardinal bearing, North-South arrow, bearing tracking, adjustable declination setting
- Time/Watch: Calendar, 3 alarms, chronograph, countdown timer
- Suunto Vector is truly an instrument that you cannot leave home when planning any kind of outdoor activity

Both of them are a good altimeter to choose and most of their functions are the same but, the prominent difference between SUUNTO Core and Vector is on their altimeter and barometer function because Core combine them together and in addition, its log is longer for 7 days compared to only 24 hours in Vector.


All in all, both are great watches but if you have to pick one, we do recommend getting the SUUNTO Core because this model is more capable and already have all the useful functions intact while also being affordable.


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