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Cycling is a good hobby for active people and if cycling inside a city is too boring for you then why not try a different terrain and if you also plan to do so, don’t forget to also install a bike rack like Swagman XC Vs XTC on the car because we will need them to transport the bike. For those who are also eyeing these racks, go see what they can offer below and pick the one that fits your preference the most.

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  • Swagman XC Vs XTC

Mountain Biking

As people are becoming more aware about their health and overall fitness level, gym is getting more packed and fitness content are starting to crowd your social media’s timeline. This is a great trend because it brings positive impact to the follower and besides minding about the importance of choosing healthier foods, we also need to be more physically active in an attempt to reach the fitness goal, be it only to increase stamina and energy level or to shed some pounds.

For some of us spending time in the gym seems pretty boring because we are faced with the same view and the same people especially those popular fitness places so we are looking for an alternative to both boost the fitness level and makes thing as fun. Cycling is one of the most “fun” exercises we can try to increase your heart rate, tone muscles, burn excess calories, and overall increase your energy level without having to pay for gym membership.

Street riding can be fun and it is a good alternative to reduce emissions as well as avoid getting stuck in traffic but let’s be honest, riding on the road, especially city road is no fun because chances there are cars and other vehicles here and there. The city scenery is not as refreshing, moreover, we are seeing them on a daily basis already and if you have the same thinking then the answer left is mountain biking or sometimes also called off-road biking.

This sport is an amazing option for people who love cycling and want a more adventure in their routine because riding off-road is more entertaining and rather than for fitness reasons, we find it more of an entertainment or a fun activity to spend the weekend with. However, looking from the fitness point of view, MTB is great to boost strength and power because it will give you a total body workout thanks to the obstacles we are constantly shifting the weight and work to maintain balance.

From the riding skill point of view, MTB is great to help master your pedaling efficiency and bike handling because we need to develop an even circular and smooth pedaling style to maintain traction while the obstacles off-road will constantly ask your respond to handle the bike properly including changing riding positions as well as learning to corner and improve braking skills. All of them will improve your bike skill and prominently shown after you move back to ride on the road.

Swagman XCSwagman XTC
Shipping Weight29.5 pounds32.3 pounds
Product Dimensions: 5 x 34 x 11 inches6.5 x 40 x 11.5 inches
Best Priceclick hereclick here

About Swagman XC and XTC

For those who also love cycling and prefer to hit the rocky mountains, muddy roads, or enjoy the natural scenery better, MTB will be a very ideal activity to spend your leisure time with. However, before you start packing and plan the trip, there is one equipment we need to have first besides the bike and its gears because if you are going with the car, it will require a bike rack to mount the unit properly while being transported.

Bike rack is available widely and there are several of them out there based on the types but in general there are hitch bike racks, rooftop bike racks, trunk racks, truck racks, and spare tire racks. Among these types of racks, the most common being installed in SUV and similar vehicle owners are either hitch racks or rooftop racks because they are very secure and easy to use but, hitch racks are the most ideal option if you wish for the best convenient.

Hitch racks are offered by various different brands and one of the best choices is Swagman because they are trusted with quality and there have been many users satisfied with their performance. They are also well-known to have a competitive price and depending on which model you need to install in the car, the features built-in the unit may vary between one series to another yet, if you plan to carry 2 bikes in this journey, Swagman XC and XTC will be a very ideal pick

These two are hitch racks and appear to be identical to each other which is why some customers are confused about which rack they want to go with. We love both of them because Swagman XC and XTC are easy to install and can already take two bikes so we can ride with a friend or partner but if you are looking for a tilt feature, none of these racks will come with it. In addition, native to hitch racks, they will add the length of your vehicle so we have to be more careful when backing up.

Swagman XC and XTC Design

In a glance, both of them are very similar to each other because they are made with the same material and are equally lightweight about 28 to 30 pounds while the maximum capacity of each rack are 70 and 90 respectively because the latter will be able to carry two 45 pounds bike instead of 35. They are foldable when not being used to be more compact and depending on your vehicle, the clearance will vary as well; for example when installed in Cherokee they will give about 13-inches of ground clearance.

Beside the lightweight, the first thing we love from these racks is how they are suitable with either 1 ¼ and 2-inch hitches thanks to the adapter. What can you instantly tell about their difference is that the XTC comes with a wheel strap to provide a more secure hold of your bike. Additionally, the vertical pole is also different because the XTC is longer and approximately ratcheting up to 36.5-inch instead of 29-inch. Read also: Diamondback Trace Vs Trace Comp.

Swagman XC and XTC Features

Similar to most hitch racks, there are not many features we can talk here because all of them are practical and instantly noticeable when you are installing the unit but, for convenient both of these models are equally capable of being folded, whether you want to fold the tray or the pole itself. The tray and pole have a locking mechanism through a single pin/key in each of the folding corners that all secured with small chains to keep them save in place.

When you take these keys out, we can move either the trays on both sides or the standing pole depending on what you need to do. For most of the time we prefer to fold the pole because it hinder the back door if you need an access to cargo area. Additionally, as it has been mentioned above, the XTC is also featured with a wheel strap on each of its trays to provide a better securing mechanism and prevent the bike to shake during your trip.

Swagman XC and XTC Performance

Performance wise Swagman XC and XTC are amazing and what’s more surprising they are also affordable so for the price we pay, these racks are working reliably. However, when you compare them to each other, these racks will still shakes a little bit from the hitch which is normal but between the two, we feel like XTC is holding the bike slightly better and overall more secure because it is rigid. There is enough clearance between the car and rack, making fitting two bikes not an issue at all.

Swagman XC and XTC Convenience

The last thing we want to talk about these hitch racks is their convenient and starting from the installation process, both of them are quick to assemble and only require less than a minute to properly bolt the rack into the hitch. The folding features are also convenient when you need to make the racks more compact or when accessing the cargo area. Putting the bike and locking them is very easy for we only need to move the frame hooks to the top and put the bike on the tray.

Next step is fitting the bike by pressing the bike hook lock down to securely keep them in place and if you are going with XTC rack, the last step is looping the wheel straps to increase its locking mechanism. 

Swagman XC vs XTC

- Easy to assemble, use & load: only takes a few minutes to assemble and the upright Ratchet arms easily adjusts to different bike frame sizes, will accommodate bike frames up to 59 cm (23. 2")
- Keeps your bike stable: sturdy design includes a built in anti-wobble hitch device to keep bikes in place
- Saves you storage space: rack folds easily in compact mode so that you can conveniently store when done using it
- Versatile: easily transports up to 2 bikes and is compatible with 1-1/4" And 2" Receiver hitch. Maximum capacity of 35Ibs per bike and fits 20" To 29" Tire sizes
- EASY TO ASSEMBLE & USE: Only takes a few minutes to assemble following the instructions. Once installed, simply place your bikes on the rack and start cruising to your destination with peace of mind knowing that your bikes are secure
- PAINLESS LOADING & UNLOADING: Once installed you can load and unload the bikes to the vehicle flawlessly
- SAVES YOU STORAGE SPACE: Rack folds easily in compact mode so that you can conveniently store when done using it
- WORRY FREE SECURITY: Have peace of mind knowing that your bikes are protected with state of the art locking ratcheting hooks and locking hitch pin that are included

These hitch racks are an amazingly reliable and affordable option for those who plan to do some MTB or just go out there and enjoy cycling in a more interesting spots. The difference between both of them are only on the addition of wheel strap we can get in XTC version to add stability while you are driving the vehicle and the taller center pole but overall performance wise this rack somehow feels sturdier as well compared to the XC version.


All in all we can pick just any of them because while XC is not as rigid as the latter it still keep your bike safely yet, if we have to choose one, Swagman XTC with the wheel strap and taller ratcheting pole is indeed a more reliable option.

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