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Bringing the kids while cycling is great because you can have fun together while introducing the healthy lifestyle too, especially when they are still too young to ride their own bike. We can use trailer or bike seats like Thule Yepp Mini Vs Maxi for better convenience. They are safe for parents who are confident with their cycling skills while being easy to use as well. If parents want to bring the kid along, let’s see which seat to choose below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Choose Between Trailer and Bike Seat
  • What are Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi
  • How are the Design of Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi
  • How are the Installation of Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi
  • What else Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi can offer
  • How are the Experience with Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi
  • Thule Yepp Mini Vs Maxi

Cycling with the Kids

Being a parent we are always concern about the kid’s safety, moreover when they are still too young to understand what can be harmful. Transporting them require special care whether you are using the car or smaller vehicle like bicycle. If we need to install a children car seat in the car, your bike will need either a bike trailer or children seat that we can mount at the front or rear of the bike. In general you can use any of them based on which the parent is more comfortable with.

First is the bike trailer and as the name suggests, it is the small carrier on the back that is connected to the bike with one arm to hitch this attachment on the rear axle of the bike. It is usually fitted to many standard adult bikes so they are convenient. This is also probably the safest to opt for because your kid is sitting in an enclosed room with a metal frame to make it incredibly safe. It is not guaranteed 100% but chances are the trailer can stay up even when the bike falls over.

We also love it for the safety when loading and unloading the kid because they stay upright on their own, meaning we can get off the bike first without having to worry about the balance of the vehicle as the kid is still on the seat. However, because our little one is on the back and further, it is hard to communicate with them as well as cumbersome to travel with. In addition, we need to mind the width since the trailer will add width into your bike, making it less suitable for narrow spaces.

On the other hand we have bike seats that can be fitted at the front or rear of the bike. From the safety point of view, parents have to be more careful and confident with this type of accessory because it is adding a meaningful weight to the bike. For example, when loading and unloading the kid we will have to make sure the bike stays balanced. However, they are very portable so if you are traveling with the kid, we can even just leave the seat on the bike.

If you choose the rear mounting, this type of seat usually has a higher weight capacity which means the longer we can use the seat. We also love them for the ease of use since typically it is faster to attach compared to the front mount. Personally we are more confident with additional weight on the back so it is more comfortable too.

Thule Yepp MiniThule Yepp Maxi
Product Dimensions20 x 15 x 15 inches34.8 x 16.5 x 14.7 inches
Shipping Weight8.01 Pounds15.15 Pounds
Best Priceclick hereclick here

About Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi

Now when you are ready to bring the kid on the bike, it is time to see what the market has to offer. There are plenty of options out there based on which seems to work best on your application and it is also wise to think about whether the parent is confident or not with the extra weight, especially if this is your first time. In addition, the budget is important if you want to shop quickly based on how much you want to spend.

If you are here then it means the bike seat is most suitable for the lifestyle. Bike seats are also more affordable in general and convenient which makes them compatible with many bikes but, it is important to look into bike manuals too just to make sure that they will be easy to mount. For parents who are confident about using a bike seat, Thule carries a wide range of options to consider. This brand is very popular so we are sure parents can find them easily too.

What’s a bit confusing is that some of them can be quite similar such as Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi. These bike seats are meant to be mounted at the front and back which is the most important difference between the two as well. It is easy to choose between the seats because parents can just consider which will be the most comfortable for them. Naturally, carrying an additional weight is more comfortable when they are placed on the back.

However, we can communicate better with the kid when they are sitting in front of us so parents who want to talk with their little one may want to get the Yepp Mini instead. The kids also usually prefer to ride at the front because they can see the road properly and probably have more fun too. In addition, if you have two small kids, we can use both at the front and rear as long as the overall weight is still compatible for the bike to carry.

Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi Design

Being a front and rear mounted seat, the Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi are similar but not exactly the same. The seat shapes are the same but the dimensions are different because the rear seat Maxi is also taller and slightly bigger. They are made of the same material or some type of firm foam like the crocs shoes. The seat is single piece but they are already paired with the mounting attachment. There is no padding on the bottom but it is still very comfortable.

The backrest is perforated to allow for better air circulation and for the fashion, you can find both seats in various different shades to opt for. If parents have two little kids to bring along, we can choose the same shade to make it look more streamlined. Besides the height, another noticeable difference is the shape of the foot panel and the addition of handlebar on Yepp Mini because this seat is mounted at the front. Read also: Thule Yepp Mini Vs Nexxt here.

Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi Installation

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi can offer starting from the most important part which is installation first. Making sure that we are properly installing the seat and how it fits the bike is extremely necessary for the safety purposes. Depending on your bike, the Yepp Mini needs a 2-inch space on the steer tube to fit the standard mount. You can use the threadless or threaded accessory but we may have to remove the spacer for the threadless method.

You will need to remove the bike’s handlebar to mount the bracket so make sure to read the manual of the bike if you choose to do it at home. On the other hand the Yepp Maxi has this very convenient setup as long as we have the right rack or adapter on the back. Rack mounting is the easiest to use because we can just put the seat right above it. An EasyFit adapter is needed for this type of application but you may need a rack first in case the bike doesn’t have it already.

Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi Features

Next we want to talk about the features that you can find on the Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi. For the safety purpose, children need their shoulder strap to act as a harness in keeping the child secure on the seat. This is adjustable to fit the children as they grow up but the Maxi will fit taller kids as well when they grow up. The specs tell both seats can be used from 9 months until 3 and 6 years old respectively or 40 lbs. in weight.

Since the Yepp Mini is a front mount, the kid may need something to hold on when we are riding together which is why it comes with a front handle too. It can be paired with other accessories such as padding and windscreen for better comfort and this is not available for the rear seat Maxi.

Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi Experience 

Lastly for the riding experience, the Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi are similar but not the same. Naturally riding with more weight on the front can be quite challenging if parents are not used to it, so we do think the comfort of Maxi is better. However, some kids seem to prefer the front mount since they can enjoy the view better while talking freely with the parents. Mounting these seats may need some time and while they fit a wide range of bikes, some may need additional attachment or accessories first.


In comparison, what sets the Thule Yepp Mini and Maxi apart the most is their placement because one is a front child seat and the latter is a rear child seat. From the installation the rear seat is more convenient with note that our rack is compatible but you can always buy the accessory to improve this installation process for both seats. From the application, Maxi will fit taller kids meaning it can be used for longer compared to the Mini.

- Safe and comfortable front child bike seat for daily commutes and family biking adventures
- Easy bike mounting; compatible with most bike models
- Soft and shock-absorbing seat for child comfort
- Adjustable, padded 5-point harness ensures child safety and the perfect fit
- Smart and functional rear-mounted child bike seat designed for everyday rides
- Easily mount the child bike seat to the frame of your bike
- Soft and shock-absorbing seat for child comfort
- Adjustable 5-point harness ensures child safety and the perfect fit


Depending on which seems to fit in your preference and lifestyle, our choice can be different. If your kids are still young, they may like Mini better for it can provide them a better view but if they are older, the Maxi fits for long and naturally feels more comfortable for the parents.


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