Thule Yepp Mini VS Nexxt


As a parent we are always worried about our kids and this is the same whether we are driving with them or riding the bike with them. Smaller kids who want to ride their own bike are safe with their parents as long as we are carrying them properly as well, such as while using children bike seats like Thule Yepp Mini Vs Nexxt. These seats are easy to use, safe, and also affordable so before deciding the option, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Bring Your Kids While Cycling
  • What are Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt
  • How are the Design of Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt
  • How are the Installation of Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt
  • What are the Features in Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt
  • How are the Experience with Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt
  • Thule Yepp Mini Vs Nexxt

Cycling with the Kids

Transporting the kids will be more effective and convenient using the car especially when you have to travel long distances or while carrying lots of items too but, for the pleasure and entertainment or recreation, we can bring them along while cycling as well. This type of activity may seem dangerous but it is actually fairly safe to carry your children with the bike as long as we are using the proper method and of course, comfortable or confident with the process.

It is not advised to bring newborn using this method because their carrier should be the safest way to move small babies from places to places, especially in the car but, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that children from 12 months to 4 years or those who can sit well without being supported will be able to travel with us using the bike. This is because their necks should be strong enough to support the lightweight helmet as well as can use the rear or front seat, and be towed using a trailer.

However, depending on where you live, there might be some laws that decide whether it is allowed to carry your kids past a certain age and in addition, the kids’ growth varies so it is wise to ask your pediatrician whether the kids are ready or not.

Before getting started, there are some factors to consider too and it is to ensure that we are safe while enjoying the ride. First, both adults and the kids must wear protective gear or at least bike a helmet. It can be a bit difficult to find the correct fitting for the kid’s helmet but we can choose the kids variant and make sure that it is properly fitting the head as well as secured. Second is recognizing the bicycle laws in your place and what we must wear including the kids.

Third, do check the bike first before mounting any seats because even though most of them are suitable with child seats, it is wise to check the manual first to see what type of mounting or seat that can be used with the bike. They may also put safety warnings too because bicycles can have different shapes and designs. In addition, we can check the maximum weight capacity for the cyclist and passenger. We can also check whether the bike works properly or not before starting the journey.

Thule Yepp MiniThule Yepp Nexxt
Product Dimensions‎20 x 15 x 15 inches20 x 14 x 12 inches
Shipping Weight8.01 Pounds3 pounds.
Best Priceclick hereclick here

About Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt

Now when you are ready to shop around and find the perfect carrier for the little one, it is time to see what the market has to offer. There are so many of them out there and it can be a bit confusing but it is best to get the one that can fit in your application the most. In general, we can use a children seat or tow them in the back depending on which will be more comfortable for you and the kids. Read also: Yepp Mini Vs Ibert here.

For parents with one kid to bring along, using the bike seat will be the most convenient because we can just mount the seat on the bike and leave it there when not in use. They are also very easy to install and depending on the variants, some are front and some are rear mounted. Thule is one of the most popular options when it comes to bike seats and this company also comes with tons of variants to choose from. We love their seats because you can count on the safety and durability too.

If parents with small children want to carry the little one at the front, the ideal options are Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt that will be suitable for this type of application. These seats are very similar in terms of placement and installation but they are not the same because the Yepp Nexxt Mini is also capable of being mounted on the rear when paired with the suitable rear mount. They are also fitted for the children at the same age.

In comparison, the Nexxt will be a slightly more affordable option and this variant seems to fit a wide range of bikes as well compared to Yepp or many similar seats. As for the age range, we can start using them from when the little one can sit on their own or suggested from 9 months to 3 years old or around 33 lbs. in weight. Another noticeable difference between Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt is the shape of the seat as well but features wise they are identical.

Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt Design

Before getting to know about these seats, let’s see how they look first and here they are not identical. The Yepp Mini has this wide and more recline backrest compared to the Nexxt but it is not harming the parent’s view either. The seat itself is available in several different fashions but the Yepp is also the one with colorful shades because Nexxt is only colorful on the back and the seat. In addition, there is this textured bottom on the seat of Nexxt while Yepp is shaped along with the seat.

These seats material is not hard plastic like many parts of the bike but it is similar to foam like in bike helmets. This is meant to make sure the seat is shock absorbing too because there are so many vibrations and impacts from imperfect roads or terrain where you want to bring the kid to adventure. Side by side, the Nexxt is also very light at 3.6 lbs. compared to the Yepp at 7.7 lbs. even though their capacity is the same and as you can expect, there is no height adjustment as well here.

Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt Installation

Moving further, let’s check on the compatibility with your bike first because it is the most important to make sure it works properly. Starting with the Nexxt, this seat is very unique because it also comes with the universal quick-release mounting bracket which is designed for both normal and threadless stems. It is important to note since threadless installation is often stressful when it comes to front-installation, depending on whether your bike is suitable for this type of installation or not.

According to the manual the bike stems from 20 to 28 mm will fit the bike seat but if it is threadless, it will be larger too so let’s see the spec’s first. On the other hand, the Yepp requires a 2-inch of space on the steer tube of the bike to install. We will need to remove the handlebars when mounting the bracket and similarly, this seat can also use threadless adapter when you have less than 2-inch of clearance. Overall the installation process is highly varied based on the bike so it is wise to check the specs of your bike beforehand.

Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt Features

Next we want to talk about the features that you can find on Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt starting from the security because not only are they safe, these seats are also well-featured to make sure our kids are safe and secure on their seat. As you can expect, there is a harness here and they are padded on the shoulder to prevent the strap from sliding down their shoulders while the feet strap ensure that the kid’s feet is not dangling while you bring them on the journey.

The harness is adjustable too in order to fit a wide range of small children and as they grow taller and bigger. The front handlebar is close to the seat and not harming your view too, so the kid can hold onto it with no issue. The seats come with standard handlebars but if needed, we can also add accessories such as a sleep roll which is padded thickly to provide a soft spot for the kid to rest their head.

Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt Experience 

Lastly on the experience, both Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt are equally promising but you will need more space to install the Yepp and this seat is also heavier compared to Nexxt. However, it can be more comfortable for the kid as they grow up because the seat is more reclined and just shaped like a common seat, moreover it has plenty of vents too on the back. As for the installation they are very similar but you will need the threadless adapter if using this method on Yepp.


There are lots of amazing children’s seats for the bike and the Thule Yepp Mini and Nexxt are among the best options. In comparison, the Yepp is slightly pricier but it has a better seat shape and design, especially if you are living in a place with warmer weather. However, the Nexxt includes treadless installation too so it is more convenient for a wide range of fitting and in addition the seat is lighter as well than Yepp.

- Safe and comfortable front child bike seat for daily commutes and family biking adventures
- Easy bike mounting; compatible with most bike models
- Soft and shock-absorbing seat for child comfort
- Adjustable, padded 5-point harness ensures child safety and the perfect fit
- Lightweight and stylish front-mounted child bike for rides around town.
- Adjustable, padded 5-point harness ensures child safety and the perfect fit
- Soft, shock-absorbing seat provides a smooth ride
- Hard outer shell and soft seat padding for child comfort


There is no bad option here so we can choose freely but we will recommend the Yepp if you want a cooling seat and this is also comfortable for the kid so chances are they will have no problem sitting and enjoying the journey.


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