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Riding a bike is fun and healthy as well as save the earth from our car’s engine pollution but, they can help you fight packed road to save time when going somewhere too. For those parents who are transporting their children with bike everyday, WeeRide Vs Yepp Mini are a great option to let them ride along, comfortably and safely. If you are also considering these bike seats, go check what they can offer and pick which of them will be the best option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Extension to Purchase
  • What are WeeRide and Yepp Mini
  • Who can Install WeeRide and Yepp Mini
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  • How are the Performance of WeeRide and Yepp Mini
  • WeeRide Vs Yepp Mini

Bike Trailer or Children Bike Seat

Living in modern society is convenient because chances we can access almost everything from our smartphone but when it comes to transportation, most of the time we still have to rely on public facilities that sometimes not very reliable while driving on our own will only lead to distress for the busy hours always lead to heavy traffic on almost every point in the city. This is where fitness and green enthusiast prefer to ride their bike to go to work or just doing some errands out there.

Bicycle is a very convenient piece of tool which all of us can ride comfortably almost anywhere in near distance because they don’t create emissions, great or burning calories, and can avoid the main roads to arrive faster at your destination without having to deal with red lights and other vehicles. However, how about a parent who wants to move from one place to another as well as transporting their children? Bike can only carry a maximum of 2 people and small children can’t just sit on the passenger seat yet.

If you are a parent living in a city and need to be convenient enough while moving around to take your kid to daycare or taking them for a small journey out there while teaching them how our world works, there are seat or trailers to be used with the bike. Both of them will allow you to carry a passenger on the bike or on the trailer and if you pick the latter, we can even carry two of them in case you have a pair of twins.

However, there are always pros and cons between seat and trailer so rather than saying this one is better than the other, it is best to match the equipment with your application. Seat benefits are for the streamlined design for they are mounted on the bike which makes them ideal for large city where the roads are packed or have heavy traffic and in addition we can always be aware of them as well as keep an eye on them and communicate during the trip.

Trailer on the other hand can carry more than one child at a time and in case you slip from the bike, these trailer will mostly stay in upright position while protecting your kids with the covers and frame. Cons of seat is the children may fall with us when we can’t stabilize the bike while trailer is adding much to your bike width and length, so not very convenient for small road as well as harder to make a sharp turn when having one behind the bike.

 WeeRide Yepp Mini
Shipping Weight8.6 pounds8 pounds
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About WeeRide and Yepp Mini

If you have decided to go with which extension to carry the little one with, now is the time to see what the market has to offer because there are lots of them out there and depending on how old your kid is, we also have to choose the model that answers a certain specification. For those who are living in a city where the road is small and packed, children seat is the best answer and for younger children, a front mount will be the best option.

Among those many options, WeeRide and Yepp Mini will be two of the most ideal options for those with a kid from one year to four because they are designed to allow your little one ride along in front of you, safely, comfortably, and fun. They are an equally front mount children seat so we can pay attention to them while pedaling and it is also better for them to enjoy the surroundings view especially if they are excited about the ride.

While they are similarly a front mounting system, they are also different and this is predominantly due to their installation methods which makes one of them may not be as versatile as the other but, as with many applications, it is best to match these seats with the bike you are riding because not all of us are having the same plans. However, when it comes to safety, both of them are very reliable and lots of parents have been satisfied using any of these seats.

WeeRide and Yepp Mini are great as a front mounting but before going with any of them, check the bike specs first such as if the headset is threaded or not and whether there is still a space to mount the seat or to secure the bracket in. Additionally, depending on the bike seat width, we need at least about 20 inches from the handlebar to the seat for around half of them will be occupied by the seat. Read also: Diamondback Trace Vs Trace Comp.

WeeRide and Yepp Mini Design and Requirement

In a glance these children bike seats are very much similar to each other in terms of design because they are used in the same manner and starting with WeeRide children seat, this model will require you to have a space between the seat post to the handlebar from 49 to 60 cm while the headset clearance to fits its mount is must be at least 5 cm below the handlebar stem. It will fit all bikes including a step through for each panel are secured properly.

Unlike WeeRide, Yepp Mini from Thule seems to fit most bikes because it has simple mounting system and if you have normal bikes means it is not a mountain bike or those with bulky stems, this seat is ideal for any bike with stems diameter of 20 to 28 mm and ahead stems with diameter if 28.6mm. As for the weight limit, both of these seats can be used after your baby can firmly support its head and neck or body while seating and equally made to be used until your kid is heavier than 33 lbs.

WeeRide and Yepp Mini Installation

The first point you may want to know about WeeRide and Yepp Mini is probably the installation system because in our opinion this is what sets them apart from each other the most. Starting with the first child seat, this model from WeeRide will comes with a long bar of steel that we have to mount on our top bar hence it can be flat or reclined and we can even have them fitted in a step through. Put the bracket on the correct position about the front and rear part then secure the bracket screw properly.

The next step is attaching the seat and we can just put them over the bar by minding the thumb screw and position it above the hole and then tighten the screw again. When not being used, we can just simply remove the seat and attach it again when about to carry our little one along. Moving to Yepp Mini, this seat is also easy to install but we can use it with any top frame model for it doesn’t use panel to secure the seat.

First is we need to install the mount below the handle bar in which specs required have been mentioned above, and then secure it will allen key. Next we only need to attach the seat by pulling the small panel located on the back of the seat by pushing the red button near it and slide the seat on the headset mounting, and we are ready to go.

WeeRide and Yepp Mini Features

Besides easy to install, WeeRide and Yepp Mini are also coming with some useful features on their seats and the most important thing will be the harness because it keeps our kids from slipping-off the seat while riding and keep them on the seat in case you have to leave the bike for a while. In addition, the seats are comfortable, not necessarily cushiony but children are fine with them. To keep their feet from dangling, both seats offer adjustable foot panel yet, Yepp Mini also add a strap to it.

WeeRide and Yepp Mini Performance

Performance wise these child bike seats are amazing and they are very secured as well as fun for our little one but, there is also a difference with Yepp Mini because of its nature to be mounted near the handlebar which makes bikes with cruiser handlebars feels a bit awkward to maneuver for it has very little distance to the seat. This is not a problem with WeeRide for it is not as close to the handlebar and besides this difference, we do think they are equally safe.

 WeeRide vs Yepp Mini

- Center-mounted child bike seat with safe, comfortable front-row view
- Sturdy steel/plastic housing installs on almost any adult bike
- Seat harness, padded front bumper and height-adjustable foot cups
- Steel support bar doesn't interfere with brake cables or bike gear
- Easy mounting of the child bike seat on your bike; compatible with most bike models
- Ensures a perfect fit as your child grows thanks to adjustable foot rests and foot strap
- Easy to clean and to keep dry due to the seat’s water-repellent materials
- Maximum child comfort and a safe, custom fit thanks to the adjustable padded 5-point harness

WeeRide and Yepp Mini are a great option for any parents who want to take their kid to ride along on the bike but, they are also slightly different because the first has its mounting system through a steel panel while the latter use the headset to mount the seat. It will reduce the space between seat and handlebar prominently with Yepp Mini but the installation system is indeed faster. In addition, if you have a cruiser, the latter might be less comfortable to maneuver with.


All in all there is no bad options between these children bike seats but if we have to choose one, we do prefer to go with WeeRide because the steel frame makes the installation feels more stable and firm as well as give more space between the seat and handlebar.

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