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Bicycle is a convenient transportation tool which is not only friendly to our earth but also great for your body for they can be an exercising method as well. For those parents who are riding with their little children, Yepp Mini Vs Bobike are two amazing seats to install on your bike so then we can carry them properly for a little adventure or some daily errands. Go check below about what they can offer and which will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • What else Yepp Mini and Bobike can offer
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  • Yepp Mini Vs Bobike

Cycling with Children

Living an active life is great for your body because we are getting the amount of exercise to stay fit and it also feels amazing because in general exercise will release the good mood hormone so it is never too late to start being more involved in your daily routine. Bicycle is one of the best exercise and transportation tools to let you get both benefits at once and we are sure most people already love cycling for it is a very fun activity.

If you are a parent however, we are often faced to choose either driving or using the bike because we are now carrying our little one together and this can be an issue for parents who love bicycling. The only solution to let you enjoy the activity but also while keeping our baby safe and comfortable is by installing a child seat or using a trailer behind your bike. Both of them are ideal for one to two children but it depends on your preference as well.

  1. The first type of seats is a rear sitting model which as the name suggest will be installed in the rear portion of the bike. Just like regular bike with regular passenger seat, this position is the most comfortable for the rider because it feels natural and the weight is evenly placed at the back which makes the bike moves or maneuvered easier. This position also won’t hinder your vision and concentration from the road; ideal for children above 9 months old or for longer ride.
  2. The second model is a front seating model and they will be installed either on the bike top panel or the head tube using a bracket; either way they are going to be behind the handlebar closer than it is to the rider. This type of seat is great for smaller baby because we can monitor them all the time and better for bonding time especially when the kid loves to enjoy their surroundings as well as easier to get on and off yet, not very comfortable for the rider.
  3. Another popular solution for parents with a kid or more is bike trailer which is installed on the back of the bike just like regular trailer. They are the most comfortable for both parents and children as well as safer for the height is lower than when they are seated on the bike with us. Its cons however we can’t see what they are doing and not ideal for packed, city roads, as well as hard to make turn with.
Yepp MiniBobike
Shipping Weight8 pounds7 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches23 x 13 x 7 inches
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About Yepp Mini and Bobike

For those parents who are riding with their little kid especially if they are still very young and not as tall, is a front mounting child seat because as long as the child is not too tall, their helmet should not hinder our vision or bump the chest as we pedal while also promote better interaction between the parent and kid. There are so many of them out there and all of them are mostly reliable but also different.

The seat itself are not varying in type but what matters is usually their installation system and overall user experience. If you are looking for a children seat that can take less fuss to put on the bike but still firm enough and comfortable for both you and the kid, Yepp Mini and Bobike are two amazing options to consider. Both of them are a front mounting children seat which is installed in a similar manner by clasping them on the bike post.

Our favorite part of this type of seat is that they usually placed a bit further from the parents and more towards the handlebar so there is more room to let you pedal easily and don’t have to worry about the kid’s head hindering your vision. However, the parents have to be tall or at least in average height because holding a bike with prominent height at the front may affect the balance especially if the parents have smaller built.

Both of them are highly rated for their convenient and overall amazing user experience but for those who are more into a seat in which position can be adjusted accordingly, please check our Weeride vs Yepp Mini. Price wise Yepp Mini and Bobike are quite affordable but the fact that Yepp is almost twice pricier will probably makes parents wonder which model will be worth to purchase yet, on average, both of them are working very good and actually just as safe when installed properly.

Yepp Mini and Bobike Design

As many other front bike seats, these two are the same, coming with this identical design of a seat with their own installation post below. As you can see on the sample picture above, both of them are a little bit cushioned to make sure the passenger can sit comfortably. They are made from heavy duty plastic with metal frame for sturdiness and have the same weight limit, they are stated to be ideal for children from 9 months to 33 pounds.

What’s a bit different is their seat because Bobike seat is completely flat while Yepp Mini is a little bit contoured in the middle and when being asked which more comfortable, it is about what your kid’s love better. We personally prefer flat surface for it can feels roomier especially when they grow bigger. However, we also like the seat in Yepp Mini better because it has perforated backrest which makes the seat breezier for longer ride and prevent your kid to sweat much.

Yepp Mini and Bobike Qualification

As it has been mentioned above, one of the most important points about children seat is their convenient and in most cases while they are already designed to be as easy to install as possible some users might still have an issue; for example if your bike post is bigger. Yepp Mini and Bobike are made for bike with diameter of the stem up to 1.10-inches or smaller for example the Mariner D8 has this 1.1-inch post so for those with the bike still can use any of these seats.

Yepp Mini and Bobike Installing Yepp Mini and Bobike

Moving to the installation process, both of them are actually identical to each other as well because all of the process remains the same. First install the post with their bracket and secure them correctly with the proper driver then put the seat into the provided slot in their respective bracket. Yepp Mini and Bobike are coming unassembled thus, we have to put the foot panel manually and secure all the necessary parts properly with the screws included especially if you are going with Bobike.

Yepp Mini and Bobike Features

Coming to the features part, these bike seats are also fairly the same from top to bottom because they are equally coming with a harness to keep your children safe on their seat including when they are sleeping while riding with you and next we have the foot panel to prevent their little feet from hanging while you pedal the bike. This foot panel is also featured with straps to secure their position and adding the safety even more.

In addition you can also adjust the length of the foot panel on any of these seats but Yepp Mini is using a clasp mechanism so you can push it up and down pretty easily while Bobike secure these panels with a screw and we have to put more effort to readjust them later as our kid is getting taller. Another feature from Yepp Mini is the handlebar which is not present in this version of Bobike. It is not a deal breaker but your kid might be more comfortable when having one.

Yepp Mini and Bobike Performance

Performance wise they are very safe and comfortable to ride with if you are used to carry or have installed a front bike seat before. It needs quite some time to properly get comfortable, especially for parents who never used front seat before. The kid love these seats because they are comfortable and fun to ride with since they can enjoy the scenery better, giving them a rider experience or view.

Yepp Mini vs Bobike

- Easy mounting of the child bike seat on your bike; compatible with most bike models
- Ensures a perfect fit as your child grows thanks to adjustable foot rests and foot strap
- Easy to clean and to keep dry due to the seat’s water-repellent materials
- Maximum child comfort and a safe, custom fit thanks to the adjustable padded 5-point harness
- lightweight, slim/minimalist design, and ergonomic for a beach cruiser
- perfect size for 2-4 year old/adjustable
- foot/leg rests not bulky like other manufacturers
- SUPER AFFORDABLE compared to other brands and models

Both of these seats are a great options and we can pick just any of these models to let our little one to enjoy the ride together. In comparison they are equally easy to install and ideal for the same type of bikes as well as very secure. Yepp Mini has some plus on its seats such as perforated back rest, handlebar, and foot panel secured with clasp rather than screws.


All in all they are an equally nice children seat but if we are to choose one, Yepp Mini is a good one for those who are willing to spend the budget yet, if you are saving some more, Bobike is very much affordable and performs just as good.


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